Congratulations on February 23 to your beloved man

My beloved, defender and soldier,
Today your holiday has already happened.
I think you’re overjoyed.
I wish this day to last

And brought good luck to all cases.
Let joy inspire you endlessly,
Live in prosperity and go to dreams,
After all, they all come true, of course!


I can always be calm,
After all, I have you now,
From all problems you will protect,
And from all troubles you will fence!

You will give joy and kindness,
You have a strong shoulder,
The man of my whole life,
I like being yours so much!

And let the frosts outside the window,
Fill our house with warmth,
And I will congratulate you,
I have been since February 23!

I wish you well,
I love and adore you,
I wish you joy, kindness,
I wish you to always be strong!


My protector, my guardian,
The best person,
You keep my abode,
I will be with you forever.

You’re so hungry for my affection,
You wake up loving.
Just slightly thickening the colors,
On the twenty-third of February.

Happy days to you, dear,
My dear defender,
Only wish for me, my beloved,
Guard only my peace!


From February 23,
My handsome, my hero!
I adore you
And I’m always proud of you!

Only happier every day,
My good one, stand up.
Only victories, good luck
May your life shine!


I am glad to congratulate you on Men’s Day,
See you, my love, for me a reward,
You give me love and happiness,
After all, you are a real man.

I wish to be in great shape always,
Let life flow like a full river,
Let all your wishes come true,
And luck smiles sweetly.


I am in a hurry to congratulate you on the holiday,
Hurry up, my beloved!
You are my best hero,
Always invincible!

You gave me hope,
Opened my eyes to a miracle,
And I am the defender of my native,
I will always be with you!


So the holiday of all men has come –
You deserve sincere praise,
My favorite, for me – a hero,
I am insanely happy with you!

May you be lucky in all things,
Let fear be unknown to you,
Let happiness reign in life
And the longing and sadness will go away forever!


My beloved, since February 23!
I wish you a lot of happiness in life,
Excellent Siberian health,
Good luck with the indispensable participation!

Surprises to you darling and good luck!
Good friends, joy in the soul,
Smiles, enjoyment of life
And paradise in the palace and in the hut!

Financial success, many plans,
Hot and desperate love!
From the heart, dear, I congratulate you,
May your wishes come true!


My beloved! On the holiday of all Men
I am happy to congratulate you!
My hero, you are the only one in the world!
I want to glorify my love!

Yes, February 23 –
Your day, because you are strong and sensitive!
You have become a protection for me,
I enjoy every minute!


My beloved, sweet man,
I wish on this men’s holiday,
That every peak in life
I was easily subdued by you!

Be healthy, full of strength and patience,
Develop only day by day,
So that every decision in life
Led to the success of you!

Congratulations to your beloved on February 23 in verse


For your shoulders are not scary,
I will envelop them with gentle warmth.
My favorite and most courageous,
I congratulate you on this day!

Let all roads be open,
Let the path be happy,
All the treasures will be mined,
Even the mountains will be able to turn.

Happy Defender’s Day, my brave knight.
You will succeed, you know!
You can achieve everything at once,
Just wish it boldly.


Accept, my love, this congratulations
Happy 23rd of February today.
Let the mood be excellent,
Let the best friends be around.

Let success be like a reliable friend
It won’t leave you forever, dear.
Let life not be difficult
And let the forces give smiles and peace.


You are the guardian of my heart,
You are my man, you are my warrior.
And I don’t need anyone,
After all, only you are worthy of me.

And on this holiday of February
I am in a hurry to congratulate you,
So that you know that I love you,
I will write these lines.


My beloved, happy February holiday,
I wish the best to you, the hero!
The world seems to me heavenly,
When you, darling, are with me!

Then the sun’s light is brighter,
And the soul is light, carefree,
You hug me tighter,
And may happiness last forever!


Darling, today I congratulate you!
And on men’s day I wish you,
To dream of living brightly, joyfully, not in vain,
And you can make dreams come true – I know for sure!

Let life be like the crossroads of a hundred roads,
You choose what your heart suddenly tells you,
You couldn’t live without a goal in life,
Let the happiness of the goal with love bind you tightly.


You are a real man,
There is no doubt about it!
And I always need,
Your support and advice!

You have become an ideal for me,
And I’m proud of you,
I don’t need more than that,
You just be with me!


Men’s Day is a wonderful holiday!
This moment is only yours,
And how to make it bright
We’ll decide with you.

You are my light, radiant bunny,
I love you!
And from now on my life I
I’ll only share it with you!

