A beautiful good night wish to a girl
Go to sleep, my love, my dear,
Let this dream be calm!
I’m ready forever, without blinking,
To look at you… I’m elated.

Let your dreams be like a fairy tale,

Let them all be kind,
Life in reality will be beautiful.
You are my best gift in life.
Sexy good night wishes to a girl
Night has come, it’s dark outside the window, but I can’t sleep at all.
I wish I could be with you for a moment, even just a little bit.
I wish I could squeeze my favorite ears, pinch my ass at least once,
Passionately kissing a hot body at least once to bite the nipple.
I wish I could take a blanket with you, give free rein to my desires. No more urine.
It’s a
Wishing a good night to a girl in verse
Good night, my baby!
I wish you sweet, warm dreams,
Let the rainbow castles dream
And an abundance of flowers!

Let the scattering of stars shine in the sky,

Let the moon guard the dream,
Are you tired today for the day
And it’s time to rest for a long time!

I kiss you hard, hug you,

And say goodbye again until morning,
Let it warm your soul
My hot love!
A long good night wish to the girl
The moon knocked on your window
Hug the pillow a little bit
Outside the window everything is asleep silence
She won’t wake up until morning.
A scattering of stars in the sky…
And I would get it in the palm of your hand
I would have presented every single one!
I love you very much, you are the dream of my dreams
You will see a beautiful dream in a dream
…I hope it will be about me
The night
Sms wishes good night to the girl
Good night, gentle dreams,
And I can’t find the right words,
You know everything already by yourself,
I love you madly!
Funny good night wishes to a girl
Night is already creeping across the roofs,
It’s time to go to bed on the side,
A magical dream flows like a river,
A beacon shines in dreams.

Pause the alarm,

Press the stopcock of the day’s worries,
All roads are open to a fairy tale,
A whirlpool of miracles is bubbling.

Dive into it, my dear,

Row confidently forward,
Let your dreams know no edge
And they will be sweet as honey!
Wishing a good night to a girl in prose
I wish you the softest, warmest and good night! The sweetest and most beautiful dreams. So that tomorrow will be one of the best and brightest days in your life!
Vulgar good night wishes to a girl
Sleep sweetly kitten,
I want to go to your crib,
You’re lying in that crib,
I want you, baby!
Short good night wishes to the girl
Let your night rest be complete,
And let you dream of walking in the moonlight.
Let the gentle waves of pillows
They remind me of my love for you!
A loving good night wish to a girl
Sweet dreams, a piece of paradise, I miss you so much! The dream rushes to my bed, it’s sad to sleep without you, I’ll think how beautiful, how gentle, unique! How sweet and beloved you are! How wonderful it is when you are near, I meet your eyes with my gaze, I am always glad to see your smile!
Good night wishes to a girl who likes
Good night! Let the moon smile at your window, let your dreams be the kindest, and tomorrow will bring only happiness!
Cool good night wish to a girl
The stars in the sky have been shining for a long time,
It’s time, dear, for you to rest,
After all, it’s already so dark outside the window,
The bed invites you to the bed!

Let a dream cover you with your head,

And let you dream only colored dreams!
Know that I am immensely in love with you,
And my feelings for you are unearthly!
Good night wishes to the girl to tears
Baby, close your eyes and give yourself up to sleep, hugging a pillow. I feel like all the thoughts are about me right now. Believe me, the most desirable thing for me is to fall asleep next to you and admire the blush on your sweet serene face, catch a sleepy smile and hear the beating of a trembling heart! Go to sleep, my happiness, let the dream give tenderness
Funny good night wishes to a girl
The sun is rolling towards sunset,
Well, you go to the bed.
So go quickly —
Your “Morpheus” is waiting for you there.

He will give colored dreams,

Where we are forever young,
Where are we alone only in the world
Happy as if they were children.

Sweet dreams, my dear,

Sleep, dream and rest.
Night covers with a blanket,
The edge gives us peace.

Putting aside all-all worries

Hustle and bustle
I would rather snuggle up to you,
Where are
Funny good night wishes to a girl
Relax, baby, calm down,
Curl up into a ball, take a warmer cover, Close your eyes, imagine what’s next
I caress you with my gaze,

I kiss you sweetly, very gently,

You give yourself to sleep serenely,
I will pass invisibly to you in a dream,
You are so desirable, so loved…
Wishing a good night to a girl to take over the soul
Go to sleep, my love, go to sleep.
The night shines its lights.
Let a vivid dream come true,
It will be full of colors.

Let the cicadas here and there

They sing a lullaby.
I wish that in full
I enjoyed the dream fairy tale.

Bye bye, my kitten,

Close your eyes quickly.
And let the moon give
The sweet taste of a night’s sleep.
Good night wish to the girl
Patterns of dreams and bliss
Decorated the evening with a golden sunset,
And wonderful dreams fogs
The sorceress is the night of your gentle gaze.

Open your soul to night dreams,

And let in dreams,
Into the arms of quiet peace
Fly on the wings of fairy tales.

And this night by all means

You rest your soul and body,
So that in the afternoon, my love, you could
To achieve everything I wanted!
Gentle good night wish to the girl
My love, this night we will soar above the earth like birds, flying over majestic and solemn and quiet forests, sparkling rivers and lakes in the moonlight, we will descend into fabulous blooming mountain valleys and take off to blue snowy peaks. My love will cover you with a reliable wing on this starry night.
Erotic good night wishes to a girl
Darling, good night,
I miss you very much,
And something is missing,
My heart freezes in my chest.
Touch for a second,
Feel your body,
After sex, wake up,
And then I can live.
Feel your breath,
That’s what I want now,
But for now my desires,
They will wait again.
Romantic good night wish to a girl
Sleep, my eyes are a joy,
Sleep, my soul’s delight.
Sleep, dove, my kitten,
Sleep, my sincere child.

Let you, as in childhood, sleep,

Let you dream now
A dream that looks so much like a fairy tale,
A dream that gives bliss, affection.

Sleep, sleep, my ray of light,

Let them come to you at dawn
Joy, happiness and luck,
And a crazy mood.