Birthday greetings to a friend of 17 years

The beautiful figure on the cake is burning,
It says a lot today.
You are 17 years old! The paths are open,
And you choose which one to go.

We wish you success on your road,
More fun, enthusiasm and laughter.
And so that everywhere, always, and everywhere,
Good people come to you.


Happy birthday, dear friend,
On this day you are 17 years old!
The world around you will become brighter if you smile!

Let desires and aspirations
They will come true without difficulty!
I wish on your birthday,
That you were always happy!


In your 17 years I wish you
Health, joy, love is great, great.
I heartily congratulate you,
I want to celebrate this day with you!

Let luck and anxiety be in moderation,
Let success come in all matters.
And changes will begin in the life of the best,
And the mood will be just “Ah!”.

Let’s celebrate now for glory,
And toasts to talk, and drink wine.
Let this be the most important holiday,
Which we have all been waiting for for a long time!


17 years old today
Performed, hurrah!
Let the best years of life pass unnoticed!

The time will be fruitful,
Success awaits you in business,
You are my friend, so perky,
You, of course, are the best!

May you reach the top,
You will become the chosen man,
Happiness, joy, luck
I wish you a happy birthday!


17 years old to you, my friend!
You accept congratulations,
Into the big life window from childhood
Hurry up, boy, open up.

Let your studies go well,
Find your vocation,
Do not be discouraged, do not lose heart,
Don’t go limp and grumble.