Short good night wishes to your beloved
I want to dream about you at night
And kiss you in your sleep,
To the words “good night”
They have become doubly real.
Sexy good night wish to your beloved
I can’t sleep well at night,
I remember your affectionate look
What was between us,
Something that can’t be brought back.

I love, and you don’t notice it,

That I only need you alone.
It’s like a fairy tale, you know,
I am a slave, you are my master.
A beautiful good night wish to your beloved
Dear, I wish you such a sweet and affectionate night as my kisses. I wish you good dreams that will take you to the fabulous world of dreams and allow you to dissolve into dreams.
Love wishes good night to your beloved
The night has come, and the two of us,
The house is enveloped in our warmth,
Together we meet a dream,
Let him be kind!

Harmony lives in it,

Happiness gives a hand,
Dreams come true in it,
Lots of light, beauty!

In life, let him incarnate,

A miracle will happen to us,
Let the sweetness of sleep come true,
The fairy tale continues together!
Good night wishes to your beloved in verse
sleepy city falls asleep,
The night envelops us…
My beloved, you are dear to me!
And today at this hour
I want to wish you, my beloved
Only the sweetest dreams…
You will fall asleep, unique –
Your love will not fall asleep!
Let Morpheus guide you
Into the wonderful world this night…
The day is quietly going away
Irrevocably only away…
Good dreams to you, my love,
May the Lord keep peace
And with his invisible hand
Sleep protects yours!
Affectionate good night to your beloved
Hush, hush, nature is sleeping,
The city extinguished the lights.
And to the stage of the firmament
The stars came out, here they are.

Go to sleep my love,

Let peace cover you,
Let the sweet dream come again,
Where it’s good and I’m with you.

I will think of you,

The night, along with coffee, is short,
Thank you for being in my destiny,
And I only remember about you when I fall asleep.
Wishing a good night to the most beloved
Sleep my beloved, my dear,
In a dream we will meet you,
And we will be together forever,
As we dreamed then.

Your sweet dream guards,

My beloved angel,
I love you, he knows
And he’s also in love with you.

Even though we are not together now,

We will be together in your dream,
At least for a moment, though not for eternity,
In our corner of paradise.

Sleep dear, let’s be together,

We watch dreams about love,
And dream
Vulgar good night wishes to your beloved
How a sleepy look turns your
And the body has slender curves…
I even want to go to sleep with you,
Where we could do a lot together…
Good night wishes to your beloved to tears
My beloved, desired and native,
I wish you a good night.
I’ll have to be alone until morning,
And my heart really wants to be with you.

Let this night fly by faster,

And let all dreams fly away from you,
I’m waiting for the dawn to finally break,
And you, my dear, will embrace me again.
A passionate good night wish to your beloved
Everyone has been sleeping for a long time, they are dreaming sweetness,
I’m the only one who can’t sleep at night,
Languishing in the desire to get drunk
With your love, passion, fervor…
In your arms, cry out beloved!
I want to.. I want you, my darling!
Good night wishes to a loved one from a distance
Have a nice, sweet night,
I wish you, loving!
Drive all thoughts away,
Forget the worries of the whole day!

Let them fulfill their wishes,

Bring happiness and peace!
Dreams will enchant, surprise,
You, my dear, dear!

Let it be on a soft pastel

It will be comfortable for you to sleep!
In the night – a magical cradle,
Of course, to remember Me!
Sweet good night wishes to your beloved
Why am I not your crib?
In whose arms you sleep sweetly sweetly!
I would really like to become one,
My beloved little man will sleep on me!
But there is one caveat – I won’t let you sleep,
I’m restless at night,
I’ll stick around!
Yes, how not to stick to you, you’re like that!
You’re my arousal, you’re a sexy boy!
Tender good night wishes to your beloved
It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other, and I’m madly missing you tonight. We have only these short messages, and I want to fill it with all my tenderness. I send you thousands of my kisses and hugs. Let the thoughts of me warm you tonight. And this message will fill your heart with trepidation in anticipation of the upcoming meeting.
Original good night wishes to your beloved
My beloved, I am handing you over to the power of a dark and bottomless night! Let sleep look after you in the coming hours, and in the morning, when you wake up, be sure to write to me! I miss you very much and wish you hot dreams!
Funny good night wishes to your beloved
Night outside the window – it’s time for miracles,
And the fairy of sleep descends from heaven.
She will enter your house quietly,
And everything will fall asleep, everything will calm down.

He’ll sing to you, cover you with a blanket…

That’s it. It’s time to go to sleep.
And watch colored dreams until morning,
And you don’t need fairies anymore.

Good night, darling, until morning.

And it’s time for the fairy to leave
Good night wishes and sweet dreams to your beloved
I dream that we will definitely meet in dreams. I’d see you, and you’d see me. I want to wander around the most incredible corners of the planet with you! Sweet dreams, my darling!
Wishing a good night to a loved one
The day was subdued again —
Can you, darling, go to sleep,
I want to hug you,
Wish you good dreams!

Go to sleep, my man!

My good, my hero!
The kindest, honest, own —
To the end of the world for you!

Even further I’m ready,

To see you again,
I’m running after you, flying —
I really want to see you!
Best wishes for a good night to your beloved
I wish you a good night.
Dear, dear, beloved you.
Let the dream remind my love,
After all, we found each other on Earth.
I promise you nothing,
I just trust everything to fate.
And again the night comes to the threshold,
She opens her starry tent,
Enveloping tenderness with warmth.
Let the dream remind my love,
The night of loving hearts does not divide.
May this night give you peace,
After all, we found each other on Earth.
I’m not promising you
Erotic good night wishes to your beloved
New good night wishes to your beloved
Good night, dear,
I love you very much!
Let it dream, my dear,
Whatever you want.

Football, fishing and friends

Let them dream too,
But don’t forget about me:
I’m still your baby!

In a dream, I will follow you,

So that you don’t drink a lot.
Well, anyway, I’m leaving,
Good night darling!