Wishes of health and good luck
I wish you good health from the bottom of my heart,
You will not know the sorrows and longing!
And if the disease overtakes sometimes,
Then you know – it doesn’t matter!
Live more in joy, love,
I wish you warmth and kindness!
Health wishes in English with translation into Russian
Sending you warm and bright wishes! Get well soon!
I send you warm and kind wishes! Get well quickly!
Health wishes in verse
Good health to you
I want to wish now.
In order for the body to be strong,
Vigilance is your crafty eye.

They did not hurt so that their legs,

Did not feel dizzy.
To cheerfulness and strength
The flesh was always full.
Good health wishes
Let everything be as it is in life –
Sincerity, warmth, care,
And I am happy with a happy family,
As well as daily work.
May the sky be clear above you,
May life be bright in a kind way,
Live surrounded by friends,
And all the best to you, health and warmth!
Good health wishes
If you are healthy, you will be strong, and if you are strong, you will be confident. If you are confident in yourself, you will be able to be successful in love and in business! I wish you never forget about your health, take care of it and take care of yourself! If you are healthy, you will be happy!
Health wishes in prose
Let this wonderful day be another step towards your recovery! Remember that it is positive emotions that will help you heal, that is why it is so important to smile and not lower your nose. I know for sure that in the coming days the disease will go away and you will receive a surge of strength and energy again, so I wish you to get better as soon as
Beautiful health wishes
If you are full of energy and vigor,
You can handle everything.
Without slowing down the life of the speed,
You will solve a lot of problems.
On this day , they wish you:
Live in health for many years!
Let all ailments win
Joy, power, immunity!
Wishing health to a man
Be strong, you drive away diseases from yourself,
Take medicines and medicines,
Forget about sadness and sadness,
And hurry to the robot, come on,
Let inspiration come in the morning,
Beautiful, colorful mood,
And may luck come into your life,
And bring a lot of happiness and luck.
Wishes of good health
Very good health
I wish you!
Be healthy, my friend, today
You are both body and soul!

To enjoy life,

Forgetting about the doctors.
Not to live to die
Be happy and be healthy!
Wishes of love, happiness and health
We sincerely wish you a wide path and a blue sky,
Smiles, sunshine, joy, love
And the greatest happiness in life!
Health wishes to the child
Chubby cheeks, – such a toddler,
It’s like he swallowed a watermelon in the morning!
Let him always be strong like this,
So that the disease never comes,
So that health is always in him,
So that there is no rash and diaper rash
Did not cling, – so that he was happy,
He always smiled at us so cute!
Wishes for health and well-being
Health, well-being and laughter,
Success everywhere in everything for you
And there is as much happiness as necessary,
So that the soul would be happy,
And to have fun
And what was planned came true.
Wishing health to your beloved
You’re not moping too much there,
I’m howling with anguish here!
Without your love and affection,
I live like in a sad fairy tale.
Get well soon,
Come back quickly!
Wishes for health and happiness
I wish you to be always happy,
Kind, sweet, patient.
Always be a little new,
Cheerful, healthy.
Be young longer
And you won’t grow old in your soul.
Wishes of health and good mood
Inspiration and health
For centuries to come!
Let there be a mood
Raised by you!

Cloudless weather,

Lucky in all cases,
At any time of the year
Spring is blooming in my soul!
Good wishes and health
May there be happiness and health,
And let there be enough strength for everything,
And that every day with love
I only brought you joy.
We wish you happiness and kindness,
Good friends and warmth,
Happy days, blissful dreams,Great hopes, intoxicating feasts,
Laugh, sing songs, love,
Drink a big life to the bottom!
Cool health wishes
The diagnosis was quite brief:
You have a lack of iron.
And to strengthen your health,
You’ll have to drink iron!
Such a recipe for a patient by the way:
He was the caretaker’s brother,
Stole iron beds,
And drank with him on the weekend!
Health wishes to a woman
No matter how fast the years fly into the distance,
No matter how complicated the reality is,
The main thing is to always be young
And soul, and become, and sexuality.

To make your health stronger every day,

And the radiance of the eyes did not decrease,
So that they would not be found during the day with fire
Neither sadness, nor bitterness, nor despair!
Wishes for health and recovery
Get well faster,
Be patient and don’t hurt.
After all, the disease will soon go away,
You’ll forget about her.

And while I’m so sad,

I feel pain in myself.
From the fact that you are sick,
It’s not good for me either.

Therefore, you get better,

You deal with the disease.
Get well soon
And so no more pain!
Health wishes to the patient
I wish that clouds of diseases
Golden rays pierced,
And in the beautiful and bright sky,
So that the birds of health soar.

I wish to forget about pills,

Elevated temperature,
About a runny nose and sore throat
And bitter, tasteless medicine.