Congratulations and gifts
Take it from your friends.
And leave an hour for me,
I will surprise you – believe me!


Defender of our motherland brave
And the fearless sentry of my heart!
I congratulate you on an important date, I thank you for peace and for human peace.

And everywhere you go,
I wish you from the bottom of my heart, loving,
Good luck in life and a cloudless sky!
My beloved, from February 23rd!


My dearest, dearest in the world,
Let me congratulate you, my dear,
Let me remind you – you are a man,
The most beloved, affectionate one.

My defender, I congratulate you,
On the day of all men – I say thank you,
And I wish you a lot of happiness from the bottom of my heart,
You’re the only one, I’m telling you for sure.

All the best to you unique,
Let your head spin from love,
After all, I love you insanely much,
I only love you so much!

February 23, 2022 congratulations to your beloved man


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, beloved!
Since February 23, you, dear!
You are inseparable from my heart,
The most important person is my dear.

With all my heart and soul I congratulate
And I kiss you gently, warmly!
I wish everyone to be happier in the world,
Giving your love and your faithful shoulder.


On Defender’s Day I wish
Happiness, peace and warmth,
To always have good luck
Guarded and protected!

Live in love, war without knowing
Not to meet enmity and evil,
For the family to be a support
And be with her always!

A lot of strength, victories, luck,
To achieve everything, to gain,
Every day after work
Carry your success home!


All day today for you,
My beloved, since February 23!
You are my man, my hero,
My protector is dear.

Stay like this always,
And even many years later.
You were strong and healthy,
Always ready for everything.

So that you don’t meet any problems,
And you experienced happiness with me.
I value you very much,
I appreciate you, I kiss you and I love you!


A lot of congratulations today,
I give you, you are my favorite,
And the praises will not run out,
In your address, a true man.

Today is the twenty-third of February,
There is a reason for hundreds of kisses,
I declare, honestly, without praising,
You are my protector, my man.

You served and honestly paid your debt,
Marched properly, in formation,
Worthily protected our peace,
And I’m proud of my hero!


Congratulations are flying like birds,
Today is a holiday for men,
They are impressed with us,
We tried our best.

And I have a more important reason,
I have one favorite –
My most significant man,
My knight is faithful, sir!

I will tell him without reserve,
That he is the only one –
Worthy of tenderness and affection,
Love, like a sea of witchcraft.

And I wish him happiness,
More strength and warmth,
And let his eyes shine,
Let his dreams come true!


I will love you forever
As you always wanted
To the war you breathe indifferently
Well, he managed to save me
I will say again that I love you
And I won’t get tired of saying this
I’ll spread my wings in the wind
I will definitely not get tired of flying to you
You are my support and protection
You are my little island for me
Let the hatred be covered
Like a little navel finger.


You are the best man on earth,
My knight in shining armor.
And on this day I wish you,
Health, happiness and success in everything.

And let luck always be in all things,
Dreams come true really.
Let the joy sparkle in your eyes,
Well, everything will be perfect for us!


My beloved, since the twenty-third of February!
I wish you a lot of happiness,
Let the mood be good,
May your road be happy!

Good luck to you darling and good luck,
Harmony, smiles and love,
So that your life will always be beautiful,
Let your dreams come true!


Happy February twenty-third,
Dear heart!
On this day, I congratulate
The Miracle Man!

I wish you love,
Pure and sincere,
So that the light shines
In the heart daily!

To avoid sadness,
Never be sad,
But only happiness
For many years!

Congratulations to you, dear,
Happy Men’s Day!
Know that you are in this world
I have one!


My dear, you are my favorite,
The most native, irresistible,
I want to congratulate you
Today from February 23rd!

You are my fortress and support,
I can move mountains with you,
After all, you will always save me
And you’ll save me from trouble!

I’m not afraid behind your back,
And if it suddenly becomes dangerous,
I know you won’t let me down
And you will find the right way out!

Beautiful congratulations on February 23 to your beloved


My beloved, my good,
My protector is golden!
I wish you happiness,
And I will always be with you!

Let fortune not fail,
And work to your heart’s content,
Here, here’s a gift for you,
To make life a success!

Congratulations on February 23 to men

Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, we congratulate you,
We sincerely wish our nice men:
So that you have only one problem to worry about -
Where to put such a sea of personal "loot".
So that you don't know sick days, go on vacation more often.
And gather with friends to have a rest and relax.
Let the incorruptible traffic cop never see you,
And the car will be new, and it always works.
Well, we are your friends, fighting so to speak,
Congratulations and we just wish you a kiss!


