Wishing a good night to a guy on a winter night
On this frosty winter night, I will warm you with a hot kiss so that you sleep soundly and gently until the morning! See you tomorrow, my sweet and only mine!
Sms wishes the guy a good night
The mystery of the secret nature,
I can’t understand her.
With you in my thoughts at sunrise,
And I go to bed – I want to hug!
Short good night wishes to the guy
Good night, little bear,
Please dream of me,
And when I open my eyes,
Find yourself in front of me.
Cool good night wish to the guy
Sleep, my love, a night in the yard,
And a mosquito took a nap on the ceiling,
Even a mouse sleeps in its hole,
Fish and shellfish sleep in the river.

Silence reigned over the earth,

There are no boys in the yard.
Only you, my beloved, are not sleeping,
Go to sleep soon, sweet dreams!
Wishing a good night to a guy in verse
A beautiful hour of evening sunset,
In the blue fog, the bustle is dissolved.
The day is leaving, the work is completed,
The first star appeared in the sky.

My dear, I wish you a good night.

You take a break from earthly affairs, dear,
I help to gain spiritual strength,
The morning will come, you will rush into battle again.
Funny good night wishes to the guy
Super soft bed
Hints – it is necessary to sleep,
Don’t ignore the hint,
And defile to the crib,

Don’t spin too long,

And curl up,
And fall asleep in an instant,
To bring dreams closer!
Very erotic good night wishes to the guy
I caress you with my eyes, I kiss you with my lips, my body burns under your hands. Come to me in a dream and put out the fire, and I will give myself to you in return!
Sweet wishes of a good night to the guy
In a dream I wish to forget
You until the morning.
For rest, after all, comes
Now is the perfect time.

I wish you bright dreams,

Beautiful images to you.
Forget at least for a while
About the daily hustle and bustle.
Good night wishes to a guy intimate
I want to be a prisoner on this night of yours, to caress you, to love you. I wish you a restless night – passionate and without edge.
Original good night wish to the guy
Good night, my wizard,
Who taught me to fly!
Only with you I can fall asleep,
Only with you I want to meet the morning,
Only with you the heart is filled with happiness,
Only with you I’m burning with passion,
Only with you I am in my thoughts and in reality,
Only with you I live my life to the fullest!
A pleasant good night wish to the guy
Have a nice, sweet night,
I wish you, loving!
Drive all thoughts away,
Forget the worries of the whole day!

Let them fulfill their wishes,

Bring happiness and peace!
Dreams will enchant, surprise,
You, my dear, dear!

Let it be on a soft pastel

It will be comfortable for you to sleep!
In the night — a magical cradle,
Of course, to remember Me!
Good night wishes to your favorite guy
Good night, my beloved,
My beloved and long-awaited.
Let your dream be sweet,
And let it be fulfilled.

The moon is looking out your window,

And the stars are shining brighter.
Your smile is so needed,
And your lips are no sweeter!
Gentle good night wishes to the guy
Night is coming, everything is quiet around.
A busy day is waving at us.
And slowly the moon comes out to us,
And the night shadow covers everything.

Don’t think about problems, worries.

What was before has already passed.
After all, you are with me – and this is happiness,
And the night will erase everything superfluous.

And on this unusual evening

The words seem to be torn from the inside.
Good night will be tenderly
Good night wishes to the guy in your own words
You involved me in this wonderful romance and now every night I suffer from insomnia, because all my thoughts are somewhere on another planet. Today I fall asleep again in a romantic mood, thinking about the time I spent with you. Good night, my beloved!
Wishing a good night to a guy in the army
It’s sad that you’re far away, but you’re defending the country. And I’m really looking forward to you and I love you more every day! Sweet dreams to you!
A beautiful good night wish to the guy
The moon is playing with a ray on silk eyelashes,
And moths are frolicking at the night lamp.
How sweet and cozy you are, my love, sleeping.
Let you shoot elephants until the morning, Giraffes, bears, bunnies and noisy waterfalls, Flowers of unprecedented beauty, green forests.
Closed my cute little eyes, funny and smart.
Good night, sweetie! After all, you are tired during the day.
Good night wishes to the guy defender of the country
It’s sad that you’re far away, but you’re defending the country. And I’m really looking forward to you and I love you more every day! Good night, my sweet!
Good night wishes to a guy from a distance
Today you are sleeping somewhere far away from me, but it doesn’t matter, I feel the warmth of your love! With all my heart I send you rays of my tenderness, care and affection! Let this night pass in peace and quiet! If you are covered with warmth, know that I am hugging, kissing and cherishing your dream! Good night, darling!
Good night wishes to the guy who is far away
You’re so far away from me!
It’s not easy for me to survive everything…
And it hurts so much that this distance
Brought us the bitterness of parting…
My favorite! We will go through this, too,
Leaving time unanswered,
Igniting a flame from a spark,
Breaking the rules of the game.
I love you, and what’s more important?
There is nothing better and more tender!
We will all survive together again,
It’s so important that we’re just the two of us!
Wishing a good night to a guy in prose
When I close my eyes, I imagine that you are now next to me under my warm blanket, gently hugging me… The soul becomes warm, and a smile hangs on the face… Good night, my kitten! It’s great that I have you!