Birthday greetings to a friend of 17 years

17 years old, wow!
So you’re almost an old woman,
Of course, I’m just kidding,
My beloved friend!

I want to wish you well,
So that you are always loved,
So that your dream comes true,
And be irreplaceable for everyone.

If you don’t know sadness and resentment,
I wish you good mood,
And let the whole world be at your feet,
I congratulate you on your birthday!


Happy birthday,
Nice girlfriend.
Happiness in the fiery 17,
Nice little girl.

May you be lucky in everything,
Let love happen,
Let fate give you everything:
And the horse, and the prince.


You’re seventeen today.
Happy young tender spring to you!
Be always the same beautiful
In summer, autumn and winter.

So that your spiritual flower garden is full of freedom,
So that it pleases with colors and blooms!
Forget-me-nots so that the good is not forgotten in it,
The lily of the valley of sincerity was fragrant.

You struck me with your simplicity,
How glad I am to be friends with you.
I wish to live under a lucky star,
You’ll never be sad for a century.


I congratulate my friend on her Birthday!
Seventeen years old now.
Have a fun, festive mood,
Live and believe with love in your heart.

I wish you good health,
Happy, happy days.
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart once again!
Loyal and kind friends to you.

May all your dreams come true.
Follow the fate of one path.
Good intentions will come true.
We are always with you.


You are 17 years old! A lot of knowledge
Already in your potbellied backpack.
Prepare a bigger purse, girlfriend,
After all, the university is already looming in the distance!

No need for round eyes, a tear is not the way…
Today is a birthday, after all!
We spend energy on celebrating!
And then everything will be fine for sure!


Happy 17th birthday to a gorgeous girlfriend
We are in a hurry to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts!
Stay forever positive yourself
And hurry up to take the best from life!

Don’t lose opportunities, keep up everywhere
And be able to like you in all its glory!
Let bad people not get in the way,
And friends will become support and support!


On your 17th birthday I wish I
A lot of happiness for you!
You’re just an ideal girl.
Finally, your holiday has come.

Celebrate it with friends,
But don’t drink too much champagne…
Let all the whims and all the dreams
Life will fulfill as you wish!


Well, what’s my old lady,
You accept congratulations,
You’ve grown up a year, girlfriend,
Meet your seventeen years!

I wish you an easy life,
To be carefree,
To always be fashionable,
And be able to find happiness!

To make you less upset,
I wish you only the best,
So that you always laugh loudly,
Happy birthday to you!


Dear friend, you are 17 years old
From the wishes I give a bouquet,
In which the center is happiness and health,
Good luck, strong friendship, love.
I will complement everything with successes everywhere,
Surprises beautiful in fate.


You’re a beauty, girlfriend!
An entertainer, a giggler!
Happy birthday, dear –
I’ll whisper in your ear.
Here you are 17 years old!
Let him send you greetings
The cutest prince in the world.
And a whim will be fulfilled.
Bright joyful events
It will bring life as a gift.


Girlfriend, you’re 17 today!
I wish you success in a happy fate,
Be the most beloved, beautiful, simple,
So that the positive mischievous goes side by side!

Always smile, keep optimistic,
Then life will be bright and kind.
Don’t be afraid, my girlfriend, nothing,
Always achieve your goal easily!


Dear friend,
I congratulate you,
In 17 years of love
I wish you happy.