Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old boy

This holiday is the most important of all holidays –
This birthday is a small anniversary,
Let them write to you in contact, on Instagram:
“Be always cheerful, don’t get sick”!

And today we all wish you together,
That you believe in the world and in miracles,
We congratulate you on your 15th birthday,
Let your cherished dream come true!


Congratulations on your 15th birthday!
And I wish you an easy study,
So that you become the richest as you grow up,
And so that you never get tired in your life!

Let all your wishes come true
In fate, so that you laugh in the face of obstacles!
I wish you patience, I wish you good luck,
Let all tasks in life be solved!


15th anniversary,
And not some kind of children’s holiday.
15 – grow up a little,
Now a man, not a boy.

Let your muscles grow,
Facial features always mature.
Let the guys respect,
And the girls do not know peace.


Dear friend, you will be a long time storming.
Everyone will teach you life.
Don’t be afraid, everything will soon get into a rut.
Soon you will find your destiny.


You turned 15 –
It’s a whole anniversary.
You, it’s easy to guess,
He became more serious and mature.

I wish you happiness,
To make your dreams come true.
Adversity has passed by,
And you have achieved success.


Happy anniversary, son, congratulations!
And I wish you the most important thing in life –
Love and success, and joy, happiness,
Did not touch life, so that evil bad weather!

I wish you only the best gifts,
The sun shone so that the sun is always bright for you,
So that life warms with luck, warmth,
So that the path in this world shines with good!


You turned 15 today,
You have matured and matured, it’s no secret,
You try to solve all your problems yourself,
You diligently achieve the goal set.

We wish you joy, good luck,
And great luck to boot,
Be confident always,
Happiness to you, joy, kindness.


15 years old, you’re a prominent guy,
The whole world is open to you.
I wish on my birthday,
That I chose a landmark in it.

Let him always be with you next
Good luck and kindness are coming,
Become successful, happy in life
Let it be, boy, destined.

I wish new discoveries,
Worthy, devoted friends,
Let optimism and faith in strength
Your big one leads to the dream.


Dividing life into anniversaries,
Among them 15 –
Like the first step,
Where it is easy to climb.

Congratulations to you, man,
With this anniversary,
I know all the steps in life
You will be able to overcome.

Let you submit
Heights and peaks,
And let the ladder of fate
Yours will be a long one.

To meet on the way
You are love, good luck,
And on the road let you
Happiness awaits.


Happy Birthday! You are 15 years old!
Time for new achievements and victories,
It’s time to believe, make plans and dream,
What is planned, to embody in reality!

Let this holiday bring good luck,
Victories are waiting for you – no other way!
Every moment will be wonderful, clear!
I am pleased with wonderful gifts!

Let your wishes come true,
Life is filled with love, happiness,
Warm greetings and devoted friends,
Let your dream come true soon!

Congratulations to the boy for 15 years


You’re a great, cool guy!
You are the best in the world!
Let them give you fifteen years
Happiness, joy and success!

Firmly believe in your luck,
Open the way to your dreams,
Be a real man —
Strong, brave and cool!

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<p class=\15 – digit on the postcard,
You’re already an adult,
Accept smiles from all your relatives
And wishes for the century:
Great happiness and good luck
You are on a bright life path,
So that all tasks are solved,
Let only joy be ahead!


May luck be frequent for you,
Not a guest, your faithful companion.
And if life suddenly presents contrasts,
Then let the good win sooner.

May luck be frequent for you,
And success always walks next to you,
Love you, health, a lot of happiness
On a beautiful bright day – 15 years!


Handsome, foldable, kind, smart,
Funny guy – at least where!
15 years have passed for you,
So let your star burn!

Let luck be with you,
Let your friends be faithful,
Let people be kind to you,
And your dream will come true!


Here you are already fifteen,
I’ve already become almost an adult.
I want to wish you,
So that my soul does not lose heart.

Whatever you want for yourself,
By all means to come true.
Take care of your health,
To grieve, so as not to have to.

