Congratulations to the boys on February 23

Although you are not from movies and books,
But they are supermen for us.
From our class of boys
We are in a hurry to congratulate you now.

And even if you haven’t had time yet
To eat army porridge,
But we managed to see in you
Courage, strength and honor.

We wish you to be brave,
You are not only on a February day,
And to Die Hard – Bruce Willis
I could envy your strength.


On the twenty-third day
You boys know,
An important holiday! All cases
Hurry up and drop it!

We are now working for you
We will do it!
You forget about worries
And go for a walk!

On the twenty-third day
It’s time to rest!
Because all year round
You have a thousand troubles!


You are not girls, to breed to sucky-pussy,
You will not scream when you see a spider,
And you are real men, not cowards!
Your mind is clear, your step is sure, your hand is firm.

So happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, guys!
Win everything, study – do not limp.
So that girls can safely hide behind their shoulders,
Do not put checkmate in two moves.

And we wish only in computer battles
By all sorts of goblin-like creatures
Shoot without a miss, always on defeat,
Well, in real life – peace, happiness to you!


We congratulate you, boys
All since February 23!
And we wish you to become such,
To make the whole country proud!


Our dear boys
Restless, mobile
Congratulations on the 23rd.
We wish you happiness, strength, and good.

Let shooting games and wars
Only in the games remain,
And the enemies from those wars
They won’t break into our reality.

To make the sun shine hot,
There was no grief anywhere,
Life was beautiful, bright,
Peace reigned all over the earth!


Today is not an easy day
On a calendar sheet,
The men’s holiday came to us –
February 23!

Congratulations to all the boys!
Do not get sick and do not get bored,
We wish you to live together
And don’t offend the girls.


You are our nice guys,
Help in the future of the country!
Even if you are not soldiers yet,
But the defenders – quite!

You will save the girl easily
From hooligans in the yard,
You will carry the briefcase to the house,
To make this world kinder!

We wish you, our men,
To boldly go through life!
Eat more porridge at home,
So that you grow up healthy!


From February 23!
You’re a good guy,
On other guys at all,
Not at all similar!

Be healthy, don’t get sick,
And study perfectly!
Hobbies I wish
A lot in personal life!

Many joyful moments,
Lots of happiness, laughter!
And pleasant impressions,
And also – success!


Congratulations on the 23rd
Growing men,
And let you be children at heart,
But brave, hot.

Train willpower,
Harden the body,
Show even at school
Courage and heroism.

Be in sports and study
Ahead and best of all.
And we also wish that
You were successful.


From February 23, boys, congratulations!
We sincerely wish you a heroic silushka!
What do we need Supermen, Spider-Men,
After all, our heroes are you guys!

We are not afraid of any hooligans with you
And from the bottom of our hearts we are proud of you!
Let everything in your life be just a class
And someday, and tomorrow, and now!

Congratulations on February 23 to the boys at school


Boys! While you guys are still here!
You are in our class – well, not exemplary at all!
But, if you suddenly need to, – for our country
We know that you will become loyal defenders!

We congratulate you guys now!
We have known for a long time that you are super!
Our cheerful class would be boring without you…
Boys! You are the best, honestly!


Today we congratulate our guys –
Defenders of the future of our motherland.
We pin our hopes on them
For the peace and quiet of our future life.

We wish you many beautiful victories,
Great achievements under a good start.
And that for at least a thousand years
our friendship blossomed, grew and grew stronger.


Classmates, relatives,
Since February 23.
We congratulate you now,
Keeping a sense of pride.

We are lucky to be all together
A good cool family:
Here we are always all in place,
Every friend and brother is different here.

Let everyone be calm
Our next days with you,
We trust you guys
Our life and the life of the country.


Our boys, classmates,
All with the twenty-third of February!
Let the holidays become daily
For you, such dear guys!

We wish you to be noble,
To become glorified people
And feel free,
And honestly defend the weak!

Let the school years fly by,
Without leaving a trace,
But you, our humble men,
We will never forget!


Dear classmates,
Since February 23!
You are irreplaceable for us,
Our loyal friends.

We wish you good health
And reach any heights.
Happiness, joy, luck
And with a minimum of worries.

To always protect us,
You didn’t care about anything.
Never offended,
They helped us in everything!


My dear boys,
Today we congratulate you.
You are our dearest,
And, as always, you are the highest class.

Always ready to protect,
By giving us a shoulder.
We are ready to love you
With all my heart, fervently.

Let everything go smoothly in life,
Friends will not forget you.
Car, yacht, plane
Let everyone have them.


Our cool guys
Happy New Year
Amid the February lights
We are coming to congratulate!

