Birthday greetings to a 14-year-old girl

You turned 14 today,
What a wonderful life at this age!
You look so carefree,
Playfully so, and even slyly you look!

But waiting ahead of the way-roads!
And the right one has yet to be found.
You don’t take sadness and anxiety with you,
With luck and success, it’s more fun to go!

Let love and joy accompany you,
Meet good people on the way,
And let them not know the troubles and problems,
Where and when you can be found!


How many candles decorate
Your gorgeous, bright cake?
There are fourteen of them, we know
Your birthday is coming!

An important date today
You have to meet.
We will hurry with congratulations,
The day promises gifts, after all.

You are beautiful, graceful
And talented in everything.
Cheerful, and not in vain
Everyone in the family is proud of you.

You will receive your passport with pride
You’ll grow up a little bit.
Let life remain easy,
The path will be smooth in life.


Time flies by so fast…
It’s a sin not to take a walk today!
Here comes the very age,
Just to get a passport.

So stay the best,
Obedient, sweet and dear!
So that our state knows,
That you are not an easy citizen!


Happy birthday,
Beautiful young lady.
You’re at your 14
It’s just that the sun is clear.

I wish you happiness,
Tenderness and affection,
Always live in a beautiful, kind
And a fairy tale.

Let youth only inspire,
Improve your talent.
I wish you to sparkle,
Like a priceless diamond.


Let it be all that you dream about!
I wish you love, lots of sun, warmth,
Let luck smile on you,
So that you are always happy!

I want to wish you many bright moments,
Happy events and good news!
May your life be full of pleasures,
And only wonderful and colorful days!


14 years – not much, not a little…
But you’ve already become a slim girl.
We wish to bloom like a beautiful rose,
To warm with warmth, like a mimosa in spring,
To keep clean, like a royal lily,
And to be endlessly, like sakura, sweet!


14 years is a wonderful date,
I congratulate you on your birthday.
Great happiness, great fun,
I wish you from the bottom of my heart today.

Always smile, sparkle like the sun, let the mischievous light burn in your eyes.
May the guardian angel protect,
And guard your sleep and peace!


From naughty baby
You’ve become a young beauty.
All dolls and bears are in the box,
Which you used to dream about.

14th birthday
You’re celebrating in a friendly family.
And there is still a long way to go
Along the adult path of life.

Pass it with dignity,
Do not know sorrow and troubles,
Let your heart be calm,
And in your soul – a real paradise!


Happy 14th anniversary
I congratulate you,
The childhood of your youth
Opens the doors.

There are school worries,
Lessons and deeds,
Get a passport
It’s already time.

Girlish secrets,
Shorts, skirts, dresses
And already the boys
I want to be liked.

Don’t rush to grow up,
After all, childhood cannot be returned,
A little girl
Stay a little longer.

Keep the door open,
Don’t say goodbye to childhood,
And in a happy dream
Come back to the fairy tale.


Congratulations on your 14th birthday,
And I sincerely wish you:
Smile from ear to ear,
At least sew the strings,
Never lose heart,
Don’t suffer for boys,
Do not be sad at all,
It will be of little use.
Let it be only luck in studying,
In a positive mood,
To miss failures,
And not to miss life!

Congratulations on the 14th birthday of the girl


Forgotten children’s books,
Dolls in boxes went to sleep.
You haven’t been a baby for a long time,
You managed to become a beauty.

You’re an interesting age:
14 years are already behind us.
There are so many questions in my head,
And there are no answers to them yet.

Don’t be afraid to grow up, dear,
All the answers will come over the years.
It will be easy for you, I know!
Bright distances are waiting for you!


Let the year be bright
And full of events,
There will be a lot of friends
And a sea of discoveries.

Good luck in your studies
And in extracurricular life:
Let the years in school
They will seem like a fairy tale!

Let the boys appreciate,
Dust particles are blown away.
I wish to always be
A beautiful picture!