Let your actions be,
Only successful always.
May they always be with you,
Since childhood, loyal friends.


I’m in a hurry to celebrate my 15th birthday to congratulate,
And wish fulfillment of your dreams!
Worries, fears to leave everything,
So that on this day you only rejoice!

Let the desired ones give gifts,
And may your hopes come true!
Let the light be pure, devoted and bright
Fate will blind the troubles on the way!


you are 15 years old now,
I wish you happiness every hour,
And many life successes,
Man, never cry,

Learn for the joy of your family,
Let the alarms all go up in smoke
Dissipate forever,
You be a happy person!


15 years is a wonderful age,
It’s time for ups and victories,
It’s time for dreams and accomplishments,
And there are no barriers to the fulfillment of desires.

On your birthday, accept congratulations,
Always be confident in yourself,
Let the mood be great,
Dear brother, happiness, joy to you.


You are only 15 years old,
You are still very young, naive,
But we wish on this day,
That you become a worthy man.

Be brave, like that knight,
Which is praised in poems,
Let your life be a raft
Bypasses grief and problems.


The most my good,
The most expensive
You don’t look like anyone
As if unearthly!

I want to congratulate you so much,
I want to say so,
That you are my beloved,
That you are my noble tsar!

Fifteen years have struck
Look at the dial!
Growing up so well
With love we are in the chest!

Congratulations to the boy (guy) on his 15th birthday


15 years is great, cool!
You start your holiday soon!
In a bright world, big and beautiful,
Meet only smiles everywhere!

Let the love for me be long,
And you are always lucky,
Gives joy and happiness to the road
To the most important, wonderful dream!

Birthday greetings to my son 15 years old

Let everything succeed
And everything works out.
Let happiness flow
And it doesn't end!

Cherished wishes
Come true more often,
And the feelings are reciprocal
You will meet!

Happy birthday, son,
Always be the most – the most.
Handsome and tall,
To the joy of Dad and mom!


15 years is a serious term,
You're an adult here, son!
We wish on your Birthday,
That you could do everything in the world!

Be lucky and healthy,
May love keep you,
Be diligent, be successful,
Congratulations again and again!


My beloved son, on your birthday,
Accept sincere congratulations from mom,
I wish you joy, kindness,
So that life looks like a fairy tale.

15 years is a wonderful age,
Everything is still ahead of you,
I wish you to go to the goal confidently and boldly,
So that there are no obstacles on the way.


My dear son is 15 years old –
We are in a hurry with congratulations!
Let there be a reason to smile
And laugh heartily!

Let there be a reason for efforts,
So that you achieve success.
Let life fulfill all desires,
So that you become the happiest!


You have opened a new page in your life,
And everything is different now in your destiny.
You do not agree to "in the hands of a chickadee",
And in the head of your dream of a "crane".

The 15th Birthday is not much,
But you have already opened the way to another life,
Son, fight for your goals strictly,
Be happy and stay afloat!


You are already an adult boy,
A man is not a baby.
And birthday soon
You're in a hurry to celebrate.

Congratulations are heard,
Friends are invited.
To their best wishes
I join in.

Let the day be filled
Great mood.
I congratulate you
Happy 15th birthday!


Happy 15th birthday, son, congratulations!
And I wish you the most important thing in life –
Love and success, and joy, happiness,
Did not touch life, so that evil bad weather!

I wish you only the best gifts,
The sun shone so that the sun is always bright for you,
So that life warms with luck, warmth,
So that the path in this world shines with good!


Happy 15th birthday, son, congratulations,
With the wonderful age of a teenager,
Good luck, I wish you joy,
So that you achieve your goals easily and simply.

Be attentive, always kind,
Let a bright star illuminate the path,
Let maternal love be a talisman for you,
All the best to you, peace and goodness.


Happy 15th birthday, son, congratulations!
And I wish you the most important thing in life –
Love and success, and joy, happiness,
Did not touch life, so that evil bad weather!

