Birthday greetings to a friend of 20 years

I, dear friend,
On this modest anniversary
I wish happiness only to you,
Loving people around.

20 years – like a drop in the sea,
Into your happy life.
Let the trouble and grief go away,
Joy and success will come.


You are so young, beautiful and gentle,
You’re like a queen, you’re so snow-white.
You shine like the sun, you sing like the moon,
You are the best friend in the world, happy anniversary to you.

20 years is no joke,
You know how to show yourself,
I am ready to dance with you for a day,
And firmly, in a friendly way, to squeeze yourself.


Girlfriend, that’s twenty for you:
Your first adult anniversary…
You’ve grown up, I want to admit,
She has become more serious and grown up.

And early youth of the year are going into the past,
And you and I can’t escape now
From this sadness, never.

But in the new life there is also a lot
Success, happiness and warmth,
And I wish that the road
I brought you joy to them.

In the stream of new impressions
Successfully, have fun living:
Good luck, health, achievements!
And, of course, love!


My beloved friend,
You are already twenty years old.
I wish you to be happy…
Well, the Range Rover is in the garage!

You are the prettiest and cutest of all,
Always charming.
I want you, my dear,
I was never discouraged.

I wish you to live in prosperity
And find eternal love!
And may fortune always be with you
I would accompany you on the way.


I want you, girlfriend, I
Happy anniversary,
After all, 20 years is the dawn,
Meet him soon.

Smile towards the sun
And stretch out your hands,
Let it be light and warm
Fill your days.

Let the ray of bright gold
Will show you the way,
In the land where tenderness and love
They’ve been waiting for you for a long time.

You follow the beam go ahead.
Hurry to your love,
And let the good angel always
Keeps you on the way.


You’re 20 today – that means
You need to congratulate a dear friend!
Let luck always accompany you,
And life is not overshadowed by evil blizzards.

Let your sadness melt away without a trace, And the sun will come out from behind the clouds.
Great love, mutual I wish,
Fire in the soul, smiles and flowers!


I’m probably very lucky,
That I found such a friend,
We are always happy and bright together,
Even in the rain, in the snow and a strong blizzard.

I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you love and cosmic happiness,
Let your dreams come true, And the smile and fun never end.


Splashing champagne in glasses,
Sun glare on the glass…
You’ve grown up for a whole year,
It’s your anniversary today!

20 years… Carefree and beautiful
Your spring is coming on earth!
Enjoy life, be loved!
Congratulations! For you – to the bottom!


I was lucky to have a girlfriend
Sleeping Beauty,
Only she’s not sleeping
Laughing, smiling.

The sun is shining inside,
My joyful light,
I congratulate you
Happy fabulous anniversary!

Be always so cheerful,
Groovy and cheerful,
Build a bright life,
Without built-in flaws!

Only happiness and love
And a slender figure,
I wish you 20 years
Celebrate to the fullest!


Happy 20th anniversary, girlfriend, congratulations!
You will be a sparkling star at the festival.
And know that I always adore you,
Wishing that happiness met with you!

Be bold, stylish, stunningly beautiful,
A unique charming clockwork,
Simple and modest, sometimes – flammable!
But may your image always conquer everyone!

Congratulations on the 20th anniversary to a friend


Happy 20th anniversary you,
My beloved friend!
I wish you to be always new,
I wish you a bright leisure!

More iron health
And big luck always,
So that life is filled with love,
And every day is your inspiration!


He comes in with joy, with warmth,
And by the anniversary, the house is full of light.
After all, what are these 20 years?
Of course, joy, song, sunshine!

Therefore, we wish you
Always be the mistress in your destiny.
And let him guide you from afar
Love has a magic hand!


Your century does not count with the ending “-twelve”,
You are not young, but very young,
Beauty, you are twenty today,
And happy years are waiting for you.

Dear friend, I want so much to be together
Happiness went quietly with you through life,
So that you could mold your fate like dough,
As you like, to spite everyone’s sorrows.

Be a good girl, you are worthy of treasures,
Even though life is rough sometimes,
I believe that you will get lucky,
Let it always haunt you!


Happy jam day, girlfriend,
Your anniversary today,
You’re such a giggler,
Let me kiss you soon!

20 years is a funny date,
Adventures ahead,
I wish to live richly,
Meet the prince on the way!


What a wonderful age, twenty,
A tear froze from happiness,
The soul sings, radiate joy
Your bottomless eyes.