Beautiful good morning wishes to a woman
Infinitely, madly beloved,
Good morning, dear, to you.
Wake up, good, sweet.
Wake up, my bunny.

May your day be filled with happiness,

You’ll have time to do everything.
I’ll protect you from bad weather.
Smile, my beauty!
Best wishes for a good morning to a woman
Good morning, swallow,
My beloved!
You’re like the sun is bright,
In my life.

You get up with him,

Are you enjoying the day,
Together with good morning
I’ll tell you: “I love you!”.

To you in response,

Dear, smiled,
Happiness to gently
It touched your lips.

Let’s follow good morning,

A happy day will begin,
Joy will bring
To my beloved baby.
Good morning and have a great day to a woman
You’re so beautiful at dawn:
Day with the first sunbeam
It shines playfully on the hair,
Will move to the shoulder,

Slides to your cheek, kissing you,

Passing from me:
“Dear, how I love you!
And your image at the beginning of the day!”

So good morning! Wake up!

And shine a bright sun!
And sing, dance, and smile,
And follow your dream forward!
Wishing a good morning to a woman in prose
The morning is already knocking at your window, leading a new day that promises you pleasant meetings and events. Already the birds are asking you to wake up with their songs and sing about your beauty to the world that has woken up from sleep. And you hurry up to give this world your gorgeous smile, starting the day in a good mood.
Wishing a good morning to a woman in verse
Dawn is already knocking at the window,
He greets us with warmth,
The sun shines gently with rays,
I want to wish you now.
May this morning bring you success,
And a lot of happiness, a lot of laughter,
Let every moment bring inspiration,
And a sea of luck, and a sea of luck.
Wishing a good morning to a woman in your own words
Good morning! I wish it brought new joys, a new, wonderful mood and your new day was truly happy!
Funny good morning wish to a woman
Good morning, beauty!
Wake up soon.
A new day begins.
Pour a cup of coffee.

Smile at the sweet morning!

Are you awake or not?
Good morning, my love!
This man is yours. Hi!
Gentle good morning wishes to a woman
Do you want me to come to you in a dream?
I’ll sit on the bed in silence
Quietly I will touch – darling wake up,
Hold out your hand and smile.
Tell me more about yourself,
Show me how sad you can be –
Let your hand lie in mine,
We will disperse the clouds of sadness,
I won’t let you sleep until morning,
Until dawn I will kiss,
And when the earth wakes up at dawn,
I will melt
Original good morning wishes to a woman
The sun has risen above the horizon,
To give the world its warmth,
And you, my dear, wake up,
Open up boldly towards happiness!

Let this morning be a gentle hand

You will be guided to the joy of the earth,
Will fulfill your innermost desires
And he will convey my declarations of love!
A short good morning wish to a woman
Good morning, precious baby!
The sun’s ray floods the window!
Birds woke up, and animals, and fish,
Let your morning start with a smile!
Sms good morning wishes to a woman
Congratulations, good morning,
And I’m looking forward to it.
I am waiting for our meeting,
I am waiting, I hope and I love!
Sexual good morning wish to a woman
Good morning, my girl!
What happiness, to love you so much!
I wish you a great day,
You’re going to visit me in the evening.
Good morning wishes to your beloved woman
Mother-of-pearl sky,
Soon the sun will rise!
The coming morning,
Let it pass with a smile!

Wake up, dear,

Take my kiss!
Dazzlingly resplendent,
Charm everyone today!

You are innocent and wonderful,

Like a dewdrop.
And stupidly adorable
In the wee hours of the morning!