I wish you only the best gifts,
The sun shone so that the sun is always bright for you,
So that life warms with luck, warmth,
So that the path in this world shines with good!


Up the ladder of Destiny
I wish to rise,
Happy birthday, son,
Here you are already 15.

I wish to be successful,
To realize all desires,
Smart, honest, my good,
I only wish to be.

You are my support in life,
I am proud, my son, of you.
Follow boldly and stubbornly
For the cherished dream.

Congratulations to my son for 15 years


You are 15 years old, you are a teenager,
You're a kid with an enviable height,
You solve your own problems,
You pleasantly surprise with your seriousness.
Be an adult, son, take your time,
Happy childhood yet, son, under the sun,
Let children's dreams come true,
Let luck smile sweetly.


Son, dear, take it now,
Sincere congratulations from mom,
Happy 15th birthday to you in a good hour,
Let only inspiration give life.

You're entering adulthood,
Have a happy journey to you, dear,
Let reliable friends surround you,
Be always kept by fate.


Fifteen years happen once in a lifetime,
You've become such a big son with us.
Now youth is a special country,
Life is only given to you.

Let the greenery of the foliage please you,
And the sky is pure cloudless blue,
May your days be full of happiness,
Let life be illuminated by love.


My son has a holiday again.
His age is very cute!
He's not that prankster anymore,
Under the table when I was walking.

I studied everything and broke it,
Often I didn't sleep at night.

Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter for 15 years

Daughter, you are 15.
Happy anniversary, dear.
Peace, joy, health,
My girl, I wish.

Build a dream crystal castle,
Implement your ideas.
Be gentle, beautiful, fragile,
Like an orchid flower.

Your good Guardian Angel,
Let him keep from all bad weather,
Let life be full
Warmth, kindness and happiness.


Dear daughter, happy anniversary to you
The first, serious I congratulate,
Let it be just the 15th anniversary,
This is an important stage, I know for sure.

You're still the same baby to me,
With a ringing voice, cheerful disposition,
Let it remain useful for you
Laughter and smiles, the mood is brave.

Let there be health, luck, success,
May your life be the most beautiful of all,
Be happy, my dear,
Remember that I love you very much.


You stand at the mirror for a long time,
Admiring his reflection.
You're on a strict diet,
Always worrying about the figure.

Boys call endlessly,
Good-bye to you.
You've completely worn out your father,
Coming home late.

Oh, age! I understand everything.
Hello to the first love.
Today I congratulate you!
15 years old.

Grow up and bloom, dear,
Go to the dream without looking back,
Without encountering obstacles on the way,
You find your way to happiness!


Happy 15th birthday to you glad,
You are a joy and a reward for me, my daughter,
You are the song of my life, my love,
Let luck meet you again and again.

Let there be a lot of joy and light in life,
We wish you peace and success in everything,
Be always illuminated by a dream,
Let everyone admire you.


You have become taller than mom,
Beauty and harmony without melting,
You're fifteen, you're a teenager,
You are my gentle bird!

You look like a crane,
who is learning to fly.
Let your whole life be too
The flight is free to match.

You're looking in the mirror... I don't know
I, daughter, where are your dreams...
You compare yourself with your mother,
And you are very happy about the similarity.

Let life be as pure as dawn,
Love is beautiful and tender.
You, my father, do not make grief
I'm always so proud of you.

Fly! In flight, draw joy,
Let the wind sing under your wing!
My flower, grown from the heart,
You are my proud happiness!


At 15 you are so beautiful
The charm of spring,
That all the boys are not in vain
They're dead in love with you.

Yes, you have a perspective,
Even though you are girlish modest...
Some will say that she is beautiful,
Others will say that she is smart!


With the first ray of the beautiful dawn
The holiday is knocking on the window – open it!
That's 15 years of your
All of us have been given a generous fate!

I want to wish my dear daughter
The luckiest, to be kind!
To make you want to fly with happiness,
To make the whole world want to love!


