Wishing a good working day to your beloved
Let the day be easy,
A beautiful, cheerful morning.
Let the lilac pleases the eyes —
All covered in dew drops and mother-of-pearl.

With my love, with help,

Any business is sweet,
Successes, rises,
Your soul will be charged.

To no news

Not knocked out of the rut,
So that there was no severity,
And so that more profit!
Funny wish to your beloved a good day
Let this day be bubbling with luck –
It will be rosy, chocolate,
From cool news hot,
On impressions not greedy.

Let the day be cozy and colorful,

Like a homespun rug,
Love will arrange a tour of the stars,
The long-awaited success will break in.

Let fate inflate your cheeks,

So that the wind will be fair to you,
Like a radiator, it warms
Let the positive be every minute!
Wishes of a good day and dear to your beloved
Beloved, I wish you a good day and an easy road, interesting fellow travelers, new meetings, and do not forget that your beloved is waiting for you at home! Let this thought warm your heart with warmth and love!
Wishing a good day to your loved one
Let the coming day bring with it
Success, luck, joy and love!
Let it be deep filled with meaning,
And positive thoughts only visit.

All that was in the plans for today

So that it would certainly happen by the evening.
The code will break a sheet from the calendar,
So that it becomes clear – the day has not been lived in vain!
Tender wishes of a good day to your beloved
I saw you, my beloved, in a dream!
I really didn’t want to wake up!
Morning has come, it’s time to get up, dear,
I hasten to wish you a good day soon!
Comic wishes of a good day to your beloved
Have a wonderful day!
So that from the very morning until late at night,
Your running didn’t stop,
Running is useful for the body, by the way!

So that the diet is whole,

Go around street foods for three versts.
I wish that with delight, genuine,
You have met carrots and celery!

And in this running around: business, work,

So that you have time to relax!
It’s a shame it’s not Saturday..
Happy working day, in a good
Wishing a good day to your beloved with humor
I wish the coming day to be bright and cheerful, framed by a sunny smile, a great evening and an incredible mood, capable of doing unreal things and achieving insane success in everything! Well, it’s even better that this wonderful day does not start in the morning, but later – from 12 o’clock!
Wishing a good day to your beloved husband
I wish you cheerfulness and mood for the whole day,
Let luck follow you like a shadow,
Bright emotions, positivity,
So that the day was a success for a miracle.

I wish to do my favorite thing,

To do everything in time, you need to try,
You are my man of business and strong,
Let it be a beautiful day for you.
Good day wishes to your beloved guy
It’s a pity that we have to part!
Urgent matters await us.
It would be great to stay,
Throwing the bodies together on the sofa.

We could frolic all day long!

All new movies to watch,
Ordered sushi or pizza.
You can do a lot in a day!

What can I do, life is like that…

We will do as she says.
Have a nice day, sunshine!
May fate favor you!
Wishing a good day to your beloved in prose
I wish good morning to my beloved little man. Let it begin cheerfully and cheerfully, let the sun outside the window give inspiration and a smile, let a delicious breakfast give a lot of energy for a successful and eventful day. I wish that luck and luck were with you all the time today. Kiss.
Wishing a good and good day to your beloved
Time, as we know, cannot be stopped. Days replace nights, nights replace days! And I want to wish you, my beloved, a good and bright day. May the sun always shine brightly for you, and failures bypass you! And my love keeps you safe all day!
Wishing a good day to your beloved in verse
Let everything succeed today,
Love will give a lot of strength,
Let luck smile,
So that this day will be successful!

Let the conceived plans

They will be realized without difficulty!
I will repeat it tirelessly,
You need to always believe in yourself!
Wishes to your loved one a good day and mood
May the day be successful!
Joyful, good,
Let not drops on others
It will be different!

Let it be warm

From your smiles,
Let there be no problems in it,
Incidents, mistakes!

To be filled with money

All your pockets,
To come true, come true
All dreams and plans!

Let him give this day

Communication is for the soul!
Let it be great for you
There will be a mood!
Good day wishes to your loved one in sms
Affectionately, gently, with great love,
I am writing to you, my beloved, dear,
I want to wish you an incomparable day,
Let everything be resolved today!
Beautiful wishes of a good day to your beloved
Let your day develop on a positive note,
Nothing will interfere, will not knock you down,
Be vigilant, like a falcon on the hunt,
If the goal is set – go ahead!

After all, they only open to those who knock,

You have known this truth for a long time.
So let luck happen to you,
And everything goes smoothly, like in the movies!
Short wishes of a good day to your beloved
You are the most gentle and beautiful!
You are my only one, my beloved!
The most passionate and attractive
May today be a wonderful day for you!
Wishing a good day to your beloved
May it bring you good luck
This is the most beautiful day,
Let all questions and tasks
They will be solved quickly, in an hour!

I wish you a lot of positivity,

More vigor and strength!
Spend this day happily,
So that you give joy every moment!
Good morning and good day wishes to your beloved
My beloved little man, my joy, I wish you a good morning, a wonderful mood and bright inspiration. Let the day pass successfully and easily, happily and joyfully. I kiss you and hug you tightly.
Wishes of a good day to your beloved in your own words
My dear, beloved person – have a nice day! Let the positive and brisk focus on results make this day as easy and productive as possible. Feel my love and support. I hug you and kiss you!