Birthday greetings to a girl (girl) 17 years old

My glorious princess,
An angel of pure beauty.
Here you mark 17
On this day, you are beautiful.

I wish you great love,
The one that gives light in life.
On the canvas of fate draws
Feeling is your portrait.


17 years is your dawn,
Morning of life in pearl dew,
And happy birthday to you, we are loving,
Today we congratulate everyone.

We wish you to meet the dawns
And the sunsets, laughing to see off,
To soar like a free bird in the sky
And the soul of your cell does not know.

Every day on the threshold of happiness let it wait
And leads you along,
So that you walk the roads of life
With his happy fate.


A quiet melody will flow,
And silence will arise at the table,
You are sweet, good in the dance,
No one is eating, a glass of wine is frozen.

And you’re fluttering in a ball gown,
Like a moth flying into the light,
Let the darkness disappear, bad weather will go away, And the world will open up in seventeen years.

You see life as infinity,
So let luck forever,
And the happiness of carefree youth,
You’ll carry it through the years.

You look at the world with a kind look,
And there are no enemies around you,
For our eyes the soul is a joy,
And a ray of sunshine in a scattering of flowers.

God grant that they go next to each other in addition,
Success and loyal friends,
Let joy, kindness, luck,
You are always accompanied.

Dare to look beyond the horizon,
Tirelessly gnaw the granite of science,
Only the one deserves happiness,
Who knows the word labor and drives boredom.


It’s your birthday today,
You will gather your loved ones at the table,
There will be a lot of treats,
But that’s not the point at all.

I know you’re waiting for one confession,
From someone who has been nice to you for a long time,
He has the charm of your eyes,
And he deserves your attention.

I want to wish you that soon,
I have found happiness in my personal life,
So that you always shine,
In life, a guiding star!


Happy birthday,
Young beauty,
You’re good at 17,
All the boys like you.

I wish to blossom,
Strive for the best,
Let your dream come soon
Come true.

Let study bring joy,
There will be a strong circle of friends.
And I want to fall in love
Only in super guys.


Be beautiful, not reflected,
I wish you love and good,
You turned 17,
How young is your soul!

I wish you joy and laughter,
I wish you ease, kindness,
I wish you to be happy,
And that your beauty bloomed!


Happy 17th birthday!
You’re so beautiful… I just can’t take my eyes off.
I wish to remain the same,
Like a delicate rose, it always blooms.

I wish you carefree fun,
I wish you the colors of a bright rainbow around.
Let life rush like a magic carousel,
Success accompanies, like a faithful friend.


Extraordinary beauty,
Joy and warmth.
And intimate conversations
With loved ones.

So that you find a person
Dear to the heart.
I was happy forever,
That I found such a person.


You’re like a fairy from a fairy tale.
So beautiful, no doubt.
All natural colors
They created your portrait.
Age is just your wonderful
Let him be lucky in life.
Let everything be interesting
No problems and no worries.
Let love warm your heart
And let friends help,
Let the door be open
In your own home for you.
Achieve success, baby
And don’t forget about honor.
People say aptly –
From a young age, they take care of everything.
Be beautiful and successful,
Let him be lucky in life
And luck, of course
He’s walking with you on his arm.
Be wiser than your mom
And more persistent than my father.
And always let him be there
A glorious image of a good fellow!


I wish you fulfillment of all wishes,
Health, lots of joy, love,
Beautiful, romantic dates,
Catch the pleasure of life!

Let your smile shine so,
Like a beautiful star!
Let everyone constantly admire
Your so unearthly beauty!

Birthday greetings to a 17-year-old girl


Why is there no time to sleep at 17 at night?
We will answer right away – love has come,
Youth is so beautiful and good,
Let it last for a long, long time.

Happy birthday to you,
We sincerely wish you a fabulous life,
Let dreams always come true,
May fate bestow you in full.


In your beautiful 17 years
I wish you endless success,
So that every new dawn of life
Carried even more joy and laughter.

To make you proud of your beauty,
It was like a blooming spring garden,
And enjoyed the kindness of the world,
I was the happiest and luckiest!