Your age is beautiful – Fourteen years old!
I wish you in the future
Only victories!


You’re 14, girl,
I sincerely want to congratulate you.
The witchcraft time has come
You can do anything right now.

I wish you a beautiful youth,
Great plans and victories,
New and interesting discoveries,
Happy, carefree years.


Happy birthday to you
Congratulations with all my heart.
And on this day we want to say
Be happy with yourself.

We wish you to sing and dance,
Without sorrows and troubles.
Well, how happy not to fly
At the age of fourteen.

May your dreams always be
Beautiful and easy.
And in reality your dreams
They won’t be far away.

There is a light in the eyes and in the heart
Let it always burn.
After all, there are still so many joys
We have to meet.


you are 14 years old today,
Well, what to wish for, in your destiny?
We wish to remain ourselves always,
After all, life is sometimes so full of surprises!

We wish you not to lose optimism,
To be fervent, and keep the excitement,
Health to you, be energetic,
And, having chosen the route, do not change the path anymore!

Be loved and love you always,
Let the heart sing and the soul rejoice,
Do not keep your insults, do not save,
And let dreams come true!


you have already lived 14 years,
You learned so much for them!
You already have adult affairs,
And a serious road ahead.

It’s time to grow up,
Increasingly difficult program at school,
We wish you success!
Well, in life – not to know pain!

Let everything be easy for you,
And success awaits you!
Let the dreams take you far away,
Luck loves those who dream!


Happy birthday, pretty girl!
Here you are fourteen already.
Let it be warm in the soul, as in July,
Let life have fun on the curage.

Be kind, sweet, beautiful.
Let friends surround you with warmth,
Stay happy, of course,
Let the family and the house flourish.


Turned 14!
And my soul is warm.
I want that on my birthday
You were lucky in everything!

To youth, inspiration,
Smiles, laughter and a waltz.
And sparks of admiration
They streamed out of my eyes.

So that the soul delights
Yours was full.
Be happy, be chosen,
Beautiful and smart.


Take your time, take your time
Suddenly escape from childhood,
But life goes on,
And you are 14 years old!

Cool age, no matter how you look,
Achievements are waiting for you,
Congratulations to all friends
Happy new birthday.

Let continuous progress go
In life and study,
And love will find you,
To make happy!


I wish you to be beautiful, kind, cute!
At fourteen, the whole world shines brightly!
I want you to always be happy,
Let life give pleasant gifts,
Let dreams come true,
Believe that there is a fairy tale in life!
You just have to smile more often,
And every moment will be flooded with bright color!

Congratulations to the girl for 14 years


Any girl at 14 years old,
He will envy your share.
There are no problems in your carefree life,
High school results.

You go on with your life the same way,
Taking luck and success as companions.
You have so much new ahead of you,
Let there be no interference!

Let your family be proud of your success,
And friends help in everything!
Let your sailboat of life, chasing dreams,
It reaches all the cherished ports!

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<p class=\Happy 14th anniversary
I congratulate you,
Only excellent
I wish to study.

You grow up year by year,
Day by day you grow up,
New to yourself
You set goals in life.

I wish them
Make decisions
So that she wouldn’t be afraid.

Let new discoveries
Every day carries,
You are happy in life
Let him lead by the hand.


I wish a passport photo as on avatar,
Beautiful, clear, just like yourself.
Today you are not just getting older,
The scope of opportunities has expanded.

Catch your luck and go to success,
Let it inspire a sparkling positive.
I wish you happiness with the prefix “mega”,
Love and friendship on your way.


You’re already fourteen, which means
You’ve become quite an adult.

Birthday greetings to a 14-year-old girl

I wish you to be beautiful, kind, sweet!
At fourteen, the whole world shines brightly!
I want you to always be happy,
Let life give pleasant gifts,
Let dreams come true,
Believe that there is a fairy tale in life!
You just have to smile more often,
And every moment will be flooded with bright color!