Good night wishes to your beloved wife
I see again, my dear, your tired gentle gaze,
The sunset is burning pink outside the window.
And it’s time for you to go to bed to relieve fatigue from your shoulders,
Well, and I, my wife, will guard your dreams.

Let you dream of palm trees and distant lands –

You will see, I promise, their beloved.
You and I will rush off there, but for now close your eyes
And let you dream of
Good night to my wife in prose
Good night, my beloved wife! Let the stars stroke your face with their gentle radiance, and the many-sided darkness gently covers you, protecting you from bad dreams. Let the bright month take away all the fatigue and small worries so that you wake up with a wonderful smile in the morning, overflowing with inspiration!
Good night wishes to your wife in your own words
My beloved wife, I wish you a good night and the sweetest, most pleasant, most rosy, most wonderful dreams. Let you sleep softly and comfortably, let sleep give you a beautiful dream and wonderful ideas, let the morning be cheerful and the day incredibly successful.
Beautiful good night wishes to my wife
I wish you sweet dreams,
Get some rest at night.
Let them give you stars
Relaxation and peace.

Let the pillow be soft,

The bed does not swing.
Let nothing interfere
It’s sweet for you to sleep soundly.
Good night to my wife in SMS
May the night be gentle with you,
Opening the way to dreams,
Sleep tight, dear wife,
I love you, my dear!
Short good night wishes to my wife
Night descended, covering everything with itself,
Good night, dear wife!
Let all your dreams be bright,
But so that we are happy in them too!
Humorous good night wish to his wife
Sleep, my sun, close your eyelashes
And sail away to the land of dreams.
Let you, little wife, dream a fairy tale!
I swear I won’t snore once!
Good night wishes to my wife from a distance
This moonlit starry night
I miss you very much,
So I want to hug you,
To make it warmer to sleep.

Rest, my dear,

No worries without knowing
I kiss you sweetly,
Good and pleasant dreams.
Good night wishes to my wife in verse
My half of the heart,
My beloved, tenderness, soul,
The moon is knocking on the windows with light,
It’s time for you to fall asleep.

Let you have a dream,

That will fill the day with joy,
You will wake up with a mood,
And cast your longing into the shadow.

And while you’re enjoying your sleep,

I will protect you from all troubles,
You are the only one desired, glorious,
You are the wife that I
Good night to the wife from the husband
I’ll gently put you to bed
And I’ll cover you with a soft blanket.
I will kiss you on the lips passionately, passionately,
So that you sleep sweetly…

I will stroke your hair,

And guard your peace all night.
Gently, gently hug
I will love you, my dear angel.

I will whisper softly in your ear

I love beautiful words.
So rest, my love,
Good night, wife…
Funny good night wishes to my wife
When from toe to crown,
Will I hug my wife gently?
How I envy the pillow
And your blanket!

I’m ready to become a pillowcase!

Good night, sweet dreams!
Sleep, dear, enjoy,
But don’t hug too much there!
Good night wishes to pregnant wife
Beautiful woman, wife,
Pregnant beautiful lady
I want to send double greetings,
So that the neighbors can hear!
And they knew how much I love you
And how I adore you!
Rest now for the three of us,
Good night, my bunny!
Good night to my wife erotic
Good night!
Sleep sweetly!
Suddenly you want to,
Wake up!