Real, worthy and brave,
The best in the world, beautiful men,
Those who are red not in word, but in deed,
Congratulations! Victories to you, peaks!

In families - happiness, success - in work,
Female affection, unearthly love.
Let all that you are waiting for happen,
Let life be filled with beauty.

There will be no shortage of finances,
With impatience, loved ones are waiting,
May fate advance you today
It will give you hundreds of happy minutes.


Defenders of peace, soldiers of the Fatherland,
Fearless warriors of our country,
Everyone who stands guard over humanity,
Don't let the flames of war touch you.

We wish you easy successful exercises,
All growth in the service, high awards!
You are the best of the best - without a doubt,
To you our raptures and a glorious parade!

Serve calmly, good luck and courage to you,
Peace to your home and faithful friends.
Let the commonwealth reign on Earth,
And there will always be a devoted friend next to you!


On a February day, you men,
There are reasons to have fun,
Congratulations on February 23,
May there be peace in the world!

Don't let your hands get tired,
Hearts will not stop loving,
And let souls live in dreams,
Success is walking beside you.

We wish you bright achievements
And wise, correct decisions,
To create for the glory of the whole Motherland,
We wish you a happy life.


For all who serve and have served,
Who put their life on it –
And congratulations, and words,
Full of light and goodness!

Thank you for sleeping peacefully,
That we want to live, fight,
We are proud of you without end,
So, how proud the whole country is!

We wish you happiness without interference,
May success accompany you,
Let your dreams come true,
And happiness will be where you are!


Precious men,
What would we do without you,
Without your smiles, looks
And beautiful tender phrases?
Life would definitely be a burden
Us without your strong hands.
And what kind of joy is there,
If there are no hot lips!
Congratulations to you today
On February 23.
We wish you prosperity,
Adoring and loving!


February twenty-third
We celebrate for a reason,
All men are well done -
Brothers, grandfathers and fathers.
What don't you say there,
Heroism is in their blood:
Here, the boy saved the kitten,
No one taught the child,
(With this little victory
Our grandfathers started).
Our child has grown up –
Pilot, aerobatics!
Everyone is sure, pilot
Will not leave the plane,
In case of an accident, any
Heroism will show its own –
Boldly he will go into the fire,
It will save all passengers.
Everyone loves that man,
Who does not hide behind his back,
Boldly, who goes forward,
Protecting his people.
So the grandfathers fought in the war,
Having served to Victory!
On the chest – some awards,
Everyone in the family is very happy,
Grandfather came alive from the war,
He's a real hero!
This is the main reason,
Women – to appreciate a man,
We all understand this,
Happy holiday to all!


Our men are nice,
Good, funny,
You are strong and brave,
You are the most skilled.

Happy Defender's Day to you
Great Fatherland!
Let all dreams come true,
And troubles do not bite.

Live only happily.
And be you lucky,
And meet, without a doubt,
Your holiday in the mood!


Years go by, a request to a man
I've become smaller, oh, se la vie!
Progress has developed from now on
Don't catch any fish or tiger.

However, the courage is not less
Over the years, it has become in men.
We trust them with life in the future
And we love them for no reason.

They are strong, beautiful, stately,
They are reliable and brave,
Mostly adequate
And infinitely generous to us.

And therefore we wish them
Stay in the same rut.
And we honestly promise you –
Only be on your side!


On Defender of the Fatherland Day –
We will honor men.
Protecting humanity,
All are brave as one,

So let the same strength, courage
They will never be abandoned.
Your glorious commonwealth
Let it always prosper!

New congratulations on February 23 to men 2022


Our men, from February 23!
You are the pride and support of the whole country,
Let it be stellar every day and hour,
But most importantly, let there be no war.

We wish you health like metal,
Successful days and valiant victories,
Let life prepare a pedestal for you
Happy days and long, bright years.



Men, protect us from boredom,
Help us in a difficult life,
Take all the worries into your own hands,
And we will give you affection, kindness!

Dear men, since February 23!
Don't let the wind and frost scare you.
We will celebrate the holiday wonderfully,
So that every wish comes true!


We are in a hurry to congratulate you on February 23
We are all those who give us their warmth and tenderness.
Our Russian land is proud of you,
Strength, courage and honesty are always held in high esteem.

Without your hands, you will never find support,
Without your views, you will not know love and happiness,
Without you, we will not be able to go halfway,
And only with you, bad weather does not frighten us.

