Birthday greetings to a friend of 20 years

I wish you in 20 years
I am human happiness,
Significant life victories, boundless love, a sea of passion!

Save yourself through the years
And stay young at heart!
Let the days be sunny,
Say goodbye with sadness-sadness!


First adult anniversary
Today, my friend,
At the age of 20, life begins
Spiraling a new circle.

In 20 years, fate will offer
Hundreds of plans and ideas,
Will scatter from the threshold of
100 roads and 100 paths.

So you don’t make a mistake,
In life, choose the right path,
On a journey through life
Don’t forget to take your friends.

We will overcome everything together,
We will pass all obstacles,
And your road to happiness
We will definitely find it.


Today is your birthday, my friend,
God grant you good luck and health,
So that there is prosperity and peace in the house,
So that life is shrouded in love.

20 years, beautiful to grow up,
Everything is still ahead of you,
Let the road be bright,
May luck be waiting for you ahead.


Happy first important anniversary
Congratulations, friend,
20 years is great,
There are many joys around,
I hope you can soon
You reach all heights,
Let dreams come true,
Let life be without hassle!


Buddy, 20 on the doorstep
And the mood is just great!
I wish you to achieve so much,
So that you were the very first ace!

Let it be bright and excellent
Your whole life, any day!
Good luck to you in your personal life
On your best anniversary ever!

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<p class=\Friend, today’s birthday
You can introduce yourself to everyone.
20 years is not very little,
But not quite a lot either.

I sincerely wish
The best of everything to you.
So that everything you dream about,
It could happen in a moment.


Rather, my friend, accept congratulations,
You are 20 years old, your anniversary has come,
I wish you great luck,
I want you to become the happiest,
Come on, have fun, don’t think about the bad,
Always walk through life with a positive attitude,
It’s so easy for us to be friends and communicate with you,
You’re cool, buddy, you know that!


You and I have lived together so much,
Lots of cool, great minutes,
And on your twentieth birthday
I wish you great joy, friend.

Be always inspired by your life,
Meet a lot of happiness on the way,
Wish fulfillment from now on,
And, of course, great love.


On your 20th birthday, I wish you happiness, huge love, creative success.
So that your dreams become a significant part,
All the ideas embodied in the world.

Be kind, polite and modest,
Be sincere and well done.
Try and the world will seem huge to you,
A great source of ideas and adventures.


20 – age for achievements:
You can go to the army,
Or to university until you turn blue
To do (and to do).

And you can also go to the 20-th,
Wiping the noses of enemies,
Carefully, carefully
Build a business plan in life.