Congratulations on April 1 in prose

They say: “if a patient wants to live, medicine is powerless.”
And this is not a joke at all. You will be able to prove it
the incredible story of Norman Cousins,
the man who conquered death.
Thanks to laughter, he won 26 years of life from fate.
Today, on this day, we want to wish you a sincere laugh.
After all, he is able to heal even an incurable disease!
We want to wish you a sincere smile –
After all, only she is able to heal the heart.
We want to wish happy eyes –
After all, the soul is reflected in them.
Be happy!
Dostoevsky also said: “A man laughs well —
so, a good person.”
May you have as many reasons to laugh as possible today!
Let your loved ones please and amuse you!
Be yourself an inexhaustible source of joy for your family!
Laugh heartily!
Be like children! We start laughing at 4 months and don’t stop for the rest of our lives!
Only a person of all living beings is characterized by conscious laughter!
Let’s enjoy this privilege!
Congratulations on the Day of Laughter!!!
We wish you a great mood, strength and cheerfulness! We wish you to overcome all obstacles with a joke and with a smile on your lips!
And treat trials with a sense of humor and find positive moments in any situation!
We wish to infect your loved ones only with good mood and joy!
Be the light! Be warm!
Love, give love and happiness!
And let all the good things come back to you a hundredfold!
From April 1!
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