Good night wishes to my husband at a distance
Good night, my dear husband. I wish that this night brings on its dark wings a sound sleep, peace of mind, peace of mind and a solid supply of cheerfulness for tomorrow. I miss you, I’m waiting for our meeting!! Sweet dreams!!
Good night to my husband sms
Good night, beloved hubby,
Let nothing disturb your sleep!
Everything that flew by during the day,
Let it subside like a distant ringing…
Good night wishes to your beloved husband
Look at the sky at night. See the stars? It’s my eyes that are admiring you. Look at the moon – it’s me smiling at you. Touch your heart and feel my love for you! Sweet dreams, good night beloved husband!
Good night wishes to my husband in verse
What a pity that on such a night
I’m not with you,
And before going to bed in love
I’m not satisfied with the look.

I remember sparks of happiness

In your big eyes,
And therefore I ask –
Come to me you are in dreams.
Good night to my husband who is far away
Distance is not an obstacle for loving hearts! Do you hear how loud my heart is beating? Let its sounds become a tender recognition and a bright good night wish…
Sexy good night wish to her husband
The planet has already been covered with a blanket of darkness with silver threads of stars. What happens under this cover – you and I know, because the body loses its shackles and strives to meet love and affection. Therefore, I wish you first – passionate and bright, and then – good night!
Erotic good night wish to her husband
My love, I miss you,
My blue-eyed cat,
I love you with all my heart.
I want to say: \”take me without words\”,
And it turns out: \”pleasant dreams to you!\”.
Good night wishes to the husband of an intimate nature
Why am I not your crib?
In whose arms you sleep sweetly sweetly!
I would really like to become one,
My beloved little man will sleep on me!
But there is one caveat – I won’t let you sleep,
I’m restless at night,
I’ll stick around!
Yes, how not to stick to you, you’re like that!
You’re my arousal, you’re a sexy boy!
Wishing good night to her husband in prose
Good and gentle night to you, my dear and beloved! Let the shining moon rock you on its swing, lulling you with a magical lullaby of light wind and silver sky, so that in this charm you sleep soundly and gain not just strength, but incredible miracles!
A beautiful good night wish to my husband
My dear and beloved husband, I wish you a good night and the sweetest dreams. May this night fill you with new strength and inspiration, brave enthusiasm and great ideas. I wish you to wake up with cheerfulness and joy, with confident goals and a great mood.
Good night to my husband short
Sleep, my love, the night in the window
Looked a long time ago.
A soft bed beckons –
My beloved must sleep.
And as soon as he closes his eyes,
A dream will give him fairy tales.