Congratulations on April 1 in your own words

We are in a hurry to congratulate you on such a wonderful day! A day of Laughter! We want to give you a lot of optimism, joy, happiness! Sincere smiles and good mood! May today fill your life with warmth! And this heat will be enough for the whole coming year! From April 1! 


We wish you to be as carefree as children on the first of April! Fool around and have fun! Laugh heartily! Laughter rejuvenates, laughter heals! We wish you health and long life! And don’t take life too seriously! Smile at her! And she will smile back at you!) happy holidays!


We wish you to be carefree on this day, like children! After all, only children can be so sincerely happy every day! We wish you to laugh heartily! To expose your face to the rays of the April sun, feeling the warmth and care of life itself! 


It has been proven that laughter helps to relax, get rid of complexes and stress! Let’s laugh, joke and smile today! We wish you that sincere joy will become a habit for you! So that all year round you would not know the alarms! From April 1! 


Today is April 1st! And this is a great reason to remember that laughter unites people! We all know about the “Mirror Law” –
If a person smiles at you, then you want to smile back right away!
And when you are connected by one smile, then barriers collapse!
Let’s not build a wall of misunderstanding between us!
We will communicate, smile, laugh and be friends!
Happy Laughter Day!

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  1. Владимир

    Классно 🙂