Happy birthday to a guy for 20 years

20 years old, you are at the beginning of the path,
There are so many different events ahead,
How much you need to manage and pass,
So many wonderful discoveries to make!

You are determined and young,
So go ahead! Overcome all obstacles,
Let them always be proud of you,
Waiting for you to win and reward!


At 20 you are already a man.
Became absolutely irresistible,
But at the same time smart, kind,
Every day with the dawn is cheerful.

Stay a man!
There is no reason for sadness:
Let others know,
That I am ready to win everyone!


There are a lot of girls around you,
But only one captured the heart,
After all, at the age of 20, our dear,
You can’t get away from it!

You are fair, a good friend, You surround everyone with care,
And if, what happened suddenly,
You are urgently solving problems!

Let success accompany,
Luck helps in everything!
And the joy of youth is fun,
It inspires you with itself!


Happy 20th anniversary,
From the bottom of my heart I’m in a hurry for you,
Let the good angel guide you,
On the right and necessary path.

Let him help you by all means,
Let him protect you from all mistakes.
May the Lord give His blessing.
It will protect you from everything bad.


You have a holiday today –
The first adult anniversary!
You’re still a prankster at heart,
But grow up a little!

Let you any and every
He will wish many blessings,
And luck more than once
Let him come just like that!

Don’t make a quota on friends,
You take more of them on the road,
Choose your job
And don’t forget the bride!

You are in life from year to year
Don’t lose your optimism,
Let freedom live in your soul, don’t forget for 20 years!


20th anniversary,
What could be more beautiful,
I want to congratulate you
Today is this holiday.

You are young at 20, full of energy,
The enthusiasm in your eyes shines,
You are still not familiar with the world,
And he doesn’t know you.

Great things for you
They are already waiting outside the door,
I wish there was a fate
Not too strict with you.

I wish you to meet your dream,
Find your love,
The world is waiting for you, go ahead,
Have a good trip.


20 years is a cool date,
Let the guys come to visit you,
The holiday will be beautiful and bright,
Fate does not skimp on gifts.

May goodness and luck arrive,
Slightly mischievous mood,
Amazing just luck,
So that all tasks can be solved easily!


Are you celebrating today
A glorious holiday – anniversary,
The table is set, there are gifts,
Invite guests to the table.

you are 20 years old today,
You have become an adult, you have matured,
We wish you that
The finest hour has come soon!

Please us with your smile
And success in business,
Stay optimistic,
Fortunately, rush at full speed.


In 20 years of barriers to happiness no,
All roads and paths are open,
This is life’s sweet dawn, a green light for a dream come true.

Be confident always,
May a bright star illuminate your path,
Good health and happiness to you,
Let all the bad weather sweep by.


Happy twentieth anniversary,
I want to congratulate you,
And without attention, dear,
I can’t leave you,

I’ll knock softly,
You open the door quickly,
Let’s celebrate with you together,
We are your birthday,

Be healthy, always happy,
And look five,
Wit and wit,
You do not borrow!

Happy birthday to a guy 20 years old


Congratulations on the round date
And I wish to be rich.
Money in the purse to be,
So they love you.

20 years is no joke anymore.
Time rushes by like a minibus.
Remember you, don’t forget:
Relax, love, dream!


Let in 20 years before you
All doors will open.
I wish to be surrounded by love,
Smile as often as possible in life.

I wish you good, reliable health.
And respect you cause people.
Let all dreams come true today,
On your twentieth birthday, on your anniversary.


20 years you were caught,
Unexpectedly by surprise,
In the house with the whole crowd quickly,
Caused a stir,

Brought gifts,
And balloons,
And everyone dressed according to the brand,
You really need us,

Let the neighbors not be angry,
We will walk until the morning,
We will be your twenty years,
Celebrate with all the collective farm!


Happy twentieth birthday to you, my friend,
Let me congratulate you today on this day!
May you always have money
And you won’t be too lazy to spend them!

Let the most beautiful girls
They fall in love with you vying with each other!
Let all remain strong,
So that you will be known as a macho sexy boy!

So that you are more important at work,
So that you can buy a cool car!..
To make you all the more beautiful and stronger
And he really loved life!


Round date anniversary,
Twenty years to you, soon
Let the dream come true,
Happy birthday to you!

Let the paths be open,
Happiness and love will remain
On your way always,
Boldly to the goal you go.

Be lucky in life, be brave,
And he was able to do anything,
So that you found your way,
What you were looking for, so that you acquired!


You have achieved a lot, although you are young.
In all matters, you have a natural mind,
And the strength of a brave body is bursting,
He breathes passionately with fire from the craving for life.
20-year-old, anniversary age is yours
Actively echoes: “Rule over your destiny!
Run towards adventure, luck,
Feel the taste of love! How else?”
We cordially congratulate you on a wonderful holiday,
We wish you good health and joy!


Congratulations on the anniversary,
Although not yet big,
We all believe in you very much,
The best of men,

Twenty years have already passed,
How I came to this world,
The one we love very much,
Who is the best in the world,

Be always happy, our dear,
Don’t know any troubles,
Birthday is sure,
Celebrate your own in a big way!


As everyone knows, 20 years –
It’s time for achievements and victories!
And on this day, on your anniversary
I wish you: do everything in time!

Have time to achieve all the heights,
By making a hike in life!
Have time to find your love
On the long road of life!

Have time to finish everything,
So that life is beautiful!
Have time to educate the kids
And to raise business on its feet…

Have time to always live comfortably
And cherish true friendship!
Have time, and without difficulty besides,
Be a real man!


I wish in twenty sunny minutes,
All goals are very easy to achieve,
Let all your sorrows go away,
So that you want to smile happily!

I want to wish you all the best,
A lot of good health and strength!
You should always shine with happiness,
So that every moment brings good luck!


Exactly 20 years ago
You were born,
And your eyes are burning with fire
In this festive dawn.