Congratulations on the birthday of my daughter 17 years old

Our beauty, our princess,
Today is a joyful and interesting day.
You were born on this day,
And there is no one in the world who loves you more!

We wish you lots of happiness and laughter,
In personal and creative life, only success.
Let a ray of sunshine always play in your heart
And today he congratulates you with us!

Be beautiful, as in a fairy tale beautiful princesses,
Be nice, and luck will surely come!
Be slim, amazing and versatile,
Be kind to your friends, and welcome to the prince!


You have become my daughter an adult,
The days have passed so quickly,
And you’re seventeen today,
You accept my congratulations!

Soon your life will be different,
Worries, affairs will be waiting,
But, I will be next to you,
And so it will be, believe me always!

And I wish you today,
So that you are a happy daughter,
So that you become whoever you want,
So that they love you madly!

So that your dreams come to life,
So that your soul does not hurt,
My sweet, smart girl,
Happy birthday, my joy!


Happy birthday, my beloved daughter,
Our smart, funny, beautiful.
Stay the same forever,
Walk through life boldly, smile.

At the age of 17, we wish you a lot of happiness,
Let the road of fate be bright.
Success, joy, health and attention,
Fulfill, my daughter, cherished desires.


Daughter, I wish you a birthday
Joy, great luck and love.
Let congratulations sound at 17,
Fulfilling all your dreams.

Let success surround you,
Inspiration for good deeds,
Be always cheerful, laugh a lot,
So that you are happy yourself.


you are 17 years old today,
I am very proud of you,
My beautiful daughter,
Let the sadness step aside!

Let all dreams come to life,
Let the soul know no pain,
Let all problems recede,
Be happy, please always!


Dear daughter, you are already seventeen!
I wish you joyful surprises and miracles,
I want to confess to you today:
You are the best thing in my life!

I want to wish you good and light,
So that you smile, never be sad,
So that the soul is warmed with warmth,
And that the trouble passes by!

Let this wonderful birthday
Will give a lot of happiness for you,
Let the mood always be bright,
So that the heart sings louder than a nightingale!


Dear daughter, congratulations!
Today you have 17 years.
Let life caress you with understanding,
And it will shed a deep light on fate.

I have achieved so much in my years,
And how many achievements are ahead.
Wonderful prospects to you dear,
Let luck surround you.

Be a strong person, daughter
Reach unprecedented heights you.
Let the dreams come true that I made a wish.
In life, only pleasant all the troubles.


Happy birthday, daughter,
My sun is clear.
You’re peerless at 17:
Bright, beautiful.

I wish you only
A bright, bright share.
Protect my love
Let it be from troubles and pain.

Happiness let you spin
In his fast waltz,
Let love roll up to the house
In a white stagecoach.


You are already 17 years old,
How imperceptibly the years rush by,
I wish, daughter, not to grow up,
But to remain forever young.

So that spring blooms in the soul,
And joy does not end in the heart,
So that, waking up from sleep,
You smiled at the new dawn!


Congratulations to the best man in the world!
So that your life flows like a full-flowing river!
So that you absorb the dew drops into yourself,
And, like a rose in spring, bloom brightly.

So that all the nightingales sing for you in the field
And you should be happy listening to their trills.
You had a lot of bright chances in your life.
Live, love, think light and admire everything!


Happy birthday, daughter!
You’re already big.
The seventeenth year old
is gone, my dear.

Study, believe in yourself sacredly,
I wish you good luck.
Let the happiness generator
Make life sweeter.


You’re 17, daughter,
Happy time,
Call to meet the dawns
The youth of the wind.

The whole world is like a blooming meadow,
Lies before you,
A dream, a flying bird
Beckons for you.

Love timidly, timidly
Touches the cheek,
And you to her your first
You take steps.

Let the angels invisibly
They keep you from troubles,
I wish you to be happy
You’re 17 years old.


17 years old… you’re already an adult such,
My daughter is gentle, my beloved.
With all my heart, I congratulate you tenderly,
May everything be wonderful with you.

Let life be a wonderful fairy tale,
Where joy and magic surround.