Best wishes for a good day to the girl
Have a nice day, my gentle sunshine! For such an amazing little man like you, he must be good. May incredible luck and magical luck be with you all day, a kaleidoscope of colorful events will give you unimaginable happiness and set you up for fantastic success.
Funny wishes of a good day to the girl
Let a wonderful day awaits you, with gifts and surprises, let it be cheerful and joyful, delicious and pleasant, bright and colorful, let it redeem you in wealth, in smiles, in sincere feelings, in jokes and well-deserved compliments, let it experience you have tasks that you will brilliantly solve, and desires that you will fulfill!
Good day wishes to the girl who likes
Bright impressions in your day, my beloved girl! Inexhaustible energy, infectious optimistic mood, readiness for any adventure! Let everything planned turn out one hundred percent and the unexpected and pleasant will definitely happen!
Good day wishes to your beloved girl
Happy new day, my good!
Know that every moment will be fabulous in it!
When you leave the house, the fork is waiting for the road,
If you decide to stomp straight,

Then you will laugh, dear, until the evening,

Generously sprinkle with creativity of ideas,
And if you go to the left, you are provided everywhere
You’re meeting like a glamorous pop star.

Well, if your legs turn to the right –

The day will pass
Wishing a good morning and a good day to the girl
Hi! Good morning. How are you feeling?”
A fine spring day is coming,
Do you believe that everything will be fine today
And all miracles will be subject to you.

All disputes will be resolved easily in your favor,

The poetry of your life will be prose,
Love will drive away all the bad and evil
And you will enjoy peace again.
Good day wishes to the girl in your own words
Dear, let today be joyful and cool, beautiful and not in vain in this life, but good, kind, bright, very cool and noticeable!
Wishes the girl a good day and a great mood
Good morning, my love, I’ll say good morning!
Passionate, kind, sweet, let me wake you up!
Eyes will wake up with a smile, here’s a kiss at dawn.
The heart of a dancing fish beats like a flame in response.

Good morning, my love! Well, tell me how did you sleep?

Good morning, my love! How are you doing today?
Here is the kiss of awakening, here is the kiss after sleep.
Here is a kiss
Good day wishes to a girl in prose
Let the sun bring you a charge of cheerfulness, give you confidence, fill you with joy. May this day please you with wonderful discoveries, pleasant meetings and unforgettable surprises, and success accompanies you everywhere today!
Sms wishes of a good day to the girl
I wish you smiles, light and affection,
And let the day pass,
Like in a beautiful fairy tale
With great respect and admiration!
I wish you to catch inspiration!
Beautiful wishes of a good day to the girl
My beloved and charming girl! I wish you a wonderful day. Let harmony and joy accompany you, nothing darkens your beautiful features. Let a gentle smile bloom on your lips more often today. Be calm, peaceful and remember me.
Wishing a good day to a girl in verse
Hello, my precious diamond,
I count every moment until the meeting!
Let the day be woven of caresses,
And the evening will turn into tenderness.

Let the day be brightly colored,

There will be a place in it for a miracle!
And even a moment of sadness is not terrible, –
Your day is beautiful, I know it will be!
Wishing a good working day to a girl
I wish you a good working day, let your whole day be clear, kind, sunny, beautiful. And let him give you a million positives!
Good day wishes to the girl are short
I wish my beloved kindness
Don’t notice any fuss,
Let all dreams come true today
And all things work out well!
Good day wishes to the girl are cool
Let the day pass on \”excellent\”,
The coffee will be very tasty.
Well, in our personal life
I’m waiting for a peppercorn this night.

To burn and burn

Everything is from our wild passion,
So that there is enough energy
For everything that is in our power.

Work diligently during the day,

You save up your strength for the night.
I will not wait for Saturday,
I am waiting for today very, very much!