Good night wishes to my husband
Good night, my good.
You need peace and rest,
Therefore, I wish good night to my own husband.
You are my protector, my hero.
Good night, darling.

Good night wishes to the girl
Good night, sweet dreams!
I sincerely wish you!
Even if we are not together,
I’m falling asleep with you!

Falling asleep quietly, nearby!

Just nearby and without words,
I embrace happiness tenderly!
Good night, sweet dreams!

Good night wishes to a man
Sleep my beloved, my sweet,
Looking at your gorgeous dream,
I won’t elaborate
The content part…
Before going to bed, don’t forget
A little sad about me…
Tomorrow morning again care:
Alarm clock ringing… Work…
Gain strength now,
Sometimes they are needed during the day!

Good night wishes to the guy
Good night my piece of happiness,
So desirable like the sun in bad weather,
Lie down,relax and sleep,
Maybe you’ll see me there.

Good night wishes to a friend
My friend is the best and dearest,
I wish that you dreamed a fairy tale,
That you were always surrounded by love,
And there was understanding and affection next to you!

Let your smile sparkle sincerely,

No one will be able to overshadow it,
After all, everyone knows That a smile is a magnet for happiness!

Let the star go with you,

Which will light up the wonderful path,
And with her you are always just lucky,
Funny good night wishes
An angel descended from heaven,
And you dreamed in a dream,
Gently kissed on the cheek,
And hugged all night.

Good night wishes in your own words
I wish you sweet affectionate dreams filled with dreams of a happy life, may the night bring you the desired rest and peace, give you the opportunity to relax and regain your strength. May my love, care and warmth envelop you in a cloud of happiness and serenity. Goodnight!

Beautiful good night wishes
The candle burns out and I go to bed.
But my heart wants to see you!
Read it, smile and remember me!
Good night, my joy!

Good night wishes in prose
Goodnight! I wish you a sweet sleep, and see beautiful dreams. And when you wake up tomorrow, be sure to call me first. After all, I don’t know about others, but my morning comes when my sun rises! And my sunshine is you!

Sexy goodnight wishes
Here I am falling asleep again without you,
Not enough warmth of your hands,
I’m thinking about you now,
How can I cope with the weight of torment?

You close your eyes at this hour,

Maybe at night, you’ll see me,
We caress each other with our lips,
Aroused by fire sex.

Short good night wishes
Evening comes, the city falls asleep,
Know – in this world you are dear to someone!

Sms good night wishes
Here comes the sun,
The day is getting ready for bed
Good evening gently wandering,
Plunging into silence
This world is not so durable,
Sleep my angel good night
And I’ll rest too.

Good night wishes in verse
The curtains are drawn, the lamps are dimmed,
Only the TV sings something to us.
And the best moments come,
However, everyone has something of their own.

And yet, sleep, when sleep is calm,

It is always a blessing for the soul,
Health is good, decent,
And the days are remarkably good.

So let the night please with a light and quiet

Sleep. And will give a bouquet of visions.
The month will appear, let the wind
Funny good night wishes
I give you a thousand sweet kisses,
I gently caress you, I turn you on.
The body is burning in the power of love,
Passion is devouring me from the inside!
I want to drown in passionate embraces,
The thought of you keeps me awake.

Good night wishes to a friend
Girlfriend I want you now
To say good night dear,
I’m in a hurry to wish you good dreams,
To be happy tomorrow remembering.

And may the dawn bring you good luck,

Smile, lots of joy, spring,
Let all the tasks be feasible,
And gives the life of luck flowers.

Good night wishes to your beloved
I give you kisses at night
And these words, so that you sleep sweetly.
Let the best night in destiny
It will come like a miracle, a beautiful riddle.

Let your dreams be like birds in the Garden of Eden

They sit on the branches with a magical song,
Let the beautiful night invisible spirit
You will be gifted with wonderful beauty!

Good night wishes to your beloved
I wish you a good night
To your angel,
I’ll snuggle closer to him
And I’ll hug you tighter.

Sleep, my joy,

Sleep, my bunny,
Know that I kiss
And I only love you.

Wishes of a good winter night to a man
I’ll whisper to you: “Good winter night”!
And the path quietly descends from heaven
Your faithful angel, and will close your eyes,
And say quietly: “Sleep well, I’m here.”

And let the beautiful snowflakes, gently melting,

Circling your bright dream, let them keep it.
And the night is magical with a smile, fading,
It will save your sleep from all earthly worries.
Funny good night wishes to the guy
Super soft bed
Hints – it is necessary to sleep,
Don’t ignore the hint,
And defile to the crib,

Don’t spin too long,

And curl up,
And fall asleep in an instant,
To bring dreams closer!
Humorous good night wish to his wife
Sleep, my sun, close your eyelashes
And sail away to the land of dreams.
Let you, little wife, dream a fairy tale!
I swear I won’t snore once!