Happy birthday greetings to a 12-year-old boy

Wonderful age: 12 years.
It seems to have grown, but it seems not.
Like a young man, but in some ways a child,
Who walks through life joking.

So I want to become an adult. You’re rushing the clock.
I’ll tell you one thing – don’t rush.
Time will overtake you at the appointed hour,
Growing up is coming. But not urgently.

Enjoy your transition for now,
You’re getting older and so every year.
And about these days that you spend without looking,
You’ll be sad when you become an adult uncle.


There was a smell of baking in the house,
Everyone is waiting for guests in the evening.
My son turned twelve,
How much joy is around.

The whole family is proud of the guy,
And deservedly so.
At school he is almost an excellent student
Well done, praise him!

And owns a computer
Even better than Bill Gates.
Windows Seven – what a little thing?
Mouse, Wi-Fi–that’s the thing!

I wish you so many congratulations,
So that the whole house is filled.
Happiness, tenderness, health,
And, of course, kindness!


That’s all. You’re twelve!
But don’t relax:
Cartoons are still in fashion,
You’re still watching, aren’t you?
Don’t rush to grow up, don’t,
Let your loved ones be there.
For ratings, try,
In general, well, don’t relax!
You are in the center of the day today,
It’s your birthday!
So let’s have fun,
Let the whole world be surprised at us!


There’s so much I want to say
Pleasant words to you.
I wish you great victories,
After all, you should be ready for them!

Sweets, cake and chocolate
They’ve been waiting for guests for a long time.
Call your guys soon,
And celebrate soon!


You’re already an adult boy,
After all, 12 years old,
My head is full of questions
How this light works.

I wish to develop,
Get a lot of knowledge,
Do more sports,
Don’t be sad and don’t get bored!


Happy birthday, dear boy!
I wish you
A lot of happiness on this holiday
And good luck with the fate.

And I wish you fives,
And luck in everything,
Happy birthday congratulations
Happy best day in the world!


You’re 12, man,
You’re quite an adult now.
Happy birthday congratulations,
Let there be fewer problems.

Let all dreams come true,
Be strong and healthy.
And about honor, courage, conscience
Don’t forget in your young life.


Time is racing along a wide highway,
You are 12 years old,
You have your whole life in reserve,
Always be honest, that’s my advice.

I wish you happiness on your birthday,
Let no sorrow and bad weather find you,
Let your dream be bright,
Let it always come true.


Here you are already 12
We have a young man at all.
We wish you happiness,
Let there be fewer problems.

Let the study be easy,
You’re a smart guy here.
Respects you only
The whole big and friendly class.

In sports, too, to be the first
We wish from the bottom of our hearts.
Achievements, victories
Let them be oh, good.


You are only 12 years old,
You gain strength like a sprout,
You’re a serious boy, it’s no secret,
Your life is as clean as a new leaf.

Let you always be lucky in everything,
Let the cherished dream come true by all means,
Let the mood be great,
On your bright birthday.

Congratulations to the boy on his 12th birthday


You are celebrating your 12th birthday,
Accept our heartfelt congratulations,
Let all your dreams come true,
Let luck smile on you.

We wish you a lot of happiness,
So that bad weather never upset you,
We wish you success in your studies,
May everything be fine in your destiny.

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I will congratulate you on your birthday,
And wish you always
You will be in the mood
Create, dream, and discover
More and more new roads,
Let those friends be there,
Who will always help you.


12 years and you are already quite big,
Know that this age is very difficult and important.
You always be honest and deep with your soul,
Be kind, sympathetic, wise, brave.

Fight against all obstacles and never hang up your nose,
And do not be discouraged if fate throws difficulties at you.
New and bright roads are waiting for you ahead,
After all, an adult busy life is already on the threshold!


At the age of 12, I wish you success,
With the ball on the field, it’s fun to drive,
And at school to get some A’s,
And charge everyone with a ringing, kind laugh.

Be happy, reach the top in everything,
Be enthusiastic, certainly joyful,
So that more happens every day
Good, bright and beautiful events.


You grow up day by day,
And you’re already twelve.
You grew up a hero,
Girls began to fall in love.

And we came to congratulate you,
On your good holiday – birthday!
May this day give you health, joy and fun!


You’re a birthday boy today – the guy is just great,
The most joyful and bright among us,
And with you, my friend, I confess honestly,
I am always free, warm, interesting.

You stay forever just yourself,
And run after your cherished dream.
I want you to be twelve years old already,
I tasted the taste of great and difficult victories.


Today you are 12,
You are growing by leaps and bounds,
Behaving like a man,
You try to do everything yourself.

I wish you a happy birthday
To be strong and healthy,
There are more excellent ratings
Bring it home from school.

Achieve your goals
And do not look for easy ways,
I wish that you are a real
I could become a man in my life.


You’re 12 years old today.
You’re almost an adult here.
We wish – be cheerful,
Do not be discouraged and do not be sad!

Find pleasant activities
And interests for yourself.
And remember that you are in the arms of
The family is ready to conclude.

Strive to grow and develop
And get involved in a new business.
And try to fulfill it,
We wish you to be fervent, brave!


When you are only twelve years old,
Then nothing is impossible for you in life.
I wish you happiness beyond measure,
And in their strength and luck of unshakable faith.

Let your loved ones love you and respect you infinitely,
Let the study at school be only “excellent”.
Let your faithful friends accompany you through life,
Let your eyes not know sadness and longing.


Left behind cars,
Fairy tales are left behind,
Now you’re all grown up,
You accept my congratulations!

You are twelve years old today,
I wish you joy, kindness,
I wish you to be serious,
It’s always good to study.

I wish mom and dad to listen,
And not to offend the kids,
Eat more porridge for you,
And never lose heart!

Congratulations to the boy on his birthday of 12 years


You turned twelve whole years old today,
So let there be a lot of positivity in your destiny,
At your age, it’s so wonderful to dream about your future, And in dreams, like a bird in an open field, to fly.

Happy birthday greetings to a 12-year-old boy

You’re a birthday boy today – the guy is just great,
The most joyful and bright among us,
And with you, my friend, I confess honestly,
I am always free, warm, interesting.
You stay forever just yourself,
And run after your cherished dream.
I want you to be twelve years old already,
I tasted the taste of great and difficult victories.