Birthday greetings to my son 17 years old

17 years is not just a date,
You’ve become quite big already.
But we are like in childhood, like once
We want to pull the ears.

And wish pre-by all means
More ups and victories.
Let your health be excellent
For many winters and many years.

And if you like a girl,
Then let her keep up.
And soon with a ringing laugh
He will merge your fate with his own!


My son is very big,
17 years old, just think!
I wish you to find your way,
You endured everything steadfastly!

And so as not to expect on the way,
I will walk next to you,
If you fall, I’ll pick you up,
I will give support!

Be who you want to be,
I know you will achieve a lot,
Learn to appreciate, learn to love,
Get to know the world carefully.

My son, you are the most important of all awards,
I love you with all my heart,
I congratulate you on your birthday,
And I want to wish you happiness!


You, son, are 17 years old,
You’ve become such an adult boy!
Be warmed by the love of your loved ones
And this festive day!

Let your dreams and goals
Everything will come true without hindrance,
So that your eyes burn with fire,
And so that you are the happiest of all!


Happy birthday, son! You’re 17!
I wish to reach great heights.
Daily only to achieve success
And always look confidently ahead,

Get luck right into your hands,
Easily make caring friends,
Never, anywhere to be bored,
Create streams of all kinds of ideas!


You’re already 17,
You’re growing up, son, you’re maturing,
It’s already easy for growth
You’re overtaking your father.

For your birthday
I want to wish,
That you, my son, study
Make decisions.

Don’t hide behind your back,
Look into your eyes, so straight,
He was persistent, persistent,
But he wasn’t stubborn, son.

To achieve goals
And always went forward,
Luck is with you, son,
Let him follow.

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<p class=\celebrating 17 years today,
You, son, make me so happy.
I cordially congratulate you!
May everything be wonderful with you.

Study goes well, let it be cool,
Friends never leave.
The sky will be clear over your head,
And let the sun always illuminate your soul.


You are already seventeen years old,
Our growing son,
Let from dangers and troubles
Your little angel keeps you safe.

Let there be every new day
More beautiful than the previous one,
And in life, every step
She will be happy and lucky!


Happy 17th birthday, darling my son!
Happy days and quiet days only!
Be happy and cheerful, we love Fortune,
Invincible in all endeavors.

Make friends only loyal, good,
Moments to you, with a wonderful fairy tale similar,
Dreams to you that suddenly came true,
Beautiful today, beautiful tomorrow!


Here you are already 17,
You are already an adult man,
I wish you to smile more,
So that you son reaches the heights!

To be happy and healthy,
So that all problems are on the shoulder,
So that failures do not happen,
I want to wish you success!


At 17, dear son,
I wish you the right path,
Health, joy, and plans,
And fulfill them without flaws.