In the ranks and in life we wish you only victories,
Beautiful words and the embodiment of desires,
Successful days and many bright, bright years
And we give lines of the most sincere confessions!


Every man is a defender in his own way
For mother, daughter, girlfriend, wife.
Men, accept gifts today
And congratulations from all the women of the country!

You helped us, you protected us, and sometimes we behaved badly.
And even then you just forgave us.
Therefore, every man of the Earth

Today he will hear gratitude from us.
After all, this is your day, let happiness, success,
Luck, health, luck and joy
Always and everywhere men will be waiting for everyone!

Let you be lucky in any endeavors,
They will be able to evaluate you worthily everywhere,
Let your wishes come true,
And we will just love you very much!


What are the words to congratulate men?
And what to wish them on the February date?
Let there be no reason for alarm,
Let them be rich in female attention.

May the peaceful sky always be above the earth,
Let the peaceful sun shine over the house.
And let everyone meet, familiar, native
He wishes you well with a warm smile.

We love you, appreciate you, we are always waiting for you home,
When you go from a serious job.
We guard the hearth, we take care of the family
And we surround you with kindness and care.

For us, you are protection, support and honor.
We always wish you only the best.
Thank you, men, for what you are.
And we congratulate you on your holiday!


Happy holidays, dear men!
Accept congratulations from the heart
You are our beloved relatives
Conquerors of all the peaks of life!

On Defender's Day, we wish you good luck
Days of fun, money and warmth
Let only happiness puzzle you
And from now on he will never leave!


Honor and glory to men today!
Simple words warm the heart.
There is no better time and reason.
On a bright day, they say celebrations.

You are the defenders of our Motherland,
And under the peaceful sky of the country
Building families and life plans,
At night we see happy dreams.

Happy Defender's Day, we congratulate you,
A grateful bow to the ground.
We wish you strength, health, success,
Peace, joy, happiness, love!


On a winter day of decent men,
On the day of Defenders of the Motherland,
We wish you quiet years
And a happy, long life.

We wish you passionate love,
Only mutual, real
And dreams are big, beautiful,
And a brilliant career for you.

May the dawns please you,
Let the night sparkle with stars,
To find answers to everything,
Let your wisdom shine.

Let the smiles of the ladies be beautiful
You will be given inspiration,
A lot of surprises are waiting for different
And the fulfillment of desires.


May fate grant you success,
Always presents surprises,
Well, you, putting on armor,
Protect all the ladies from harm!

Since 23, dear men!
Be joyful and cheerful,
Find reasons for happiness
In the middle of winter and blooming spring!


Accept congratulations in verse
Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, men!
We wish you military exploits in business,
Only tenderness is more important to us than your strength.

Let there be victories in life and success,
And decisions – wise and fair.
Congratulations on this holiday to all of you!
Be happy, welcome and loved!

Congratulations to men on February 23 at work


I congratulate you, colleagues, on the 23rd of February!
May luck come to you on this day of the calendar,
I wish you success and swift victories,
Happy to have been in life for many long, bright years!

Let the roads give you a bright life with a cash flow,
So that your high affairs only have the desired result,
So that your cozy, warm house is filled with prosperity,
Joy is bright, smiles may always reign in him!

So that women love, so that beauty reigns,
So that your bold dream comes true today!
May the Earth endlessly shower you with blessings,
I congratulate you, men, on the 23rd of February!


Today is a holiday for men,
And we want to congratulate our colleagues,
There are many reasons for this,
For which a man can be praised:
For the daily hard work,
For the fact that he loves business very much,
For the fact that he forgot comfort.
He goes on business trips boldly.
For having women on their hands
Ready to wear it daily,
With him, a woman does not know fear,
He is devoted to a woman immensely.
I say a toast to men,
Every woman needs it.
According to the house-building, sir...
For being a good husband!


Eagle eye, mind sharper than a dagger,
Courage, decency and honor,
You have a lot of merit,
There are countless achievements,

Young ladies sigh in vain,
Languidly looking after you, colleagues,
After all, each of you is a wonderful spouse.
Happy holidays, men! All victories,

The rise of feelings, income and career!
Lavish humor, positive.
With you the heights of any barriers
Our women's team is ready to take it.


I will congratulate my colleague on the holiday,
And I will send the mood.
At the end of the work,
Forget about all the worries.

Let a fairy tale come in life,
And let the caress envelop.
Happy Defender's Day to you,
Congratulations loving.

May heaven come in life,
Just don't be discouraged.
Have fun properly,
And have fun today.