My girl, my dear daughter,
I still remember you in diapers.
And at your 15 it's hard to say,
How can I swaddle such a charm!

I wish you to be very wise,
To be always loved and to love yourself.
You will have many happy days,
And we are your family next to you.


15 years old to you, daughter,
You have a wonderful age,
From the heart I wish you
Love and pure goodness!

I wish you unearthly happiness,
And the sky is bright blue,
Let all the rains pass by,
Be in life you are always loved!

Be you healthy yourself, daughter,
Let all worries disappear away,
Let it be in your life
Whatever you want yourself!


What date is 15 years old for you,
Yes, this is the age of all fairy–tale princesses.
You play with dolls, daughter, without fear of ridicule,
Maybe take a walk with a guy, on a warm evening.

You're so bright, just like a firebird,
At the same time, you are formidable, like a queen.
You will dot everything with the silver of angelic laughter,
For your parents, you are always a joy.

Congratulations to my daughter for 15 years


You are 15 whole years
You give us your kind light!
You are a beauty with us,
We were born for luck!

Be smart and strong,
Then simple, then very stylish.
Be a mystery to the boys,
Let the flaws go away!

Let the study go for the future,
And love will find you.
Let him color the world around
Your lover or friend!


My daughter, congratulations on the anniversary.
You're already 15, my dear.
Let the breeze of love and joy sweep over,
Smiles, happiness, joy giving.

And let your beauty blossom,
Let the fun never leave your eyes.
And let the positive shine surround,
And everything will be just great.


Today we celebrate your fifteen,
Oh, my daughter, and I can't believe that you are an adult!
You have become beautiful, smart and brave completely,
And life is different, an adult is calling you already.

We wish you to always give only light,
And on this day and in a hundred years,
Love and dignity not to lose,
Understand people and always respect yourself!


Beloved daughter, accept congratulations from your mother,
On your 15th birthday,
I wish you success in everything from the bottom of my heart,
Let your cherished dreams come true.

Fortune may always smile at you,
Let fate be friendly,
I want to see you the happiest,
I sincerely love you and idolize you.


You're only fifteen,
The whole world is at your feet.
It's time for you to get ready
In search of roads.

Confident and bold
Look into the eyes of fate
And choose the case,
That will suit you.

Everything in this complicated life depends on the mind.
Find reliable friends,
Love will find itself.


She became a beautiful girl
You're 15 years old.
This anniversary is the beginning
There are no sweeter days.

Daughter, I wish you
To find happiness in life.
There are many devoted friends,
Happy to step forward.


Daughter, here's fifteen for you!
There is no end of grooms!
We wish you to smile more often,
Give us all your bright light!

You are unique, you are beautiful,
Let luck be with you!
We wish you a lot of happiness
And the ocean of earthly love!


15 years old to you, daughter,
You accept congratulations,
I wish you a beautiful youth,
Kindness, smiles and love.

To go through her life boldly,
I was striving, dear, forward.
Let you, my baby,
Always, beauty, lucky.


The most beautiful,
As a flower is tender,
My beloved daughter,
Happy Birthday!

You're already 15,
You're not a child anymore,
But as if yesterday still
I looked out of diapers.

We love you very much,
And we wish you the best.

Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old girl

Not long ago you were a baby
And now you are 15 years old.
Recently you were sitting with a children's book,
Well, now you're walking on fate.

You're taking bolder steps,
You grow up with each new day.
Already you feel sharper,
You think more and more about "him".

Let life be filled with love,
That will only bring joy!
I wish not to face pain.
And may you always be lucky!


Youth, there is nothing more beautiful,
And your age can not be hidden at all.
Congratulations to you with the number 15
It's time to celebrate a happy birthday.

Beautiful, smart, always graceful,
Your successes make us very happy.
More charm, smile of the goddess,
We are all in awe of the lady from you.

We wish you the brightest holiday together,
Happy emotions, gifts, guests.
Always be lucky, gentle, healthy,
And please your parents and loved ones.