Fireworks flashes
Your holiday is decorated,
Delighted sighs
They melt in the cold air.

Let the excellent scores
The report card is only decorated,
Let there be a lot of success
In life you are lucky!


I congratulate you guys on February 23,
And I am sure that the whole earth will be proud of you,
The years will flash by like birds, the school will be behind you,
And life will cover you with a stormy and happy wave.

Let pleasant surprises await you, boys, always,
Only successes and victories may bring you years,
I wish you to enjoy your joyful life,
Remember with a bright smile your school and friends!


Our dear boys,
We know firsthand,
There is no one stronger than you and braver,
We are proud of you all!

Congratulations to you guys,
Happy Defender of the Country Day,
And while you are with us –
We are not afraid of threats!


The whole class is celebrating today,
We are the 23rd of February.
We sincerely wish the boys,
To be stronger day by day.

And let there be no difficulties in studying,
Always be brave in life!
Give care to people,
And carry your friendship through the years!

Congratulations to boys on February 23 from girls


We all love holidays very much,
And in this special moment of February,
Congratulations classmates,
The earth is spinning around you today.

You are the future defenders and warriors,
Be brave and strong always,
Cope with difficulties with dignity,
Never be sad about trifles!

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We wish you, boys,
To be able to march
And read books.

To make things successful
Became immediately,
Academic performance was growing,
As if by order!


From February 23
Congratulations, boys!
Always be brave,
Like the heroes from the book.

Protect us from everyone,
Who dares to offend suddenly.
You – smiles, strength, warmth,
No problems, no evil to see.


We are classmates today
Congratulations on an important holiday.
Happy Defenders of the Country Day
We should congratulate you.

You are still guys,
Well, in the future – soldiers!
Will serve the country,
From enemies to protect.

Strength, dexterity, intelligence,
We wish you now,
That in the future the country
I could have trusted you!


We congratulate the boys.
Happy Defenders of the Motherland Day.
We wish you good luck,
So that you are always lucky in life.

After all, you are all our heroes,
It’s always fun with you.
Be always fearless,
Never be sad.


Classmates, knock-knock!
The holiday is knocking on our door!
Isn’t it time for all the doors
Will it open amicably?

February twenty-third…
We waited, hooray!
We will light up today
Until morning again!

We’ll take our glasses,
Let it not be a new year,
But the February holiday is also
It will bring joy!


We will set a condition:
Let the Earth slow down –
Waiting for now, we will congratulate you
On February 23.

And then it will start you again,
Classmates, circle.
Just give us your word,
That we will live peacefully.

You are the Fatherland protection –
All hope is only on you.
All paths are open for you,
So glorify our class!


Classmates, boys,
Our school friends,
Congratulations to you guys,
On February 23.

You take courage from year to year,
Be faithful to the Motherland.
Protect us girls,
And good luck to you guys!


From February 23
Congratulations, friends!
Grow very strong
And you love the Fatherland.

Protect the younger, the weak
And don’t give offense.
Let them put you everywhere as an example,
Let your deeds glorify you.

Never lose heart,
By the power of the spirit, win,
So that the Motherland is on you
Relied in a difficult hour.


Congratulations to you guys,
Happy men’s main holiday!
Always protect the weak,
Be a glorious example for everyone.

We wish you to become brave,
The country was able to defend,
To do everything in time
And never lose heart!

february 23, 2022 congratulations to the boys


Dear you, our boys,
With the 23rd of February all of you
Congratulations to the girls today,
And, of course, not in vain.

So you grow up strong, brave
And be very skillful in business.
Try to be very brave
And become real men.

Help everyone in good deeds,
And you protect the girls.
Do not offend the younger ones in life,
And solve all problems easily.


All classmates heartily
I congratulate you today on February 23!
May happiness be eternal in life,
Health \”remains at the helm\”.

I wish you, of course, prosperity,
There is peace, grace and warmth in the family.
Let everything be light and smooth
In the rays of love, good luck and kindness.


We are at school together day after day,
We fight, make friends and grow.
Today is a day of courage, strength,
So that fate loves us all.

And I want to congratulate you,
After all, school is also our family.
Let the courage only live in the souls,
And it always calls us forward.


Congratulations to all the boys today
On the February holiday, the holiday of all men,
We wish you to become heroes,
We look at you with hope, with pride!

Grow up and man up tirelessly,
Boys, we hope for you.
It’s too early for you to defend the motherland,
Therefore, you protect us!


From February 23
Congratulations to you boys!
Be friends always,
And read more books.

Let the parents be proud,
You young eagles.