Happy birthday greetings to a 10-year-old boy

You are 10 years old today,
Balloons, gifts – everything is for you
And you have already left a trace
Both in school life and in the family!

We wish you to enjoy the days,
Not to know sadness or pain
And give warmth to friends,
And achieve success at school!


Ten years to you today!
You grew up brave and brisk,
You manage everything literally,
Dynamic is unreal!

Let the wishes come soon
In life, they will bring joy.
Study well, try hard,
Only change for the better!


Your anniversary is marked with a two-digit number,
And this date already means a lot,
Ten years, today is your age,
And mom and dad are happy and proud of you!

We wish you to grow up to be a real man,
So that there is no reason not to respect you,
May your victory be success,
Less whining, more healthy laughter!


Happy birthday to you
Congratulations amicably!
And all the best to you, loving,
We sincerely wish you!

Don’t be sad and don’t get bored!
Be happy in the world.
And don’t upset your family!
Well, happy decade!


Are you celebrating today
His very first anniversary.
The guests brought gifts,
Open the door soon.

A wonderful date,
You’ve been dreaming for 10 years now.
Don’t let life offend you.
May God protect you from troubles.

We wish to be smarter than everyone,
To be a good son.
Know that success awaits you in life,
It can’t be otherwise.

Be brave, kind and cheerful,
Try to help people.
Do well at school
And happiness will be waiting for you.


I congratulate you on your anniversary.
At the age of ten, you’re almost like an adult.
You go through life bolder
And lead others after you.

Let your family be proud of you,
A loyal friend will always be there.
You know how to laugh at yourself,
And any trouble will recede.

Achieve success in your studies,
Be healthy and beautiful, and smart.
Be a source of light and laughter.
Be both brave and strong in spirit.


On your birthday we wish
We’re a cool kid.
Hit the target for life
A big one, and not just one.

In the meantime, you’re only 10
You learn, don’t forget.
There are only fives in the lessons
By all means, get it.

Be the first in the yard and sports,
And grow up a hero.
In the meantime, we are “Hepie Bezday”
We will sing everything to you in chorus.


You are ten years old today —
Your first anniversary.
Your mind is already quite strong,
You’ve become a little bolder.

Trying to know the whole world
And merge with his soul!
And mom is looking at you:
“Quite big already!”.

Your energy and speed
Turns everyone around.
And the world speaks with love:
“Be happy, dear friend!”.

Go ahead, don’t be afraid, you’re a hero,
All this is for you!
Be honest, kind to everyone with your soul,
Your family is with you!


My son is ten years old today,
What is not a mini-anniversary?
The birthday boy is cute
He will welcome guests with joy.

Charming son,
Witty and clever.
And in computer toys
Undoubtedly a champion.

Hard work is excellent,
The son helps his father.
Mommy can be proud,
Everything is under the power of the boy.

Congratulations on the number ten,
How good the date is!
We wish our son to succeed,
Happy birthday, hooray!


Yes, 10 years – cool date,
The beginning of a young path.
We wish you through life
Find great friends!

Learn cool, develop,
Grow healthy, be kind,
To achieve new discoveries,
Do not forget about mom and dad!

Don’t just get upset
And never lose heart.
We dream of admiring you,
We love you, so know it!

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the boy


You were only nine yesterday,
Today you have become a year older.
But I also want to jump, run
And get to know this world faster!

I wish you everything in the world
Find out and find out for yourself.
But you will never meet evil on the way
And not to be left alone in it!

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<p class=\10 years is a wonderful holiday,
The best anniversary,
Mark him, prankster,
Gather your friends.

I wish you to grow up,
Grow up as soon as possible,
Whatever you want, getting,
Never lose heart!


You are 10 years old today,
No longer small, not yet an adult.
I wish you only victories in life,
So that you are always reliable for everyone.

There are more loyal friends around,
But don’t forget about the first ones.
And on this holiday I am with you,
Happy birthday, dear.


10 years is a solid age,
The first anniversary in my life,
My head is full of questions,
The yard is full of friends.

You grow up and be happy,
Never know adversity,
Let luck in the winter morning
Quietly he will enter your door.


Congratulations, congratulations,
And we wish you kindness.
You are very smart, we know,
To make your dreams come true.

Happy first anniversary in my life,
After all, you are already 10 years old.
Let the threat not loom
Never, but only light.

Let smiles and good luck,
They never lag behind.
You’re a good boy,
Let your dreams live in you.


10 years to you today,
Anniversary holiday,
Happy birthday,
My boy, prankster.

I will wish more seriously
You become,
Be obedient at school
Study well.

May you succeed in everything
And everything turns out,
May luck be with you more often
In life, he smiles.


We all congratulate you on your birthday,
You are ten years old, you have become quite big,
Unpack our gifts soon
And hurry up to blow out the candles on the cake!

We wish you success in your studies,
Good luck, kindness, fulfillment of dreams,
Be obedient, strong and the happiest,
The world will change from your kindness.


10 years – that’s the date!
You’re a grown-up guy already,
We are glad to congratulate you
And at the first turn

We want to wish you health,
So that you grow up a hero,
So that every day – from today
It was becoming a bright day!


10 years – a small anniversary,
But the more is coming ahead,
I wish you to grow up healthy
To become a pride for the native family,
Let your dreams come true quickly
And success is waiting for you everywhere,
Only loyal friends will be around,
Happiness, love and unearthly kindness.


Well, my friend, you are big,
Your tenth birthday,
And I congratulate you,
I wish you to always be the best.
Be strong, brave, strong-willed,
Be smart, honest, businesslike.

Happy birthday greetings to a 10-year-old boy

We have come to congratulate you,
Here we have brought gifts.
We will celebrate your anniversary,
We’ll declassify all the secrets.

We will give you cars,
So that you can press the pedals,
After all, you are a top-class boy,
And you have surprised us more than once.

Grow up just as curious,
And sometimes covered in mystery.
Let courage and bravery be near,
After all, a real man really needs it.