Congratulations to dear men,
Since February 23!
We wish you victories, success at work,
And prosper day by day!

Heroic health and cheerfulness,
In the house of comfort, love, warmth.
Courage, loyalty, perseverance,
And stay like this always!


Happy holidays, colleagues!
Happy holiday, Earth!
Today is an important day -
February holiday!

I congratulate everyone
From the heart of men,
Let everyone be
Happy and loved!

And also health
I wish you,
Friendly and cheerful
Let there be a family!

Happy holidays, colleagues,
Happy holidays, friends!
I send my greetings
On the feast of February!


Men of the highest, best brand!
Put everything on hold today.
Gifts are marching to you today
And kind and warm words.

From the bottom of our hearts we want to congratulate you
And wish to always go forward
And not to be afraid. To rule life boldly
And to let go of a vain burden of troubles.

Live long, happily and peacefully
And protect your loved ones.
Let everything come to attention
And a punch in the gut will fly by.

You are our strength, joy and support,
You are our faith in kindness and honor.
Happy wonderful day to you again!
Thank you for being in the world!


Congratulations on the holiday!
We wish you happiness, joy,
So that luck smiles,
And the currency takes root,

Do not lose weight and do not get fat
The forms are slender to have.
So that friends idolize,
And relatives do not scold,

To rest in the Canaries,
Eat pineapples.
You can taste grouse
And drink it with wine...

To house, car, cottage
Were an easy task,
And solved without effort
By the power of only magic words.


Men, you are our core team,
We always rely on you,
We want to look beautiful for you,
And we are never sad with you.

We congratulate you on the holiday today,
Happy Power Day – February 23rd,
We wish you confidence in your affairs,
So that you can be at work and at home at the helm.

Fate may award you the Order of Happiness,
Let luck bring you every day,
And a holiday of joy will arrange a cheerful life,
And may you always be lucky, our colleagues.


There are not many days in a year,
When men are embarrassed.
When there is so much attention suddenly,
Gifts of women and smiles.

And only February gives harsh,
We have the only day of the year,
When men are praised all around,
They are congratulated, remembered, honored.

All those who served the Motherland,
Who bore all the worries on their shoulders!
We congratulate you men,
Defenders of the Fatherland steel!

Congratulations on February 23 to male colleagues


Colleagues, happy February day to you, men,
We wish you happiness with him,
So that all the peaks are within your power,
And so that you are proud of a reliable rear,

So that you do not get tired at work,
We bathed at home in affection and care,
So that we could finish everything in time,
And we have always been adequately protected!


Colleague, I wish you good luck,
I wish you great happiness, fun in addition,
I wish you health, kindness, a lot of strength,
So that success will spin in the money dance!

I also wish on this men's holiday,
Dreams that your all come true in the world,
Cozy and bright always so that there was a house,
Lived so that love is always warm in it!


Happy real men's holiday,
I congratulate you, my colleague,
Let the mood be combative,
And I wish you with all my heart:

So that in the routine of all work cases,
You always won,
So that you had good health,
And could always keep up the conversation!


We are in a hurry to congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts,
To praise fellow defenders,
Who guards our peace,
And covers us with his back.

I wish everyone health, peace,
So that the honor of the "uniform" is not stained,
Love, wealth and kindness,
So that trouble does not knock on the house.

Clear sky, calm nights,
And only loyal friends are on the way.


Male colleagues, you are a force, a support,
You are our office's power and armor.
We wish you a peaceful quiet job,
Today is your holiday, your February day!

We wish you success, great achievements
For his own good and for the good of the country.
May your dawns be pleasant
And you will not be touched by the misfortunes of war!

We wish you to be surrounded in life
Good people, colleagues, friends.
Be a strong wall and a reliable support
Beloved people that are called family!


Colleagues, you are our dear ones,
We cannot work without you.
You are all strong, all so brave,
All since February 23!

We wish you not to know sorrows,
We wish you not to be discouraged,
And also big bonuses
We wish you to receive!

We wish you success, peace,
And let everything be on your shoulder.
We wish you well and happiness,
Keep the company and the country!


The men's team today
We are in a hurry to congratulate you,
On Defender of the Fatherland Day
We say wishes.

To make it easy to work!
Happiness and love in the family!
So that in any bad weather
They were always on horseback.

To know no obstacles in anything,
Risked from the heart,
Conquered every day
Thousands of new peaks!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day
Congratulations to you, colleagues.
Every success in life
From the bottom of my heart I wish you.

