Birthday greetings to my brother for 20 years

Happy birthday, little brother!
You haven’t been a boy for a long time.
Became confident and bold,
Became caring, skillful

And proud, I congratulate.
I wish you happiness and joy.
And success, and victories,
After all, today is 20 years old.


20 years old brother
We are celebrating now,
We love you very much, we embrace you,
Accept poems from us!

We wish you a lot
Happiness, money and victories,
With joy and positive
Charge the whole white light.


We gathered at the table,
We will sing and have fun,
Brother’s anniversary has come,
He’s already 20 years old!

I wish you,
My little brother is the best,
Happiness, joy in fate,
A happy chance awaits you.


The anniversary is loud today
Notes my brother.
You are 20 years old today,
Be caressed by fate.

I wish you to be strong, honest, brisk, strong-willed.
Believe in your good cause,
Always be cool like that.

May you be lucky, little brother,
Don’t give up, don’t grumble,
I wish to meet you
Happiness is on its way.


In 20 years, in your a modest anniversary,
Don’t be sad about anything, don’t regret it,
Forget all the insults and trifles
And swim on the waters of the river of life.

Happy birthday, dear brother,
Stay, my brother, forever young, young,
May life be generous with you,
Let the faithful people surround you.


I wish my brother with all my heart –
Let the success come big,
Let your life be full
Love, luck and kindness.

You are only 20, the world is open,
And he lies at your feet.
So let you always be lucky,
And happiness goes side by side!


Happy anniversary, my little brother!
I remember a naughty boy running
In the sliders under the table,
You grew up a lot later.

I wish you well,
Hugging you tight,
Let them be friends with you success,
Happiness, joy, ringing laughter!

20 years is already a lot,
In life, everything has become clearer,
So smile soon
And strive for victories!


Bro, today you are twenty years old,
It’s time for us to celebrate this date together,
I wish you success, kindness,
Great love to meet you as soon as possible,
Be the happiest, don’t hide your smile,
Let your youth be interesting,
There will be no problems, troubles, worries, failures,
And many wonderful moments are waiting for you!


My brother is 20 years old! Happy birthday
I wish you a lot of happiness!
Let there be no upsets,
Bad weather will bypass you!

To achieve succeeded
Anything you want.
Let joy follow on your heels,
Dreams always come true!


I am the happiest of all in the world,
After all, the little brother is 20 years old!
He is kind and very nice
Girls look after
I wish bright love,
Like a spring, warm day
Peace, joy, prosperity
Only loyal friends!

Birthday greetings to my brother 20 years old


Your anniversary today,
20 years old to you, my brother,
A wonderful age when in life
You don’t feel any obstacles.

The world is huge for you
Opened his arms,
I wish that led
All roads lead you to happiness.

Let the dream call and beckon
You go ahead and follow her,
20 is just the beginning
In your life path.

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<p class=\Anniversary is a wonderful holiday.
20 years after all, only once in my life!
So that your life is not bland,
Learn new things every hour.

Dear brother, be healthy and happy,
If there are problems, don’t be sad, don’t be sad.
You are the main participant in this life.
There’s a lot waiting for you ahead!


Birthday! 20 years?!
Don’t be afraid to open the door to the years,
And a ticket to the world of big miracles
They will give you, believe me!

Step into your adult world-go,
Don’t let the unknown scare you.
After all, only the one who is ahead –
Victory in life awaits!

Strive for the dream confidently,
And believe that it will come true.
Always stay afloat,
And on your birthday – drink to the bottom!


Congratulations, my brother, happy anniversary!
Let the love of the whole family bring happiness,
It will warm you even in the winter cold,
Well, in summer it is slightly refreshing!

20 years is a wonderful age,
Be brave and achieve everything,
Let everything in life be not in vain,
Be lucky, love, smile!


Today, dear brother,
You’re getting older.
You’re twenty today,
Today is the anniversary!

You, like an eagle, are free
Always be a soul.
About honor and duty
Don’t forget your own.

Be a support, a hope
For friends and family.
And in life turns –
Successful and cool.


20 years is a wonderful date,
I congratulate you, dear brother!
Only let the salary grow up,
So that you are insanely rich!

May luck smile on you,
Like the sun, shine with happiness!
Let everything be easy for you,
Don’t let your health fail!

I wish you positive,
A lot of loyal, cheerful friends,
So that you are very bright, beautiful
I was able to celebrate my anniversary!


Happy anniversary in 20 years
Dear brother, congratulations!
Let love and joy duet
Every moment of life surrounds.