Congratulations on February 23 to colleagues

The team is assembled today,
But the work will wait!
We congratulate our colleagues,
Everything else doesn’t count!

The debt was given to the country long ago,
We served “with a bang!”,
And congratulate the defenders
In February, it’s time!

Do not let your health,
And luck in everything fail!
For such a serious holiday
We drink combat grams!


We want to congratulate our colleagues.
Reliable defenders, our men!
Let the thorns not be in your way,
You and I are not afraid to go through life!

We wish you peace always and everywhere
Let there be success both in love and in work!
Luck will always accompany you on the way
Wherever you suddenly decide to go.


Without fear of jealous wives of revenge,
Smudge your faces with lipstick –
Happy holidays to all! Terribly happy together
We work with men like that:

In the characters – courage, nobility
And to our indulgent whims.
All life is a struggle, it’s a gamble for you to fight
And brag about the main prize every time!

And let it shine with a lit torch
Luck, don’t knock down your knees,
And the century does not go out – it prevents wives from sleeping
Your basic instinct, fellow colleagues!


February 23…
Finally with us,
Congratulations to you, colleagues!
A tsunami has come to us!

This holiday will overwhelm us,
Really wants us to
They were all healthy!

To laugh heartily,
To have fun,
To champagne with cognac
Enriched again!


Calendars do not lie, and now the hour has struck
To congratulate those people with whom we work hard.
We will wither and die, men, we are without you,
After all, even the globe of the earth turns at your will!

And even though February is gloomy and the wind blows in His face, He cannot break courage, honor, conscience…
Don’t let the desire to be a fighter leave you
And feel like the hero of someone’s story!


Colleagues, nice men,
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!
As you can see, we have not forgotten,
We are reading poems for the holiday.

Turning our eyes to you,
We want to wish you health
And to have a lot of money,
On the blue sea to rest.

You are real heroes,
Defenders of your native land.
Let your children sleep peacefully.
You are our pride… Joy you!


You since February 23,
Colleagues, congratulations.
I wish you good health
With all my heart I wish.

Let your dreams come true,
Let your friends be there,
And let your loved ones always
You are warmed by the look.

Let there be peace always, everywhere,
You take care of your loved ones.
And if necessary, the country
Adequately protect.


Congratulations, men,
On February 23!
We give you vitamins
In the form of happiness and kindness.

Collectively we wish you
To protect your family.
You are the defenders, we know
And you don’t have days off.

Courage, courage, success,
You do not lose a course in life,
Successful victories without armor.
You’re real. You are a force. Keep it up!


Today it’s cool in the office,
And outside the window it’s snowing, then slush,
Winter is sausage… well, okay,
We will not cry from grief.

We can’t spoil the mood,
There are no such reasons in the world,
It’s not the time for us to argue with the weather,
But the time to congratulate men.

They are strong and noble,
There are no better colleagues in the world,
They will always give you a free file,
Or connect the Internet.

Men! We congratulate you!
We appreciate and respect you,
May success accompany you,
Here’s a present for everyone!


Happy holiday to male colleagues
To make dreams come true, make a wish –
It is difficult to imagine the best reason,
To wish for immeasurable blessings!

February twenty–third – excellent
A day to show gratitude!
Let happiness be familiar to you,
It will be more joyful to live from now on!

Congratulations on February 23, 2022 to male colleagues


Men in the team –
Oh, an important element.
Well, on the February holiday –
So the main component!

We will kiss you so
And we’ll pour vodka,
And with your support
We’ll sing a song.

After all, you are your protection
They protected us,
And we with our care
We will always complement you.



Allow me, dear colleagues,
I congratulate you on February 23.
Our best minds, strategists,
It’s good that you are at the helm with us.

You are a reliable shoulder, a support.
Let everything go well, of course, with you!
May all wishes come true soon.
Let life be the highest class.


Since the twenty-third of February, Dear colleagues!
At work for me
The best neighbors!

From the bottom of your heart, dear
Congratulations on the holiday!
And health to you, and happiness
I wish you all the strength!

And also – great success,
And huge awards,
And I wish you money
Large and immodest!

Be happy, colleagues,
On the feast of February!
The best goods in the world
I wish you!


Our team is celebrating the date today,
We congratulate all the defenders of the country.
Well, we have souls in our men,
And on such a day, they are full of special pride.

We give gifts to our colleagues,
We wish all the best, love, warmth.
Let it get a little hot in February,
On our holiday at a friendly table!


Today all defenders of the Fatherland
We congratulate you in our team.
You are the color of courage, valor and honor,
The pillars of our and reliable strength.

We put all our hope on you
And we believe in your strength and solutions.
We wish you peaceful, good dawns
And to the native house of quiet returns.

Let the fires burn only in the heart,
Let the fire of love warm the souls.
Let your childhood be peaceful for your children,
Let freedom shine in your hearts!


When there are real men around,
They will lend their strong shoulder,
One concern for the beautiful half –
I warmly congratulate all my colleagues on the holiday!

We wish you that your nerves were stronger than steel,
So that you could repulse the aggressor completely,
So that you never get tired at work,
And at home you were doubly gentle.


Friend, we are colleagues with you,
Two bolts in one cart.
We are sitting together in the office,
We drink coffee and look at the “comp”!

And the soul longs for a holiday,
And it’s not far off,
February is rustling in the snow,
She is in a hurry to congratulate the men!

I’m in a hurry, too, like February,
Colleague, congratulations!
More money and love,
I sincerely wish!


The male half of the team
Congratulations on February 23!
We wish you a bright motive in life,
Let her be filled with joy.

Let your health grow stronger,
Success crowns all worries and deeds.
We sincerely congratulate you,
Comrades, colleagues, gentlemen.