Don't get sick, thrive.
Let success go with you.
Never lose heart,
And luck will find you.

Let the heat warm you at home,
Let it bring joy.
And let everyone succeed,
Let joy come into life.

Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day!
We wish you peace,
Happiness to you and your loved ones,
All your dreams come true.


From February 23
Congratulations to you today.
And we wish that not in vain
Every hour would be lived.

So that all dreams come true,
So that there are many of them,
So as not to fall from a height,
So that they hold their feet.

So that luck leads you
But she did not let me down,
And love, so that there was
And she didn't leave.

Congratulations on February 23 to men with humor


In business, in the family and at work
Let everything always be tip-top.
No matter how many beers I took by Saturday,
My wife did not say "Stop!".

To have enough money for football,
For the most important match in the world,
So that there are a lot of them left,
No matter how hard you try, no matter how much you spend!

Friends always to be respected,
The boss doted on you,
And that in all aspects of life
You were the first and always grew up.

To make you a hero for everyone,
The coolest pepper is not the Earth,
But the Defender of the Fatherland Day
Celebrated on a high!


I want to congratulate you
Since the twenty-third of February!
Happy great and beautiful day,
Winter, kind, bright, clear!

The most joyful, cheerful,
Simple and new
You men, don't be shy,
Don't drink too much on this day

You are the support in our life
Eat turnips, eat porridge,
To get stronger and grow
They carried a lot of power into the world!


Since February 23
Congratulations, friends,
Let the rear be reliable
Your strong family!

You don't know the thunder of explosions,
Peacefully play tanchiki
And to congratulate my tank friends
On 23!

Helmets, guns, camouflage
Let there be a rage in the hunt!
Let there be a feast in every day,
And in the country - prosperity, peace!


February day is on the threshold.

Creative greetings from February 23

Let a gorgeous beauty fall in love with you,
Life will be yours
Just the way you like it!

Let your friends please
Sudden raids,
Let the whole family appreciate,
And you will gain success!

Let you work
A rather big boss,
Let the path lead to happiness!
Happy February holiday to you!


I want to congratulate men
On February 23.
You are the honor and pride of the whole country,
The fatherland's faithful sons.
You are every day and at any hour
They are ready to close us with themselves,
I wish happiness without edges,
And a peaceful life, without fighting,
I wish peace, silence
I am to you, defenders of the country.


To men on February 23,
I wish peace and good,
Health, strength to the end,
So that they never give up!

Let courage reign in the hearts,
We overcame all obstacles,
You were all happy with life,
Happy holidays, guys!


What are men for?
To drive to the cinema,
To guitar songs
Sing out the window at night!

And men are also needed
To give flowers,
To go to restaurants
Girls to drive!

To pay for a solarium,
Expensive dresses,
To give necklaces, bracelets,
Gold earrings!

And men are also needed
Just for love,
On February 23
We need them!


The streets are elegant – decorated with flags,
The Fatherland honors its defenders.
Happy holiday to you, our dear warriors,
We dedicate a verse to the February holiday.

Festive speeches and applause
They will be heard today at meetings in your honor.
Songs and legends are not in vain,
Defenders of the Fatherland, thank you for being there!


There are many different men in the world,
But the best one is you alone!
I don't know any more so beautiful,
Such noble men I am!

There is goodness and strength in your eyes,
Intelligence, charm, the heat of fire!
I admire you, darling,
There is no better in the world for me!

Therefore, on your men's holiday,
On the day of February 23,
I will not hide all my affection,
And I will congratulate only you with it!


Even if on shoulder straps
You have one star,
We will open a five-star hotel,
So that you will always be healthy!

Let the girls adore,
Great success awaits you,
Commanders respect.
From February 23!


Imagine opening a gift
And you look forward to pleasure,
And there's lotion or socks,
And you're burning with longing!

Let this not happen,
More expensive gifts,
What you need for you!
Happy February 23rd!


This holiday is nationwide
For workers, unemployed,
Old and young,
Bald, sighted and breast,

For the cheerful, sad, frisky,
And tipsy, and sober,
For your own, strangers and leftists,
White, red, tanned,

Kind, strong and not so much!
For men, for everyone, in short!
From February 23
I want to congratulate you!


Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts, real men.
There is a reason for congratulations and good reasons!
Defender's Day is on the calendar sheet today,
The holiday of honor and courage is February 23!
We want to wish you happiness, joy and long years,
So that they protect and keep us from troubles properly!

