Birthday greetings to a guy (boy) 17 years old

At 17, life is wonderful,
Take your time to learn it.
Everything will be fine, you need to wait,
Just don’t stand on the sidelines.

To study, to make girls fall in love
You can safely conquer the peaks!
The whole world is in the palm of your hand
And it’s open for you now!


17 years is a serious reason
For congratulations and miracles.
Listen, man, our word,
We wish you – interest,

That was for sports and study,
For meetings with girls more.
Well, and then, find a job,
So that there is a decent bank account.

At 17, you’re at the beginning
A wonderful life and love.
We wish that it always sounded
The music of happiness is ahead.


You turn 17 today,
Look, life is open before you,
Where to go, what to do in life,
You have to make your own choice in life.

I wish you smooth and wide roads,
And a number of loyal, devoted friends,
Open doors and high peaks
And in life, only happy, bright days.


My beloved, happy holiday to you,
17 years old, youth is a wonderful time,
All life is in reserve, everything is ahead,
Choose any path, and walk confidently.

On your birthday, accept congratulations,
Let the mood be great,
May fate be kind,
May our love always be mutual.


You’re 17 years old, kid,
You are full of strength, handsome and brave,
We wish you on your birthday,
So that you can find happiness,
Always be kind and brave,
Help with everything in word, deed,
Find your way in life
And walk on it with joy!


you are 17 years old today,
I am in a hurry to congratulate you,
I wish you happiness and success,
And make your dream come true.

Be kind, stylish and beautiful,
Don’t forget about sports, about books,
Be healthy and happy,
Don’t forget about success!


17 years old. Great age,
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
You still have the seriousness,
Your years are so good.

We congratulate you on your birthday,
We wish you to be happy.
You wouldn’t lose your luck,
He conquered everyone with his charm.

Everything is ahead – and regrets,
The first raptures of love.
Joys to be, doubts to leave
And certainly win.


Any girl would be proud of this,
Anyone without memory would immediately fall in love!
Seventeen in total, but such a serious one,
And boldly you solve any question!

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
But just don’t rush to get old yet!
Let luck keep pace with you,
The heart and soul are filled with warmth!


17 is like spring,
Beautiful and bright.
When the guys are not up to sleep,
When the lilac bloomed.

It’s great when you’re loved,
And the girl is beautiful.
God grant that you are not alone,
It’s time to fall in love.

We wish you happiness to heaven,
The universe will give.
It’s time for miracles to happen,
Let love rule the world.


You’re an undeniably cool guy
Birthday today.
And you’re already 17 –
Somehow unusual.

Grew up quickly, matured,
Almost a man.
Let for joy always
There will only be reasons.

Congratulations to the guy for 17 years


17 is a digit on a postcard,
You’re already an adult,
Accept smiles from all your relatives
And wishes for the century:

Great happiness and good luck
You are on a bright life path,
So that all tasks are solved,
Let only joy be ahead!


With a smile, everyone congratulates today.
Let the wishes inspire!
Trust us that there is no more wonderful date,
After all, I was 17 years old myself…

So let this holiday be luxurious!
Let life not overshadow a rainy day,
Spring always reigns in your soul,
And fate will bestow happiness in full!


The whole world is open to you alone,
So go quickly for your cherished dream.
I wish you not to betray your desires and goals,
And pleasantly surprise your loved ones with your actions.

I congratulate you on your 17th birthday,
And I wish you exciting and bright adventures,
May your heart always laugh with happiness,
And a faithful friend hopes for life rather.


17 years old! You’re grown up and big!
You are the hope of your parents,
And a hundred roads lie before you,
Choose the most beautiful of them,

Sing from happiness and bet from love,
Like an eagle in the free skies!
Take only the best from life,
Be bold in your plans and dreams!


Our dear, on my seventeenth birthday
We wish you happiness from the bottom of our hearts,
Let the events in life be bright,
And many good, bright days in fate.

Good friends, and great success,
After all, you’re quite big now,
Let happiness sparkle next to you
And everything will be wonderful, good.


17 years old, and you’re starting-
Into a big life – a big leap.
You are a young guy, and you will
Swift as that throw,

Who can make everyone
Believe in the best result.
Become strong and they will leave you
On the court of life to play again.

We congratulate you on your birthday,
We wish you joy, good luck!
From the bottom of our hearts we wish,
You solved tasks!


There are moments in life that are very beautiful,
And now in your life such a moment has come.
And your soul wants to sing with delight,
And the endless world seems small to her.

With a beautiful dream, a magical fairy tale
Seventeen wonderful years have come.
Let life surround you with love and affection,
The enthusiastic light does not fade in the look!


17 years is the most interesting age,
Your world is filled with dreams of greater aspirations,
And as if even the stars shine brighter in the sky,
But you’re not dreaming about them right now!

At this age, you slowly discover,
What is wrong to do, and what is in honor of conscience,
All that you wish for yourself,
And I wish you to find it as soon as possible in this life!


The holiday is knocking at your door,
Happy birthday, he says.
For seventeen years already
Suddenly you turned out!

Let your path lead you
Only the right way,
So that you don’t stray from it,
So that there are no thresholds!

Achievements and successes
In the case chosen by you,
And love, so that success,
And health were in it.


The boy is seventeen years old
Performed today.
A lot of victories are waiting for you
In a bright and free life.

All roads are for you,
All paths are open to you,
Let success find it sooner,
Grievances will pass by.

Strength, intelligence and kindness
They will not part with you,
And they will be rewarded for them
I love you faithfully.

Congratulations to the boy on his 17th birthday


You are 17 years old and you are a man!
Not the boy that it seemed a year ago.
I wish to achieve goals in life.
And get a hundred rewards in one return.

Be courageous, strong, be successful.
Let wisdom gain momentum.
And that cherished thing that will be called love,
Let it find you by itself.


Happy birthday to you,
Young man.
And at 17 I wish
Happiness, joy loving.

So that you have real friends
I found a young man in my life.
On the path of only happiness
I was following my dream.

May you be lucky in your studies,
Gives joy every day.
Was the master of my life
By all means, you are yours.


On this birthday, let me remind you:
It should be filled with sparkling joy,
So that your seventeenth holiday will always be remembered,
So that it rings with a prank, like a hooligan prankster!

So that inspired people crowd around you,
With gifts, confessions, they fussed pleasantly,
So that the sinless heavens turned blue with quiet tenderness,
So that the heart in you sang with quiet serenity!


Call you – baby? It’s not working anymore.
After all, you are already a man at least where!
Seventeen years old today,
Let me congratulate you on the holiday!

Live richly, be always sure
That you are on the right path.