Birthday greetings to the son-in-law in prose

My dear son-in-law! I respect and love you already only for the fact that next to you my daughter smiles and becomes prettier. Let her give birth to sons for you, and grandchildren for me. And let them all take after you – they will be just as smart, generous and skillful!

Congratulations on your son-in-law’s birthday in your own words

Happy birthday! Live with our daughter amicably, peacefully, helping each other, sharing joyful moments and daily worries. And let everything work out for you as planned!

Congratulations on the son-in-law’s birthday in verse

What kind of mind, what kind of become,

Pride just takes, my son-in-law!
Let things move up,
Life becomes easy!

Stunning success

Let it amaze everyone around,
Happiness will become like a rock,
Money — a lot is not small!

Amazing victories

Let the good light shine,
Let him lead, son-in-law, inspiration!
Happy birthday!

Congratulations on the son-in-law’s birthday

Let it sparkle on your face

Always a happy smile,
Let fate help you
Learn from the mistakes of others.

To grandiose all plans

They ended only with success.
Happiness crept so that the fog,
Sounded in the heart of a child’s laughter.

I wish you important goals

You achieved as simply as possible.
Live skillfully and bravely.
I kiss you, son-in-law. Dear mother-in-law!

Congratulations to the son-in-law on his birthday from the mother-in-law

How good that you were born like this,

It is impossible to imagine a better son-in-law!
I’m not getting tired of being proud of you, son,
We have become best friends with you!

I wish you high victories,

Bottomless love, great joy,
Happy roads, wide money,
But that they always lead home!

Funny birthday greetings to my son-in-law

Happy birthday dear son–in-law,

You are the best, no matter what,
Couldn’t give you away,
And to sell organs.
Happy birthday to our son,
You are neither low nor high,
We wish that could,
Happiness to pull the trigger.
Happy birthday to our man,
You are neither young nor old,
I have already achieved a lot,
Showing a peasant growl.
Happy birthday dear,
This day is yours today,
Rejoice, my dear son-in-law.

Birthday greetings short to my son-in-law

Son-in-law, greetings from your mother-in-law,

Health, lots and lots of strength,
Be happy in little things and in general,
To carry your daughter in your arms!