Original congratulations on April 1 in verse

Did you know that laughter can make you younger?
Free, pleasant, healing for the skin!
After all, the facial muscles are straining hard!
And the super effect is provided stably!

And paired muscles, and cheekbones, pupils –
And the muscles of the larynx, and the muscles of the cheek.
Chest, stomach and back are all in work!
Well, where can you find this for free?!

Useful for the press, useful for the lungs,
And stress, anxiety relieves wonderfully!
It will help, tighten and cure everyone!
There is no medicine in the world more pleasant than laughter!
Today is not a laughing matter at all –
I won’t find peace anywhere!
Maybe it’s fun for you!
And I’m going to take it and leave!

Everyone is trying to play me!
And I’m all serious like that!
I don’t want to explain myself at all!
Harsh, mysterious, angry.
Don’t try to make me laugh!
Take care of yourself soon!
I will survive – do not doubt!
I’m preparing for my role!
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