Congratulations on your 17th birthday today!
Let the delicate, beautiful wings grow.
So that you strive forward on the positive,
And so that you turn into a successful lady.

You should be happy to live and smile,
Enjoy everything that happens in life.
Let there be a lot of joy in you,
And a sweet tender heart will always be.


Happy birthday to you,
Candy girl.
All 17 are celebrated
We are yours, coquette.

We wish to be always
Only so happy,
So that you are lucky in love,
A beautiful girl.


Congratulations, today is a solemn day
You’ve crossed the age stage again.
In these wonderful years, at the age of seventeen
There is no one in this world more beautiful.

Birthday lit the flame of a dream,
Let all the flowers fall at your feet.
Let the words of love flow magically
They will break all your sorrows, your doubts.

I wish there was a spark in your eyes
I’ve never been able to drown in tears.
Be loved, meet the dawns with a smile.
Know that happiness happens in this world.


17 years – well, how not have fun,
All the best is ahead of you,
From happiness you fly like a bird,
May everything be fine on your way.

On your birthday, accept congratulations,
Let the mood be great,
Let love be bright and beautiful,
Let luck come to you again and again.


You’re only seventeen,
Happiness is waiting for you ahead,
Don’t rush the time, be able to wait for it,
And, most importantly, don’t overlook it.

May your birthday bring you good luck,
And the mood is great to boot,
Let the dream come true by all means,
Let your love be the purest.


You are already 17 years old,
The most tender age, the most romantic.
And we arranged a festive dinner in honor of this,
To wish you a great fate together.

You’re all airy, beautiful and cute like that,
And it seems that your happiness has no edge.
So let it stay that way forever now,
Let only the years bring joy and love.


Once you were just a baby
And so loved to spoil often …
Playing with a doll, a clown and a bear
And I didn’t want to fall asleep early…

Then you became a diligent schoolgirl,
You studied for five years behind the class….
And I became a hope for my parents,
That you can shine even brighter!

And today you are already seventeen
I gathered in a circle of friends to celebrate!
You will have fun, smile
And you will become older and even kinder!

I congratulate you on your birthday,
May everything be for you on this day!..
From the bottom of my heart and soul, I wish
To always live in love, loving…


You’re 17! Ahead
Happy road.
You joyfully walk along it,
Be a sweet touchy,

Keep the girlish enthusiasm,
Be a wonderful clever girl.
Just meet the good
You’re in an interesting life!

Congratulations to the girl for 17 years


These greetings are just for you,
The most beautiful, my girl,
Let your 17 years like a stream murmur,
Congratulations, honey! – I want to shout.

Let all the problems go away forever,
And joy will take their place as soon as possible,
You are so young, full of freshness,
All the snow melts from your smile.

Your laughter is silvery like drops in spring,
I am very pleased to be next to you,
You will drive anyone crazy with beauty,
I just know for sure that you will be mine!


Today is the most special day,
He only happens once a year,
And today is the most beautiful, and the most wonderful,
A girl celebrating her birthday.

17 years – these lives are a wonderful fairy tale,
So let there be love and affection nearby,
Seventeen years is youth happiness,
So let all the bad weather bypass you.


At 17, everything is so fine,
Seventeen is the start of life,
At seventeen, you deserve happiness
Let the excitement of life not leave you.

You make my heart beat faster,
You drive all men crazy,
In your eyes I want to dissolve,
I will soon lose my mind with you.

I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart today,
I want to wish you happiness,
You are the best and there is no better,
I want to say words of love to you!


At your age of 17, you are tender like a flower,
I want a positive flow to open up to you,
So that you spread your beautiful petals,
And grow sprouts of an adult life, a new one.

Let the fragrance of a wonderful life fill you,
Let nothing ever darken your everyday life,
Let all dreams come true,
Find your destiny a worthy, pleasant tone.


Your young years passed unnoticed,
And suddenly – you have already turned seventeen,
Your adult star has risen in the sky,
And today you deserve the best wishes and applause.