Wishes for a good passing of the exam for excellent
Let the worries, doubts go away,
Let inspiration fill you,
Bright, wise thoughts, attention,
Your condition will be wonderful.

Let all tasks be easy,

You will demonstrate your knowledge,
You will look very decent,
Your exam will be passed perfectly,

I wish you a lot of luck,

A drop of patience, by the way, in addition,
Let everything go smoothly, without excitement,
May luck be with you side by side!
Wishes to a friend before the exam
Once again don’t worry,
You will have, girlfriend, everything is ok,
Your knowledge corresponds to the top five,
You’ll pass it perfectly, believe me.
Let the teacher not ask unnecessary questions,
And it will be even better if he falls asleep,
Then you will write off the spur without any problems,
And easily answer any of the topics.
Wishes to my son for the exam
I wish you to pass the exam perfectly,
It’s not for nothing that you’ve been taught for so many days.
Let’s look forward optimistically –
You can do it, son, be brave, don’t be shy!

Grab your luck by the tail more tenaciously,

Let him tell you where the ticket is.
Let the subconscious mind whisper in your ear
All questions have the correct answer.
Wishes before the exam to the student
I wish for the exam
I’m not a fluff, not a feather,
And let the ticket come across,
That was learned yesterday.

I wish the questions

To know the answers well,
And the exam is like clockwork,
You have to pass.

Let luck be near

Behind your shoulder to stand,
So that the exam is “Excellent”
It turned out to pass you.
Wishing good luck on the exam to your beloved
My favorite! I wish you
To pass the exam perfectly,
So that the teacher does not fail
And he was talking!

You get a lucky ticket,

Where will that simple question be,
Let the memory not fail
And it will lead to the top five!
A playful wish for passing the exam
I wish to pass the exam for \”excellent\”,
Brain reserves should be turned on in time,
So that in the confusion of chaotic thoughts
Intuitively catch the right one.

At the hour \”x\” I wish to remember everything on the topic,

What I’ve read and heard about,
If the time for preparation has expired –
Hope for luck and maybe!
Wishes for the exam to the guy
You can pass the exam for one or two,
After all, I have no doubts about this:
Savvy is there, the head is in place,
Your ticket will definitely be happy!

Let the teacher come in a good mood,

Does not “bring down”, but will help you pass,
I only wish you success and luck,
To get a “five” today!
Wishes before the exam to the girl
I wish you from the bottom of my heart to successfully pass the exams. But having knowledge of the subject is only half the battle. It is extremely important to be able to concentrate attention, reflect and, most importantly, never worry! You will definitely succeed, the main thing is to seriously prepare and believe in yourself. Good luck to you and excellent grades!
Daughter’s wish before the exam
Studies will be this result,
A feature of all accumulated knowledge,
So that the teacher could not fail,
My daughter, I will wish you now.

The time has come to pass the exam,

You will easily cope, undoubtedly,
Solve the problem well,
And achieve new records.
Wishes for successful passing of the exam
Don’t worry, don’t be shy,
Pass your exam soon!
Get ready energetically
Get your \”excellent\”!

Believe in your strength, you know everything,

You understand everything perfectly.
Quickly pull the ticket
And go prepare an answer!

Be very clear,

Be calm, don’t be shy.
I keep my fists
I am waiting for the best result!
Funny wishes before the exam
There is a responsible mission ahead – to pass the exam. I wish you to perform the special task brilliantly. Download all the necessary information to a memory stick, polish every movement for the dexterous and inconspicuous extraction of cheat sheets, rehearse confidence and equanimity to disorient examiners. Have a successful operation!
Wishing good luck on the exam in your own words
Today is an important day – the day of your exam. I wish you not to worry and not to worry, to take the situation in hand and collect all your knowledge, answer all the questions with great enthusiasm and confidence and pass this exam with “excellent”.
Wishes for successful exams in prose
The exam is a difficult test, it is a test of your knowledge and skills, as well as your concentration and seriousness. I hope that careful preparation for an important stage of your studies will not let you down, and you will complete all the tasks brilliantly – so that the teachers will really admire the depth of your knowledge!
Wishes to a friend before the exam
Today you have to complete a list of important things: get up from your left foot, wash half your head, put a nickel in your shoes, shout with all your strength: \”shara come!\”, and, of course, send me to hell! And I will go there with pleasure, I will hold my fists, cross my fingers, scold you with all the obscene words I know. Good luck on the exam and