Birthday greetings to my sister for 20 years

My sister, dear, dear,
I congratulate you on your anniversary now!
I wish fate, like the sun, radiant,
Love – endless, like the sky, and pure.

Be irresistible, funny, beautiful,
Flirtatious, kind and the happiest.
Let the best man adore you, surround you with warmth and care all your life.

Baby, in your 20s you are adorable,
Smart, dazzling, just a princess!
Always be smiling, kind and brave,
And then you will become a beautiful queen.


Sister, congratulations – you are 20!
You can just admire!
You are so wonderful and unique,
That happiness will not pass by, of course!

The skies are cloudless and clear to you
And iridescent, beautiful horizons!
You shine like a ray of sunshine,
Let everything you dream of come true!


20 years is such a date!
There is still a lot to come.
Get a present from your brother,
Congratulations, accept.

Be beautiful and beautiful,
Young as she is now.
Let there be enough strength for everything,
Happy birthday, Sister!


My dear sister,
Happy Birthday to you,
20 years – and on a new page
From the bottom of my heart I wish you:
To be loved, successful, lucky,
And healthy, and very happy,
So that always Mr. chance
I would only bring you joy!


20 years is a wonderful time,
The meeting of youth and adulthood,
In the yard yesterday the kids were chasing,
And today the cherry blossoms,

And you’re standing under a cherry tree with your beloved,
He gently hugs and kisses.
Adult sister, why are you sad,
And what thought excites you?

Don’t be sad, happiness is waiting for you.
I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.
Rejoice in the sun and spring will come,
Happy birthday to you.


Happy anniversary, dear sister.
You’re 20, you’re really big.
I want to wish you so much happiness,
So that you give it to everyone in abundance.

You’re as beautiful as a ray of sunshine.
And I believe that someday you will find
From the door of the cherished faithful key
And you will find your dream!


Happy 20th anniversary, sister, congratulations!
I wish you to be the same bright,
In addition, always be happy,
Love will fill your eyes with joy!

You will be successful and you will fulfill your dream,
And only the best you know, always remember,
That all bad weather will pass by,
Love will show you the right way!


Happy 20th anniversary to you I congratulations,
Wish to be the happiest in the world.
Beautiful songs, I wish the sun,
For the best girl on the planet.

Dear sister, you are a dear soul,
I will congratulate you today.
I want you to always be good,
I will wish you well now.

I wish you a lot of joy, success, beauty,
I wish you didn’t forget me.
Golden sister, let’s have fun,
And that the soul is always hot.


Happy 20th anniversary to you,
My beloved sister,
I cordially congratulate you today
And I wish you the brightest blessings!

Of course, I wish you happiness,
Of course, they avoided bad weather.
Of course, gentle, affectionate love,
Yes, and everything you want.


Sister, how quickly time flies!
It seemed like yesterday we were just playing hide-and-seek.
It seemed that the elbow was recently broken,
The bandage and cotton wool were stained with green…

When did everything disappear? When did we have time
Grow up like this? And you’re already twenty.
Do you remember that carefree time,
When could we fight for candy?

But new goals are waiting ahead of you
And a wonderful, yet unknown, world.
You’re a head taller, so that your eyes shine!
Go into it with pride and win.

And I will wish you after
Just a light step and bright minutes.
Don’t let health and happiness, home comfort leave you for a moment.

Birthday greetings to my sister of 20 years


20 years – your anniversary,
That’s great, sis!
Be all the prettier and nicer,
Laugh joyfully and loudly!

Let the cherished dreams
On this day they will begin to come true!
After all, I want you to
I began to smile more often!


For your precious little sister
I never feel sorry for anything,
Don’t stand aside, dear,
Accept congratulations, gifts.

20 years is just the beginning,
Such a young funny anniversary,
I wish you don’t get bored,
Have fun, don’t regret anything!


The charm of twenty
It suits you, and you bloom!
The breath of spring is called
This anniversary, he is so expected!

And for you, he’s just the beginning
Roads to life, leaving the pier,
And a path with many roads,
And let your choice be strict!

Know that we are always with you,
No trouble will come!
Solve all problems with the family,
But you’re not bad yourself!


You’re 20 years old today.
You’re still young, sis!
I wish you to continue
She could also laugh loudly,
So that her eyes would be filled with joy
Yours shone this summer,
To have a tear on your cheek
Flowed with laughter only at this!


All friends gathered at the table today,
We will have fun and joke,
My sister is twenty years old, and we are here because we will give wishes.

My beloved, you’re my sister,
You evoke the eyes of admiration,
Stay forever, my beloved,
Beautiful, because you are created for seduction.

I wish you, my beloved sister,
That you are always lucky in life,
Good luck and love, warmth,
Let your thoughts be beautiful.


Some kind of magician and magician
I called you my sister,
And your 20 years are like a wave
Two wings of a fabulous Firebird.

You are so strong – and so weak,
And, in fact, quite a child.
Let there be a woman’s fate
I am kind and supportive to you!


My dear, sweet sister,
I will congratulate you on your birthday.
Beautiful eyes and a pretty face,
You’re so beautiful, deliciously young.

Today is your twentieth birthday,
All your friends have gathered to congratulate you.
Everyone is cheerful, because a century is ahead,
And everyone wants to leave a wish.

I wish my sister to be always lucky,
So that fate keeps her from troubles,
And a lucky star will bring happiness,
You were loved by a good guy.


Happy twentieth birthday, little sister!
I wish you happiness and enthusiasm,
Really, like a small child!
And let, my little sister, soon

Your dreams will all come true,
So that you don’t get tired of smiling.