Funny wishes for a good day
A good day promises
A lot of new things are on the way
And greets with smiles,
Wishes of love.

Prick up your ears today

On a successful wave,
Listen to their compliments
And myself alone!

Good day wishes to a friend
May the day be successful!
Put on the best dress,
With him – fishnet stockings
And higher heels.
Although our city is not Paris,
You will conquer everyone today!

Good day wishes to the girl
More positive,
And good mood,
To have enough strength for everything,
And luck did not leave!

Good day wishes in prose
Baby, only the desire to hear your voice can make me open my eyes this morning. My dreams were not as interesting as I dreamed, but the main thing is that the night is over, and a new day is ahead in which I will see you! I love and miss you! Good morning and have a nice day!

Beautiful wishes for a good day
Let him cover with his head,
A sea of positivity.
And pass by the side,
All problems are past.

And luck pursues,

Since the morning,
Good mood,
He will never leave.

Good day wishes in your own words
My dear, I wish you a great day! Let everything work out, energy and strength are added. Be full of enthusiasm, creative ideas that are ready for implementation.

Wishes for a good day and mood
In the morning the sun woke up,
Sweetly, sweetly stretched,
Smiled and again,
It came out to walk in the sky!
Have a good day!
Kind smiles!
I kiss you!

Wishes for a good day and happiness in life
I wish you to be always happy,
Kind, sweet, patient.
Always be a little new,
Cheerful, healthy.
Be young longer
And you won’t grow old in your soul.

Wishing a good day to your beloved in verse
Let everything succeed today,
Love will give a lot of strength,
Let luck smile,
So that this day will be successful!

Let the conceived plans

They will be realized without difficulty!
I will repeat it tirelessly,
You need to always believe in yourself!
Good morning and good day to the man wishes
A lot of things to do and a lot of plans,
That’s why we got up early!
I know what you want:
Do whatever you want!

You spend the whole day doing this,

And of course there are no hindrances!
After all, my love will illuminate
Your best day on the planet!
Good day wishes to your beloved girl
Happy new day, my good!
Know that every moment will be fabulous in it!
When you leave the house, the fork is waiting for the road,
If you decide to stomp straight,

Then you will laugh, dear, until the evening,

Generously sprinkle with creativity of ideas,
And if you go to the left, you are provided everywhere
You’re meeting like a glamorous pop star.

Well, if your legs turn to the right –

The day will pass
Wishes to your loved one a good day and mood
May the day be successful!
Joyful, good,
Let not drops on others
It will be different!

Let it be warm

From your smiles,
Let there be no problems in it,
Incidents, mistakes!

To be filled with money

All your pockets,
To come true, come true
All dreams and plans!

Let him give this day

Communication is for the soul!
Let it be great for you
There will be a mood!
Wishes of a good day to a man in your own words
Cute! May this day bring you small and big victories on all fronts of your life. Let Success strengthen your position in business, and Luck will cover the flanks of mental balance with a reliable shield. And remember that your charming Rear is looking forward to the evening of his General home.
Wishing a good morning and a good day to the girl
Hi! Good morning. How are you feeling?”
A fine spring day is coming,
Do you believe that everything will be fine today
And all miracles will be subject to you.

All disputes will be resolved easily in your favor,

The poetry of your life will be prose,
Love will drive away all the bad and evil
And you will enjoy peace again.
Good day wishes to your loved one in sms
Affectionately, gently, with great love,
I am writing to you, my beloved, dear,
I want to wish you an incomparable day,
Let everything be resolved today!
Wishing a good day in prose to a man
I wish my beloved little man a good morning, a sweet awakening and a big positive charge for the whole day. Let it pass fruitfully and successfully, the way the mood remains great, let luck lie in wait for you at every step.
Good day wishes to the girl in your own words
Dear, let today be joyful and cool, beautiful and not in vain in this life, but good, kind, bright, very cool and noticeable!
Beautiful wishes of a good day to your beloved
Let your day develop on a positive note,
Nothing will interfere, will not knock you down,
Be vigilant, like a falcon on the hunt,
If the goal is set – go ahead!

After all, they only open to those who knock,

You have known this truth for a long time.
So let luck happen to you,
And everything goes smoothly, like in the movies!
Wishing a good day and mood to a man
Have a nice day,
Smiles and moods,
Any business,
So that there is no hurry.

Worries, problems

They didn’t follow you.
I wish you victories and success,

I will be very

Miss you.
Wish the day
Today was a success.
Wishes the girl a good day and a great mood
Good morning, my love, I’ll say good morning!
Passionate, kind, sweet, let me wake you up!
Eyes will wake up with a smile, here’s a kiss at dawn.
The heart of a dancing fish beats like a flame in response.

Good morning, my love! Well, tell me how did you sleep?

Good morning, my love! How are you doing today?
Here is the kiss of awakening, here is the kiss after sleep.
Here is a kiss