Original congratulations on February 23


February 23 is a holiday our father!
Grandfather's Holiday, Brother's holiday
And of course the battalion commander!
Since February 23, we do not congratulate you friends,
But thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
For our life and for the children,
For our peace and laughter of friends.
For the courage of the man, for the bravery of the grandfather,
After all, you fought for victory!


Happy Armed Forces and Navy Day!
Happy Big Men's Day,
To sailors, tankers, and infantry
We weren't sad anymore for no reason.

For pilots: weather in the blue sky;
To sailors: long days without a storm;
And to ordinary soldiers: with bread butter;
Well, for all men: be stronger!

And also love you all and happiness,
So that a faithful friend is waiting for you,
So that bad weather does not overtake you,
And there has always been the support of a friend.


Defender of the Fatherland,
I heartily congratulate you!
Let the joy be unchangeable
Inspires in life!
Let success await you,
Great achievements
And they will bring a lot of happiness
Victorious achievements!
Long live your family,
Thrives in prosperity,
And all relatives and friends
They wish you well!


Slow down the ladies step,
There is no escaping from delight,
February 23
Got in the way.

Joy and fireworks are everywhere,
And male, beautiful laughter,
It's not difficult for us at all
Congratulations to everyone today.

Let your dreams be like the wind,
Arrive at your door,
Happiness, courage, good luck,
A bright life without losses.


Red day of the calendar,
Defender's Day today.
We congratulate you:
Be strong and noble.

To be with you like behind a wall
Storms and thunderstorms are not terrible,
So that with a confident hand,
Would divert all threats.


Today is a holiday - February 23.
And I will congratulate you on this holiday.
Man you are reliable, brave, brave,
Man you are responsible, skillful.

I wish you only victories in your affairs,
Success, drive in life, and let the troubles
There will be no time, but only happiness,
You have a lot of love and a lot of passion!


Guns, rockets and armored vehicles,
And machine guns in the familiar hand
Peace and quiet are guarded by men -
Our border is firmly locked!

Even without rank, uniform and rank
It can be easily distinguished and recognized.
The one who is a real man in life,
Who can defend the Motherland.


Our men are waiting,
The whole Earth has been waiting too!
Congratulations at last
Since the twenty-third of February!

Accept congratulations!
We tried our best,
So that this day brought good luck,
Money, happiness!

So that all dreams come true,
So that every day and hour
Someone in the world will certainly
I would be happy to see you!


Only the best man
I dedicate these lines!
From the twenty-third of February
Congratulations! Congratulations!

I cannot count your virtues,
My man is positive,
I'm ready to sink forever
In the oceans of your eyes!

I wish you happiness,
And health, and love,
So that the joy is endless
Filled your days!


On the holiday of a real man,
On the holiday of those who keep our peace,
Who both in the days of war and in the days of rest
It will protect you from all misfortunes.

We sincerely wish you
Light, happiness, joy of goodness.
Let a real man have a better tomorrow than yesterday.

So that adversity will pass by,
So that your dreams will be colored.
So as not to know the troubles and bad weather,
So that there is no more war!

So that your loved ones, relatives,
Are polite and kind to you.
So that your eyes always shine with happiness
And luck led by the hand.

On this holiday, dear men,
We will pour into a glass of champagne,
We drink to you, to us, to life and happiness
So that everything will be fine for everyone.

Creative congratulations on February 23, 2022


Dear men, today for you,
All the words of congratulations sound.
We want to wish you peace, kindness,
Lots of happiness and inspiration.

You are the defenders of our and our country,
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
Let everything you wish come true.
And let the reward be worthy.


Happy Defender's Day, happy Brave Day!
Let all wishes come true:
Like candles in candelabra,
Let the successes shine.

All awards, all victories
Let them become available,
Only fear will be unknown,
And luck is relentless!


On the Winter day of the calendar
February twenty-third
We will congratulate the closest ones
Of your men, friends!

Brothers, grandfathers and fathers,
As one you are well done.
Because you are on guard,
Because the brave!

We are fine with you next to us,
You are a reliable wall.
And, for now, you're all on patrol
Our country is locked up!


How many roads were passed,
There were countless satellites...
Only you, my love, could prove it:
There is courage and honor in the world.

You are like an embodied ideal,
Like a prince who came from a dream,
He became the goal, the meaning of my life...
Best of all in the world, darling, you!

I have no reason today
On your fate, dear, grumble:
My protector is the best of men!
I am ready to congratulate you every day!


The merry holiday has come again,
Let the table be set for you,
Gifts, fireworks,
More - attention, comfort!