There are no former soldiers in the reserve,
If he served, then it’s forever,
A holiday that is celebrated in winter,
Warm, despite the cold!

May you be carefully preserved by fate,
Let the bad weather pass by,
Keep your home, family and homeland
You are always for them, even in an invisible, but battle!


Winter, crying, surrenders its positions,
Takes off a white fur coat earth,
And we want with smiling faces
To embrace you on February 23.

Defenders are our glorious colleagues,
Shooting now with eyes at point-blank range,
We wish that the main guns
You still have strength, intelligence, enthusiasm.

We sincerely wish you in any battle –
In the field of work, in love, in everyday life –
Not to know losses, not to know defeat,
Always shooting down targets on the fly!

Congratulations on February 23 to male colleagues with humor


Today is a holiday for all men,
From the female part of congratulations,
After all, you are our friend, such a one,
We freeze in admiration.

God grant there would be more such colleagues,
For us, for weak women,
A man with a capital letter, a man,
Everything is like that, no more and no less.

Don’t let your shoulder weaken,
Which is always ready to substitute,
We kiss our defender warmly,
And we hasten to congratulate you on the holiday!


Men have a holiday today!
We want to congratulate you!
Wish you love and happiness,
Very many thousands of times!

We wish you good luck,
Energy and strength,
So that every day in the world
Brought pleasure!

And we wish you health,
And harmony with yourself,
And financial success,
And a mischievous smile!


I love my team,
I idolize him,
Therefore, on this holiday
Congratulations I give!

Since the twenty-third of February!
Happiness to you, brothers!
Get dressed as soon as possible
Jackets and dresses!

We will celebrate the holiday!
Happily hanging out
And champagne with liqueur
Drink from glasses!


Brave, brave, strong men,
We congratulate you on the great holiday,
We know there’s no reason to worry,
You will hide and protect us from all troubles.

We wish to conquer all the difficult depths,
Victories, only prosperity, good luck ahead,
Let new peaks open up to you,
Success, only joy and peace on the way!


Our half is a girl’s
(We have one team)
Happy Defenders of the Fatherland Day
Congratulations to all men!

May you have enough strength, courage,
To protect and protect us,
Be happy in marriage
And don’t forget your friends.

The sky is clear, bottomless,
Don’t get old with your soul!
And thank you very much
For our peace and our peace!


Concerned about work
In constant running
Are you worried about holidays
Remember colleagues.

Who gave the service in the troops
Several years old
Won’t miss just like that
Holiday of men.

I wish all men,
What they want for themselves.
To be out of sight
Even a small war.

Be happy, healthy,
Have a strong will to become
And always be ready
To stand up for our defense.


Congratulations to you with poems
From February 23.
It’s good to be near us
There is you. It’s not for nothing.

Who will give us flowers
And pour champagne,
Who will make a couple in the dance
And will he take us by the hand?

May luck be with you.
Everyone should be healthy.
We are proud of the Men,
That we can be protected.

Us, the Motherland. This means,
That we will be lost without you.
I wish you all happiness and good luck.
And once again – happy birthday!


Our brave men,
We want to congratulate you.
In our friendly team
You are always a mountain for us.

Congratulations, colleagues,
On February 23.
We wish you fearlessness,
A lot of passion and fire.

So that you can always protect your pets
To sorrow and sorrows
Stayed behind.


Today we want to congratulate
We are a strong male team.
Let him argue quickly and boldly
Any case is in your hands.

And it will always be on the shoulder
You need our feminine “I want”.
Congratulations to those who are at the helm
Happy special day of February!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, colleagues!
I wish you all the victories of life.
Let winter cover the city with snow,
But we have no reason to be sad today.

I wish you, the most worthy men,
Don’t lose your fuse and your courage.
Do not be sad, do not be upset for no reason,
Protect your wives and all your relatives.

Be happy, do good, prosper.
I wish you to overthrow all enemies.
Congratulations from me, you accept.
May faith and love keep you from troubles.

Congratulations on February 23 to colleagues at work


Let us not serve in the Navy,
We are not afraid of winds either,
With you, work colleague,
We have experienced a lot.

And the competitors were beating us up,
Trying to throw, cheat,
But as soldiers we stood
To death. They can’t turn us off!

And on this day – more life!
We will drink to the army,
And, if necessary, to the Motherland
We will be able to serve gloriously!


Comrades, colleagues, congratulations
You from February 23 now!
We wish you health, peace and good,
Happy hearts, joy in the eyes.

We wish you a quiet, family comfort.
Love, so that everyone envies you.
Let green currency live in wallets.
Let everything be on top of you.

Be happy with your life, dear men!
Let success pursue you everywhere.
Let there be reasons for smiles every day
And surrounded by positive, kind laughter.


We have real men,
We can congratulate them for no reason,
But such a day is the defender of the Fatherland,
Humanity is glad to congratulate men!

We wish you courage, strength, honor,
Let there be peace in the heart, there will be no revenge,
You will be protection without war,
So that there is no guilt in your grief!

Love us and you will be loved,
We know that you are gentle and vulnerable,
We wish you light and warmth at home,
And for a lifetime of health and goodness!


Colleagues, dear ones, relatives,
Congratulations, dear ones!
The sky is always clear,
Good – for many years!

The sky is peaceful, health,
So that you are waited for with bread and salt,
So that there is peace and smoothness,
So that you can sleep peacefully…

To avoid war
We need defenders!
We love and respect you
And congratulations again!


I wish the twenty-third day,
To give you good luck every day,
To make your life happy,
And to always have enough strength for everything!

Let your health be like flint,
Wish to live luxuriously and richly,
And for that, let this bright day
You will all have a higher salary!


Let’s go for a walk today, colleagues
We want to congratulate you on the 23rd!
After all, courage, valor, courage and honor
You have the full extent of your characters.