Happy birthday greetings to a 20-year-old girl

20 years – that’s the date!
You’re as good as a miracle.
Congratulations, congratulations!
You are the company’s soul!

The sun ray is incomparable,
You are beautiful and slim!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Be sincere and sweet!

Lots of joy, fun,
The sea of happiness is over the edge!
Let there be no grief in life,
Only the sweetest paradise!


20 years is a wonderful age,
The first adult anniversary.
You’re as beautiful as an angel.
Be happy, don’t get sick.

Let love be a fairy tale
Quietly it will enter your life.
A sea of tenderness and affection,
Adoration will bring.

Let a successful career
It will be in your life.
Become even more luxurious
Every year, day by day.


20 years old to you,
I congratulate you,
Happy to be everywhere
With all my heart I wish.

Everything is still ahead:
Mistakes and victories,
Keep your successes,
But forget about the troubles.

Strive for your dream,
Try and work hard,
Let you always
Life shines with a smile.

Be able to forgive and believe,
But keep your pride,
God grant you to experience
And friendship and love.


The most wonderful day today:
You’re 20 today, anniversary!
The best age is this,
Have fun at least until dawn!

Be always so beautiful,
Cute, bright, fashionable, cool,
So that the Prince charming loves,
I carried you in my arms!


How beautiful you are in your 20s!
In tender youth, success is a secret.
I wish you to meet the Prince,
Start a new page in life.

Let him lead you down the aisle,
The heart will give, build a palace.
In the sea of love, it redeems and caresses,
So that you live like a princess from a fairy tale!


Congratulations on the anniversary!
20 is a date for the soul!
Let there be only happiness,
And not a drop of longing!

And smiles, and fun,
And health, and goodness!
Let everything be smooth in life, Without mistakes, grief, evil!

Let love carry on its wings,
Inspired by a dream!
Let fortune be happiness,
An indissoluble fate!


20 years is a flying age.
To put it bluntly, an anniversary.
At 20 the stars shine brighter,
The sun warms stronger.

Every day is like a holiday
From dawn to dawn.
Be the happiest in the world,
Be loved and love.

Let him give gifts
Benevolent fate,
Let nothing cloud
Your young years.


You are beautiful like a nymph,
You are a bouquet of rosebuds,
So young and so beautiful,
The holiday is now 20 years old.

Let the eyelashes of tears not know,
Eyes burn brighter than stars,
Beauty only blooms,
And the look will be reasonable.

More romantic meetings,
Pure, brilliant thoughts,
From the fate of valuable gifts,
Happy, perfect years.


You are 20 years old today,
There is simply no happier in the world!
Beautiful eyes shine,
Let not a tear lurk in them,

Everything will only be fine,
More friends will be added,
Life will become brighter, more fun
And it consists of good days!


Well, you’re twenty today!
And my heart is pounding joyfully.
Of course, the years are rushing fast,
But there is no reason to be upset!

Believe me, you are beautiful at 20,
Fresh, kind and good,
Don’t frown in vain,
Let the soul be young!

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the girl


Today, baby, you’re beautiful.
Your birthday, 20 years.
Like the sun you shine clearly,
There is no kinder and more beautiful in the world.

We wish to smile more often,
We wish to love more strongly,
Don’t worry about trifles
And to be the best in the world!


Let everything come true, everything turns out,
A fairy tale is found, a miracle happens,
Plans are being made and implemented.
Let the best guys fall in love with you.

Be the most joyful and charming,
Fashionable, persistent and friendly.
Go to the goal and love this life.
Choosing the path, you should not make a mistake.

The possibilities are not limited in 20:
Meetings, dating, foreign tours,
Happiness, discoveries, a sea of emotions.
May you always succeed in everything.


I congratulate you on your anniversary,
After all, today you are 20 years old!
Don’t forget (just a reminder),
That now your life is flourishing.

That’s why I wish you
To be healthy, beautiful always,
To be successful and forever loved,
To never know troubles and resentments.


Let the dawn warm you up!
The sunset in the glass is burning down.
You’re 20 years old today.
Love, kiss, congratulations!

To pass all exams.
And to become who you want.
After all, I want the best for you!
You know that yourself.

