Funny wishes for a good day
A good day promises
A lot of new things are on the way
And greets with smiles,
Wishes of love.

Prick up your ears today

On a successful wave,
Listen to their compliments
And myself alone!

Good day wishes to a friend
May the day be successful!
Put on the best dress,
With him – fishnet stockings
And higher heels.
Although our city is not Paris,
You will conquer everyone today!

Good day wishes to the girl
More positive,
And good mood,
To have enough strength for everything,
And luck did not leave!

Good day wishes in prose
Baby, only the desire to hear your voice can make me open my eyes this morning. My dreams were not as interesting as I dreamed, but the main thing is that the night is over, and a new day is ahead in which I will see you! I love and miss you! Good morning and have a nice day!

Wishes for a good day and mood
In the morning the sun woke up,
Sweetly, sweetly stretched,
Smiled and again,
It came out to walk in the sky!
Have a good day!
Kind smiles!
I kiss you!

Wishes for a good day and happiness in life
I wish you to be always happy,
Kind, sweet, patient.
Always be a little new,
Cheerful, healthy.
Be young longer
And you won’t grow old in your soul.

Beautiful wishes for a good day
Let him cover with his head,
A sea of positivity.
And pass by the side,
All problems are past.

And luck pursues,

Since the morning,
Good mood,
He will never leave.

Good day wishes in your own words
My dear, I wish you a great day! Let everything work out, energy and strength are added. Be full of enthusiasm, creative ideas that are ready for implementation.

Wishing a good day to your beloved husband
I wish you cheerfulness and mood for the whole day,
Let luck follow you like a shadow,
Bright emotions, positivity,
So that the day was a success for a miracle.

I wish to do my favorite thing,

To do everything in time, you need to try,
You are my man of business and strong,
Let it be a beautiful day for you.
Funny wish of a good day to a man
Let today be a nice day,
Let it be like a fairy tale,
Let this day last longer,
So that the best will have time to happen!

Like mushrooms, let the income grow,

Let there be enough money for expenses,
Let everyone smile today,
What is lost, let it be found immediately!
Funny wishes of a good day to the girl
Let a wonderful day awaits you, with gifts and surprises, let it be cheerful and joyful, delicious and pleasant, bright and colorful, let it redeem you in wealth, in smiles, in sincere feelings, in jokes and well-deserved compliments, let it experience you have tasks that you will brilliantly solve, and desires that you will fulfill!
Good day wishes to your beloved guy
It’s a pity that we have to part!
Urgent matters await us.
It would be great to stay,
Throwing the bodies together on the sofa.

We could frolic all day long!

All new movies to watch,
Ordered sushi or pizza.
You can do a lot in a day!

What can I do, life is like that…

We will do as she says.
Have a nice day, sunshine!
May fate favor you!
Wishes a man a good day original
Have a nice day, the sun gives the dawn,
Warming you with rays.
Have a nice day, even if I’m not around,
I only wish you well.

Have a nice day, even if it rains,

People are crying in the street,
You expect good things from life,
Catch your luck by the wing.

Have a nice day if the blizzard sweeps,

Don’t let the cold scare you,
Let joy certainly awaits you,
Fortune – does not let go!
Good day wishes to the girl who likes
Bright impressions in your day, my beloved girl! Inexhaustible energy, infectious optimistic mood, readiness for any adventure! Let everything planned turn out one hundred percent and the unexpected and pleasant will definitely happen!
Wishing a good day to your beloved in prose
I wish good morning to my beloved little man. Let it begin cheerfully and cheerfully, let the sun outside the window give inspiration and a smile, let a delicious breakfast give a lot of energy for a successful and eventful day. I wish that luck and luck were with you all the time today. Kiss.
Wishing a good day to your beloved man
I wish my beloved little man a good morning, a sweet awakening and a big positive charge for the whole day. Let it pass fruitfully and successfully, the way the mood remains great, let luck lie in wait for you at every step.
Wishes a man a good day at work
Let your day at work be great!
Successful, rich and fantastic!
Let the boss be satisfied with the work,
He will raise his salary with great eagerness!

Let there be a good attitude towards you,

Let any moment become comfortable,
Let your colleagues give you a smile and a laugh
And just a huge success awaits you!
Wishing a good and good day to your beloved
Time, as we know, cannot be stopped. Days replace nights, nights replace days! And I want to wish you, my beloved, a good and bright day. May the sun always shine brightly for you, and failures bypass you! And my love keeps you safe all day!
Good day and good mood to the man with wishes
Reach heights, smile
Today, handsome beloved,
Try to keep positive,
With him together – the ardor of the heart is beautiful,

Let the day be kind, good,

Pleasant, bringing good luck,
Successful, happy, nice
And the most fun to boot!
Wishes of a good weekend to a man
Happy long-awaited Friday
Congratulations in the morning,
Have a good weekend
I wish you.

Friday will be short

And a long Saturday,
Let’s stretch the Resurrection
We are years long.

Let it be on the weekend

Time will stop,
Every minute
It will be filled with joy.

I wish you Friday

Wait for the weekend,
Saturday with Sunday
Let them become days of happiness.