Congratulations on your 15th birthday!
I always wish to be the most beautiful,
And let the fate be benevolent,
Forget about sadness, so that you forever!

Always so that your dreams come true,
And all the days were the brightest!
I wish you victories everywhere and always,
So that your eyes are filled with happiness!


Congratulations - you are 15!
This is the best time in my life:
It's time for every dream to come true, And the whole world is open for you!

Try to find a way for yourself,
Where bright success awaits,
And always achieve your goal,
Believe that you will become the happiest of all!


15 years is your anniversary!
So many paths ahead -
Find one that you like,
May you be doubly lucky.

I wish you happiness to find,
And many joys to know.
Keep true friendship,
Love your family more strongly.

Let your studies go to glory,
Everything will be to your liking,
Bright thoughts and ideas
In your joyful life.

And as a girl, immeasurable
Incredible beauty.
To be happy forever.
Let the star guide you.


Congratulations on the anniversary
And with the flourishing of young forces,
Be all the prettier and cuter,
So that the whole world loves you!

Let 15 wonderful years
They will be the start for victories,
Let life be interesting,
Light generously gives happiness.


You are young and so beautiful,
Congratulations are not in vain
Happy birthday to you,
Happy 15th birthday.

We wish to smell like a rose,
To smell like a cornflower.
To know neither heat nor frost,
To greet the day with a smile.

Be affectionate to everyone in the world,
Be generous, modest and kind.
You are the only one on the whole planet,
You are a ray of light and warmth.


We look at you spellbound,
You're so beautiful - it's time to admire!
15 is the age of a tender bud,
Which has just begun to bloom.

We congratulate you on this anniversary,
So tender, joyful and clear!
You are not more beautiful and there is no sweeter,
Life is ahead, and believe me - it is beautiful!


Toys and dolls are already behind,
You've become a nice girl.
A serious life awaits you ahead,
The love I dreamed of!

You can already be called an adult:
Fifteen has already passed.
Today they will come to congratulate you,
You're in a festive mood.

I want to wish you on this day
Always be happy,
Never be sad, never be discouraged!
To let the trouble pass by!


For you today all the flowers and congratulations,
And the best gifts to you,
You're celebrating your birthday,
May everything be fine in your destiny.

you are 15 years old, congratulations,
Let life give you only admiration,
Let luck be next to you always,
Be happy always, my girl.

Congratulations to the girl (girl) on her 15th birthday


The day has come when dreams
Swarming over you like birds,
Flowers bloomed everywhere
And the tall tales have become true!

You are 15 years old! At this moment
Let all the cherished things happen!
Life will be clean as a spring,
So that all beautiful plans come true!


A beautiful cake has been cut
With fifteen candles,
Your dad is proud of you,
And mom will shine with speeches.

You will be given flowers,
Beautiful and bright gifts,
They will say a lot of nice words,
And the holiday will be hot!

And I want to wish
Good luck to you forever!
Do not be discouraged in life!
To be loved by all means!


15 years – you're still in you're in the clouds,
From happiness, as on wings, you fly,
Already dreaming about boys at night,
From their compliments, you just melt.

On your birthday, accept congratulations,
Let the mood be great,
Let the guiding star illuminate your path,
Be kind and beautiful, my girl.


Let the mood swing
You will be lifted high,
Unprecedented luck awaits,
You walk through life easily!

You turned fifteen!
There is no reason to be sad now,
But only to laugh merrily
And fashionable things to wear!

You're a pretty girl,
And love is waiting for you soon.
She will cover you with a bell,
Happy, joyful, wave!


Flowers, postcards, greetings,
Fifteen years, wow!
It's a great day, birthday,
And you're a beauty, you're a star!

I wish easily, with pleasure,
To learn happiness to know.
Go through life with the mood,
And learn a lot of joys.

Let him be lucky always, everywhere,
Let everything work out for five,
Friends, relatives will be around
To praise you, love and wait.


