Birthday greetings to my son 20 years old

Dear son, you are our happiness,
The pride of our whole family.
We wish you to embody
All your dreams.

20 years – at the start of life
You’re standing, our dear.
We wish you happiness,
We admire you.

Be healthy, handsome and honest,
Boldly follow your dream.
Know that mom and dad are close
They will be behind your back.


You’re only 20 years old,
All life and happiness are ahead.
Be able to find, be able to wait
And don’t overlook it in the hustle and bustle.

Light the summoning light in the window –
And luck will come to you in a moment.
You are very young, which means –
There are no obstacles in the world for you.


Our son, on your anniversary we are in a hurry
To give you gifts.
You know, we appreciate you very much,
Are we ready to repeat again:

You are the best, the strongest,
And there is so much ahead.
And do you remember what happened,
Don’t go into the background!

Let the anniversary come
The moment of dream fulfillment.
And on your anniversary everyone knows:
Son, you are the best!


Son, I congratulate you on your birthday,
And at the age of twenty, I wish you fun and love,
Let never resentments, problems, troubles and regrets,
Neither your heart, nor your soul, nor your thoughts will be touched.

And so that different people don’t chat behind your back,
Be always calm, kind, honest, wise, unperturbed,
Know that I will always be very proud,
The fact that I have grown up such a wonderful son!


Today is not only your son’s holiday,
After all, twenty years ago, happiness appeared to me.
My best and nicest son in the world,
You are such a beloved and wonderful one.

I congratulate you on this serious anniversary,
And I wish you to find your right way as soon as possible.
So that you never know grief, misfortune and adversity,
So that you live to the fullest, have fun and dream.


Happy anniversary, my dear son!
You are celebrating 20 years today.
Let success rush after you,
Happy birthday congratulations!

May love always be everywhere
It warms your heart.
Be always on top,
Admiring everyone in the neighborhood.


Son, happy birthday!
For 20 years now…
In your prime!

I want to wish
Grow, develop,
Going through life,
Never give up!

Good luck, good luck
In all endeavors,
More giving,
Love and recognition!


My support and hope,
My friend, assistant, nice son.
I wish in twenty joyful,
To reach the peaks.

To be a real man,
And cherish his honor,
To go forward and not be afraid,
He revealed all his talents in himself.

Let everything succeed for you,
Happy will be your life,
Always with you, my beloved,
I will stand as a mountain.

Congratulations to my son on his 20th anniversary


Like the wind the years are rushing,
But do not be discouraged
After all, you are twenty today,
And we are glad to wish,

That you are always the first,
Both in study and in work,
So that you believe in your victory,
And he flew to his dream.

To always be in love with life,
Be grateful to fate,
You are always a child for us,
No matter how old you are!

To be always healthy,
Bright – dreams came true,
We say to you with love,
Be happy, my beloved son!


The perfect age is 20 years old,
All paths are open for you, it’s no secret,
Choose any one, and confidently walk on it,
Achieve your goals and dreams.

Happy 20th anniversary, son, congratulations,
We wish you great joy in life,
Let it pleasantly surprise you every day,
Let happiness know no boundaries.


It seems like quite a few years,
20 – so much ahead!
Our son, know that we will strictly follow you.

Our son, we wish you
To please again is not in vain.
You know, we all expect good things from you.

Remember, you are one of the best for us,
Let everything be the way.
Let life only get better,
We always go with you!


My son’s birthday is today,
he is 20 years old,
Let the mood be great,
And luck sticks to him like a magnet.

From the bottom of your heart, accept congratulations from mom,
Let the dream always come true,
Let there be only admiration in life,
May fate give you a generous gift.


You have a holiday today,
You, my son, are already 20 years old,
There used to be a naughty boy,
And now, a solid and serious person.

I wish you only happiness,
Be always on top,
Let all bad weather forget the address,
All the blessings of the earth, good luck, dear, to you.


Congratulations to you, my son!
You are quite an adult and a strong man.
20 years is a new stage of youth.
And you are stronger and more beautiful every year.

May the world only bring you joy,
And misfortunes and grief will remain in the past.
I wish you good health, my son.
Let fate only bring you luck.

All paths are open to you.
Opportunities and chances are intertwined roads.
And may luck accompany you,
Wherever your soul and legs lead you!


My son has grown up and we celebrate 20 years today,
We cordially wish you a smooth and straight road!
Be happy, love people and help in any way you can,
Remember – there is nothing more precious than life on earth!

May God send you love, a girl what you need,
That will be a joy to you, a lifetime reward!
And there will be friends side by side, and joy, and hope,
Luck, happiness, kindness – like a river, boundless!


You’re exactly 20 today, son!
Let success and luck lie at your feet.
Having managed to conquer many glorious peaks,
You will become one of the strongest men!

I hope everything will work out for you,
After all, there will be family and friends side by side,
We will always be able to support you,
It’s not worth worrying about!


Happy 20th anniversary to you we are glad to congratulate you,
And with admiration, son, we say,
With you, life is a reward for us,
We all worship you.

Let all your wishes come true,
May luck always smile on you,
Let all problems be solved easily,
We sincerely wish you everything, everything, everything.


Happy anniversary congratulations
I love you, son,
In 20 years the whole world lies
Let it be at your feet.

I wish that you always
Keep up with life,
I chose the one true to myself,
So that the road in fate.