Be healthy, smart, kind.
I wish you a dear!
More reciprocity in love
And I wish you happiness!


20 years is an excellent date,
Life dutifully spread out at the feet,
For you, everything in the world is sunsets,
For you, only the earth has spun.

You flutter through fate like a bird,
Find pleasure in every day,
It will be more beautiful than yesterday,
And walk today, happy birthday!


Good age – 20 years,
Prospects are open to you,
To fully become happy,
To see our world in full!

Always take every chance
And show yourself more often,
Love: love is 2/3 of happiness,
Live: today and now!


Wonderful age – 20 years,
Wonderful youth dawn!
Let him give this Birthday
Good luck, happiness, inspiration!

Your dream will come true,
And beauty will come to life,
So that you always smile,
She remained so happy!

Let it be the first adult anniversary
Will congratulate a lot of friends,
Magic love will come,
Will melt last year’s ice!


Baby, you’re just a beauty
She is very good on her holiday.
Such grace, gait.
Beautiful appearance and soul.

I love you madly, baby
My 20-year-old angel.
Let it continue to be strong
Love is our bright island.


20 years ago baby
You came into this world.
Having grown up, I got bumps,
Having gained experience in life.

You are beautiful, like a princess,
And, like the sun, sweet.
Be healthy and successful,
Let the trouble go around the house.

Let luck walk by,
Let love find you.
Warming with warm light,
May fate not fail.


20 years – what a wonderful age:
Youth, beauty, maximalism,
Passion, love, fantasies and dreams,
Fulfills every whim of life.

On the birthday of the tender, young. cute
Let’s hurry up today to wish
To be loved, joyful, happy,
Dazzle with your beauty!

Birthday greetings to a 20-year-old girl


Always be so beautiful, young,
As in this twenty-year anniversary,
Follow your lucky star,
Fulfill the dream that you call cherished.

And let there be no boring day in life,
I wish you this on your anniversary –
Let your friends please you sincerely,
To live happily, without knowing sadness.

My congratulations will bring success –
Big limitless – as you deserve,
Let happiness, health – always waiting in life,
I wish you more – inspiration and strength!


You are beautiful like a fairy
And beautiful as the moon.
Today we congratulate
Happy birthday to you!

20 years is not an age yet,
You’ve grown up for a moment,
But it is already visible today –
You’ve become a little wiser.

Be always so beautiful,
Be slim and young,
Let him always meet you
The Ferrari guy is yours.

And smiles, and fun,
A million beautiful roses,
So that on the 20th birthday
The snowdrop grew on the window.


Such a date is twenty years old!
We cordially congratulate you,
We meet you joyfully
A brilliant flowering of life.

We wish that on the way
Few have compared with you –
We certainly made sure,
That you can be ahead.

Open all the doors boldly,
Live, love, don’t worry,
Whatever you want, achieve
And don’t forget about your friends.

Whatever happens, let you
It will only make you stronger,
Fate will help you become wiser,
And life is loving.

Let it come true what you dream of
You’re on your wonderful anniversary,
And every day that comes
Brings what you want.


You are 20 years old today,
The whole world is open to you!
You are on the threshold of a new life,
So inviting, unfamiliar.

I wish you to choose the right path,
And do not turn off on the road,
Always achieve all goals
And never to give up!

And of course, from the heart,
I wish you beauty!
To smite with a glance on the spot
And I accepted compliments!


20 years is a wonderful age,
Blood stirs the heart.
Congratulations on this date,
Let love reign in the heart!

Everything is at your feet today,
And all your roads,
So many sparks and enthusiasm
In your life path!

Let the road be right,
And a friend will not forget,
And your beloved will be yours,
So that with a letter only big!

So that in life there will be no burns,
And no scratches,
And let there be no tears
Never in your eyes!


At 20, life is just beginning,
I congratulate you on this date!
And let everything come true,
What did you dream about once!

Be always young and beautiful,
Like a May rose bloom,
Never be sad in vain,
And shine with happiness like the sun!


Beautiful age – 20 young years,
For a girl – the heyday, the beginning of the way!
After all, there are many victories ahead,
There are many discoveries and moments of love!

I wish you a holiday in everything,
Happy days, pleasant expectations.