A beautiful good night wish to a woman
The crib has been waiting for you,
It’s dark outside the windows and the stars are shining,
The country is waiting for sweet dreams for you,
Get down, come on, I’m serious!

I wish you a good night’s sleep and pleasant dreams,

I wish you to gain strength,
I wish that all dreams were bright,
I wish that the negative all went away!
Wishing a good night to a woman in verse
My darling, good night,
Let you dream of magic and miracles,
I say goodbye to you in the morning, princess,
Morpheus kingdom has been waiting for you for a long time!

Good night, have a nice night,

I wish you a good night’s sleep,
I love you and hug you tight, tight,
You look at me, I ask in a dream!
Short good night wishes to a woman
What a night, what a sky!
I wish you to sleep soundly!
I love you and miss you,
In a dream I want to hug you!
Good night wishes to a woman in your own words
I never want to let you go again! I won’t give you to anyone else! I haven’t shown the depth of my feelings before, but you are a ray of light for me in complete darkness. And now only the thought of you warms my cold bed. Sweet dreams, my princess!
Sms wishes good night to a woman
Good night and peace,
I want to wish you!
Let the waves of sleep, under the sound of the surf,
Dreams come true again!
Good night wishes to a woman in prose
I feel your smell on my clothes, I wear the taste of your kiss on my lips, your gentle voice sounds in my head and still I don’t understand why you are so attracted to me. I want to fall asleep next to you, my love! Sweet dreams to you! I adore you and kiss you!
Erotic good night wishes to a woman
Let you dream of a gentle, white, affectionate animal –
He will stroke your ass and turn you on a little,
He will kiss you on the neck and then on the stomach,
Then it will go down a little lower and …
Goodnight! Your pet!
Gentle good night wishes to a woman
My gentle angel holding my loving heart in trembling hands, I wish you to enjoy bright and pleasant dreams. Let the dark night, quietly descending into the city, open its cool embrace to you and guard the peace of your serene dreams. Good night, my refined lover, light, cloudless dreams.
Wishing a woman a good night with love
Good night, my love,
Let your dream be sweet, sweet.
I will always think of you –
Both in the afternoon and at sunset.
Good night, my dear, my beloved.
I want you to never forget:
I’m always next to you even at night.
Good night wishes to the woman who was offended
I lost all my thoughts… Forgive me! I’m only thinking about when I’ll see you again.. I miss you, kiss you and love you. Good dreams to you!
Good night wishes to a woman who is far away
It’s late, there are stars in the sky, the moon,
You’re probably getting ready for bed.
I’m so sorry I can’t hug you
And a gentle kiss to wish you a good night’s sleep.
But let us not be under the same blanket,
I will still come to you in a dream,
And make your dreams the kindest,
Like in a cartoon from childhood,
We’ll take a ride on the cloud horse!
Good night wishes to your beloved woman
The butterflies have already folded their wings,
And the petals closed the flowers,
The stars in the sky have already lit up,
Like bright gold dots.

Everything is already quieting down outside the window,

Only the light is still visible in the windows.
You’re sitting by the window and dreaming,
So much like a gentle cat.

And the pillow beckons to itself,

Sleep already wants to wrap you up,
So go to bed soon,
And close your