SMS good night to your beloved
My beauty is a chocolate bar,
Get into the crib soon!
Close your eyes soon,
I kiss you with tenderness and affection!
Good night wishes to your beloved from a distance
Your look is gentle and passionate
I dream of seeing in a dream…
You are like a beautiful angel,
You’re the one I like!

I wish you sweet dreams!

And I secretly hope that
That I will meet you in this region
Blissful and heavenly flowers!
Good night to your beloved short
Everything will be just the way you want.
I am ready to give everything in the world,
So that your nights will be good
Surrounded by fabulous dreams.
Best wishes for a good night to your beloved
Go, dear, to the realms of sleep,
The moon is waiting for you as a caring maid of honor.
Wrap yourself in starry clothes without words –
Happy dreams, sleep, my love!

Let the milky way carry you into the distance,

All the problems of the day are erased from memory,
Heavenly bliss and twinkling stars
Clothe enthusiastically with a myriad of dreams.

Coming back in the morning clean as a diamond,

Let me not look away
A beautiful good night wish to your beloved
The whole sky is covered with stars,
The beautiful moon has risen.
I want you to dream
A beautiful dream, my love.
Good night, sleep, dear,
The night has already come quietly…
Romantic good night wish to your beloved
My precious, good night!
To the shining stars I whisper.
Let you dream everything you want.
I’ll turn on the soul music for you.

You sleep, good, I’m next to you,

In the heart that always burns.
Imagine that I’m warming you with my eyes.
And fall asleep like never before!
Good night wishes to your beloved in prose
Good night, my beloved and beloved. I wish that you dreamed an extraordinary miracle, that your dream took you to the land of a good fairy tale, that the bright light of the moon and the twinkling of magical stars filled you with new strength and inspiration, that the night passed calmly and beautifully, that the morning began with a smile and luck.
Funny good night wishes to your beloved
Go to sleep my cute kitten,
Let a sweet dream come to you,
Let him come to your crib with him,
He will bring peace.
Let you dream of magic.
I’ll send it for you.
Close your eyes soon,
Fairy tales are waiting for you.
Good night wishes to your beloved in verse
Wish you a good night,
I’m in a hurry for you again,
I want to squeeze in my arms,
But you stayed at home!

You see fabulous dreams,

Pleasant moments,
And I’m burning with love,
And I’m waiting for the awakening!
Touching good night to your beloved
Good night! Let you dream
Love and two souls solitude,
When you can enjoy each other,
Drawing only inspiration from passion!

Let the fire in the hearts flare up again,

To envelop only two with tenderness,
The dream for lovers is always ready,
So let it burn in your eyes!
Sincere wishes of your beloved good night
Good night, serene dreams
Dear, beloved from the heart I wish.
The most beautiful, mysterious, gentle –
Bright joy that knows no edge!

Wonderful world of dreams and peace

The night will open the veil for you.
A fairy tale of magical gold,
As for a non-fictional princess!
Sexy good night wish to your beloved
The planet has already been covered with a blanket of darkness with silver threads of stars. What happens under this cover – you and I know, because the body loses its shackles and strives to meet love and affection. Therefore, I wish you first – passionate and bright, and then – good night!
Pleasant wishes of a good night to your beloved
My good, my wonderful,
May your good night be
And dreams are beautiful, charming, –
I sincerely wish you.

Let it be a light cloud, a magical angel

A wonderful dream will come to you.
He will write your life like a fairy tale, completely,
So that beauty reigns in life.
A quatrain with a good night to your beloved
Like the world, we are spinning for a reason,
And again, each in its own orbit.
Sleep well, my star…
Your faithful, loving guardian…
A wonderful good night wish to your beloved
My beloved, good night!
Close your beautiful eyes,
Let you dream whatever you want.
Come on, my baby, go to sleep.

Let your sleep be gentle and calm,

Let nothing disturb your peace.
I love you, my good, I am very,
You’re my very own little man.
Good night wishes to your beloved when she is far away
Darling, good night!
I miss you very much,
I want to be with you now,
And hug you with my arm.

Sweet may your dreams be,

You remember my love
And know that I live by you
And in every dream, and in reality!
Wishing a good night to your beloved when she is ill
Get well soon, my dear!
I seem to have lost the song of the nightingale,
I wander alone all day, like a soul without a body,
And all thoughts are only that you are ill.

I believe that my love can fix everything,

I’ll give it all, every drop, let her help.
And now we need to go to rest,
After all, you have to get up so early tomorrow!
Wishing a good night to your beloved of an intimate nature
The sweetest dreams, let you dream this night! Let me into your dreams and we will spend this night together. We will enjoy each other like never before! I need to be with you, even in a dream! Feel the smell of your body, caress your favorite places.. Good night, my love, sweet and gentle dreams!
Wishing a good night to your beloved erotic
I wish you a good night,
I won’t fall asleep, because I dream about you!
You go to sleep, and I will come to bed,
And again I will disturb you to sleep!

In a dream I will kiss your lips,

My hands will slide over the body,
You fall asleep, of course, if you can,
You can hardly overcome my desire!

I’ll touch you with a light wind,

If you want affection, I’ll rush to you…
Warm wishes to your beloved good night
I won’t disturb you with a night call,
I won’t wake you up, I won’t tire you.
I’ll multiply the night hours
On my tenderness and love.

May your peace be protected

That distant star over there!
Sleep, my dear girl.
I’m near. It’s forever.