15 years — it's time for love and I wish you happiness,
be always irresistible,
The days are getting brighter and more beautiful,
Let luck come with renewed vigor.

From now on, stay sweet, young, gentle,
Smiling, cheerful, serene,
Moments of light, beauty, success,
All wishes of fulfillment and laughter.


Happy anniversary, because you are 15 years old!
You're good. I just can't take my eyes off.
I wish all your dreams to come true,
And for you to bloom with happiness, joy.

Let your health be strong,
Let kindness warm you sincerely.
Surrounded by tenderness with love
And sorrows never disturb.


The girl's life delights
A storm of colors every day.
Then mom pulls on shopping,
Then he calls his friends to him.

You are active, positive,
Charming, smart.
Let your road be long
They are curling like a ribbon into the clouds!

Let the crowd of fans
Doesn't give you a pass
On my birthday by right,
After all, you're fifteen exactly!


If Shakespeare saw you,
I would write more than one sonnet!
God did not offend with charm!
You are a goddess in your 15 years!

Stay so beautiful,
But let there be no haughty beauty!
It's your unbridled strength!
And there is Kindness in her companions!

Let everyone you meet in life,
They will be captivated by beauty and kindness!
I believe you will not know the troubles!
Your Angel will be with you forever!


Congratulations on your 15th birthday!
She was as beautiful as ever!
I wish you success in any endeavors,
And courage in the most secret desires!

It's easy to get let everything always,
The desired gifts are given by fate!
I wish you the fulfillment of your dreams,
Let everything be as you want it to be!

Congratulations to the girl for 15 years


Today our princess has a beautiful
Very small, but already an anniversary.
15 years is a special, happy age.
Accept our wishes as soon as possible.

Let the boys love you with all their heart,
Girlfriends are also with a soul,
So that all your affairs are in order,
And mom and dad were proud of you.


You are 15 years old, a beautiful princess,
And your life is a magical wonderful garden,
With delight, with genuine interest
Let passersby look at you!

Let the young prince be fearless and beautiful
He will take you with him to wonderland,
Let the path through life be wondrous, clear,
Clearer than the spring blue skies!


Congratulations on the best,
And a wonderful birthday,
After all, 15 years is like a fairy tale,
Young, without repetition.

The wishes are as follows:
A sea of happiness and luck,
Well, in sad moments,
Sunny mood.

I want to wish you good luck,
It's sad without her,
And big and bright love,
Everything in life is not enough without her!


And I didn't have time to notice,
Like you are fifteen years old.
Congratulations on the anniversary,
Success, joy to you.

I want to wish you,
Meet your love.
To make you happy,
She smiled again and again.

Let there be a lot of outfits,
Let your dreams come true.
Make decisions wisely,
If anything, ask for advice.


Turned fifteen -
Boldly in a good way!
We must try
To step far.

Beauty and youth
Let them help in
In the morning to wake up
With a mischievous fire,

So that it is easy to learn,
It was a joyous life,
Happiness was born,
Everything to succeed!


On this solemn day,
15th birthday,
You've called a lot of friends,
And you look – a sight!

Let me wish you
Immeasurable luck and happiness,
Let it not be in your destiny
Troubles, sorrows, insults and bad weather!

Be always pure in your soul,
Open in relationships with people!
And let the cup of happy love
It will be completely drunk by you!


Fifteen years, 15 years –
And there is no more beautiful girl,
You're probably good for everyone,
Beautiful body and soul,

I wish on my birthday,
To be loved by all friends,
To be respected by everyone around,
And that happiness suddenly happens!


Today is your birthday,
You are worthy only of admiration,
Like in a fairy tale, you grew up quickly,
She's become a real princess, my girl.

Birthday greetings to a 15-year-old boy

You turned 15 today,
You have matured and matured, it’s no secret,
You try to solve all your problems yourself,
You diligently achieve the goal set.
We wish you joy, good luck,
And great luck to boot,
Be confident always,
Happiness to you, joy, kindness.