The 25 best draws for April 1st (Laughter Day)

Officially, April 1 is not considered a holiday. However, many people like to celebrate it. Of course! When else will there be an opportunity to make fun of close people, colleagues and acquaintances with impunity? If you still don’t know how to play a friend on April 1, catch the 25 best draws.

Back in 1957, they liked to joke on April 1. The well-known British BBC broadcaster showed a story that this year Switzerland managed to harvest an unprecedented harvest of pasta. The journalists explained that local farmers had learned how to deal with pests that destroyed “pasta bushes”. The editorial office received thousands of letters asking to share how to grow pasta. The Air Force staff replied that the pasta should be placed in tomato sauce, drizzled with olive oil and wait for a grand harvest. ☺

Our pranks are more modest, but no less fun!

Cookies with toothpaste

Take a double cookie, joined with cream. Remove the filling, and put toothpaste instead. It is desirable that the paste was without a pronounced flavor, otherwise the “surprise” may not work.

Spicy candy

Carefully open the chocolate candy, remove the filling and fill it with mustard or hot sauce. Wrap it back, trying not to damage the packaging, and offer a friend a “treat”.

The error came out

Such a draw is best arranged in a cafe, shopping center or office. With the help of a small piece of tape in the form of a trapeze, you can turn a men’s toilet into a women’s one. Don’t forget to take a video of the confused girls.

“Quack” under the chair

Raise the height of the colleague’s seat and glue the Air Horn horn. It remains to wait for a friend and observe the reaction of the office.

Office in jelly

Treat your colleagues to delicious jelly stuffed with their writing materials: pens, pencils, etc. They will be notpleasantly surprised.

Cotton candy

Another pre-April “delicacy” is balls rolled from cotton wool and covered with chocolate. It looks good, but it tastes…

Elastic bands on a smartphone

Put a lot of stationery elastic bands on your friend’s phone. Be ready to listen to a lot of new things about yourself while he takes off the elastic bands one by one.

I’m watching you

When everyone is asleep, glue your eyes to all the products that are in your refrigerator. The “look” of food will make loved ones cheer up in the morning!

Under water

Take a glass, fill it with ice, put in any waterproof thing of a friend or girlfriend (for example, mascara). Turn it over. After a while, the ice will melt and the glass will be half empty. To get the item, you will have to pour water on the table.


Pick up an artificial strand to match your girlfriend’s hair and pretend that you cut her hair. Don’t forget to exclaim “Oh, I think I accidentally cut off your curl!”. Be careful, be prepared for beatings.

Sexy tattoo

And now a prank for girls who want to avenge the previous two jokes. Stick a butterfly or heart tattoo on your young man’s neck. Let him explain his “brutal” tattoo at work! It is advisable to stick it on the back so that he does not see.

“Dear, take out the trash!”

Another prank for the girls. Put on a big garbage bag, sit down and wait. The most fun is the surprise.

Morning mustard

Add a little mustard to an incomplete tube of toothpaste and film the morning procedure on camera.

Oil antiperspirant

Instead of a cream antiperspirant, place a piece of butter and give a similar shape. Anyone who uses such a “freshener” will be annoyed, because he will have to take a shower again.

Tasteless sandwich

In honor of such a holiday as April 1, you can afford not to remove the film from the cheese for a friend’s sandwich. Not very tasty, but how fun!

A blob on a laptop

Make a blob of PVA in advance and place it on a friend’s keyboard. When he opens the lid, he will be confused for a few seconds.

Neon milk

This prank will especially appeal to children. Add a little food coloring to a pack of milk and watch the reaction of the child when he pours it into a glass.

Packed according to GOST

Generously wrap the car of a friend, colleague or neighbor with cling film. Nothing will happen to the car, but they can catch up with you…


Arrange a lot of disposable cups of water in the hallway. Watching such a quest (moving to the exit) from the outside is incredibly fun. Especially if a person is in a hurry.

Surprise cake

If someone of your friends is notlucky, and his birthday is April 1, make him a cake with your own hands. And don’t forget to put a surprise inside that will be remembered for a long time.

Guest star

Stick a photo of a celebrity on your friend’s door peephole and ring the bell. Sorry to upset the guy, but it’s April 1st!

Bathroom queue

Everyone loves plush toys. And imagine the reaction of your loved ones when they see a queue of toys in the toilet. At a minimum, a cheerful smile is guaranteed.

Where’s the shampoo?

With the help of a food film, clog the shampoo bottle. A person who wants to use it will be confused – there is shampoo, but it does not pour.


Add some colors and a little hassle to the team: stick funny stickers on the tables and bedside tables of employees. Caution! Not all bosses have a sense of humor.

Imperceptible substitution

If you have a friend who has a push-button phone, swap a few buttons on the keyboard. Most likely, he will not immediately realize that something is wrong.

April Fools’ pranks make our life a little more fun. And how do you feel about such jokes? Have you ever been played? Write to us in the comments.

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