Funny good night wishes to a man
Good night, dear,
I wish you bright dreams.
Let the river and spring dream,
And a two-cubit catch.

Let the tanks have the main medal

You will easily take it,
And the winner is always
You will come to the finish line.

Let the big prize dream,

The candy is behind your cheek…
May your night be happy.
Good night, darling.
The best good night wish to a man
Have a nice, sweet night,
I wish you, loving!
Drive all thoughts away,
Forget the worries of the whole day!

Let them fulfill their wishes,

Bring happiness and peace!
Dreams will enchant, surprise,
You, my dear, dear!

Let it be on a soft pastel

It will be comfortable for you to sleep!
In the night – a magical cradle,
Of course, to remember Me!
Good wishes good night to the man
Let the dream cover you with your head,
Let the blanket warm you up with comfort!
Darling, I will always be with you,
After all, I have known happiness only with you!

I will tenderly guard your sleep,

I’ll turn off the moon and starlight!
My dear, I want to tell you,
That there is no better man in this world!
Wishes of a good winter night to a man
I’ll whisper to you: “Good winter night”!
And the path quietly descends from heaven
Your faithful angel, and will close your eyes,
And say quietly: “Sleep well, I’m here.”

And let the beautiful snowflakes, gently melting,

Circling your bright dream, let them keep it.
And the night is magical with a smile, fading,
It will save your sleep from all earthly worries.
Good night wishes with humor to a man
I wish you a good night’s sleep,
There are no nightmares at night,
But only sweet moments,
Where will I be, what a bed!
Wishing a good night to a man who likes
I wish the strongest, smartest and most beautiful man a good night today! Sweet dreams and have a good day tomorrow!
Good night to a man in English
Good night and good dreams!

Спокойной ночи и хороших снов!

Good night to a married man
My ardent macho! Sweet languor
Pierces the body from head to toe,
It seems to me that I am with the sensitivity of a deer
I catch the passion of the fragrance,

Although you are not with me now, not near,

Imagination does its own thing:
I remember the burning flash of a glance,
When you and I were left alone –

You were so violent, hot, vicious,

Your chest heaved from hot caresses…
Oh, how do you
Good night wishes to your lover
Under the cover of a starry night and mysterious visions
I wish you, darling, the sweetest dreams,
You and I are not together now, and I will not warm you,
But my soul, my beloved, is with your soul day and night.

The night will take you in its arms, close your eyes soon,

Let you dream of my lips today, my caresses,
Let the moon breathe in hope and you will dream a dream,
Erotic good night wish to a man
Darling, good night… I want to wish you, may your dreams be saturated with our passion and hot embraces. May you dream of our long kisses and gentle caresses!
Good night wishes to a male friend
I wish you a good night!
Let everything come true that you believe in, that you know!
Let the dream take you further into the dream,
To be able to embody it in your life!

Let the night cover you with a blanket, And let the stars illuminate your dream, dreams!

Let them dream only bright, bright dreams,
So that thunderstorms and troubles are not terrible!
Wishing a good night to a man in your own words
Darling, I wish you a good night. Let this night envelop you with a magical dream and a wonderful fairy tale, let this rest fill you with new strength and inspiration of the soul. I wish you to wake up in a great mood and with full readiness to conquer this world.
Good night wishes to your beloved man
My sweet, I want to fall asleep in your strong arms. To feel that you will protect me from the whole world. We will meet you in a dream and become insanely happy. I want you to know that I always fall asleep thinking about you.
Sms wishing a good night to a man
My beloved! The warmth coming from my SMS, let it envelop you in bed and give you a sound sleep!
Short good night wishes to a man
I purr good night to my kitten – purrrrr! Your favorite pussy.
Good night to a man in prose
Let your dreams be sweet and fragrant, like flower nectar. Let them be bright and colorful, like a rainbow after a warm summer rain. Goodnight!
Beautiful good night wishes to a man
I dream of your lips kissing,
I can’t breathe without hugs.
Your passion is a flaming storm
They don’t let you sleep until midnight!

It is not comfortable without you, there is no urine

To wait for the next meeting in anguish.
I wish in the oasis of the night,
So that from dreams I fluttered to you!
Wishing a good night to a man at a distance
Good night, cute bunny!
Sweet and wonderful dreams!
You get some sleep, my boy,
I will cherish love!

Go to sleep soon, good,

In anticipation of new meetings.
I won’t give up your dream now –
I will carefully protect it!
Funny good night wishes to a man
Good night, my beloved tiger,
That’s it, it’s time to sleep, there will be no mating games,
I give your dream to Morpheus in my hands,
And with it I will send my love to you!

May all your dreams be sweet,

Come true, so that your dreams are in them,
So that waking up is not a torment,
So that you wake up in a cool mood!
Wishing a man a good night in verse
I give you kisses at night
And these words, so that you sleep sweetly.
Let the best night in destiny
It will come like a miracle, a beautiful riddle.

Let your dreams be like birds in the Garden of Eden

They sit on the branches with a magical song,
Let the beautiful night invisible spirit
You will be gifted with wonderful beauty.