After all, this holiday is for you -
The day is February 23,
And you are a man just great!
I wish you a large reserve of strength,

Health - pud, love - wagon,
Successful ideas - a million,
More joyful friends,
To make it more fun for you!


Me since February 23
I want to congratulate you
And wish you a great life,
I did not drive, I did not grieve,
So that gasoline does not get more expensive,
So that the boss does not grumble,
So that the ladies curl in flocks .

Congratulations on February 23 to the pope

Father! You from the bottom of my heart
Congratulations to Mom and me!
We wish to reach all the peaks,
Successful cases - without edge!

Let your
be fulfilledCherished desires!
And on February 23, accept
A declaration of love from us!


The best, the smartest, sensitive,
The most gentle, wise and brave,
You will always support with a good joke,
With your heart you talk to me about important things,

You do not accept cliches, half-measures,
You do not throw your words to the wind.
Happy holidays, Daddy! Be an example
For a long time to my children,

And do not know diseases, my good,
Don't let yourself be depressed, doubtful,
Let a generous fate surprise you with great luck without delay.

Though winter is a capricious girl
Still crying in February,
Order spring to frolic in the shower,
It's your voice, Dad, the general's voice!


Today, Dad, there is a special reason
To tell you all our kind words,
You are the strongest, smartest, valiant man,
You are the support for the whole family, its head.

You will always be able to protect us from all problems, –
You have never lost a battle with them,
And even though you don't have a general's shoulder straps, -
For us, you are a real general!


Daddy is the main defender from troubles!
Strong, reliable, reasonable, skillful!
The whole world is celebrating with you today –
Know that you are my hero, beautiful and brave!

On the February holiday, wonderful, male
I only wish you the best!
Life is always good and easy for me
Knowing that dad protects me!


Congratulations on the 23rd of February,
Being a protector is your destiny.
I wish you to believe in your self,
Good luck feeling the touch.

I know that you can do anything,
You can achieve a lot.
I only want the best for you,
And I will be proud of you as always!


You are my best defender,
After all, since childhood, I have been a mountain for me.
I know there is no cooler dad,
You're my main super hero.

It's safe and secure with you,
I'm saying "thank you" to you.
And it's not difficult for me to say,
How much I love you.

I will wish you personally
Health, happiness and victories.
Let everything be fine in life,
Good luck to you for many years!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day,
Dear Dad, congratulations
And, of course, a long life
On this day I wish you.

Dad, I'm proud of you,
You're the best of fathers!
Peace, joy, peace!
Be happy, be loved, be healthy.


Be successful, healthy and remember,
I adore you, my dad.
You keep your luck in the palm of your hand,
Be inspired by the beauty of February!

From 23! May happiness be great
It will reign in a cheerful life.
Know that I treat you with my soul
And I will always, Dad, love!


We are in a hurry to congratulate Daddy with mom,
Happy Hero's Day, Men's Fathers Day!
A brave, strong warrior, he was in the army
And it doesn't really matter that he's not a commander.
Daddy, dear, we believe in faith,
In case of adversity or bad weather you,
Will you get up and cover mom and me
With a strong back, just like a mountain.
Happy holiday men - Daddy hero!


I want to congratulate Dad
On February 23!
Let the salary increase,
So that you do not work in vain.

Dad, we are proud of you –
There is no better father in the world!
We're having fun with you,
To the bitter end!

Congratulations to Dad on February 23, 2022 from children


Happy Men's Day, beloved daddy!
Smart, strong, brave, independent,
The most-the most! Know that even in slippers
You are the generalissimo for the whole family!

Janitor-time coughing cold,
Your years of foliage sweeps fallen,
But let the soul bloom! We need you,
We will follow you and fight hand-to-hand -

The army will surrender to the problems of everyday life.
Let troubles and sorrows run in panic.
Saluting, we wish you good health!
We love you, we glow with pride!


For me, you are the best,
Don't need advertising,
My kindest father,
A strong, brave fellow!

Let success open the doors
Into the world of great victories rather,
I congratulate you
On February 23!


Dear Father, today,
On February 23,
Let your spirit be lifted,
I love you very much!

Are you in a good mood
Meet every new day,
So that luck and luck
Created a paradise in life!


February is noisy with blizzards,
But the bad weather does not frighten at all,
Those with a character like steel,
Those who were defenders and want to be,

And on this holiday, my dear dad,
The one that is dedicated to all men,
I want to wish health, great joy,
May your courage and bravery not end!


Happy Defender's Day, Daddy,
I congratulate you.
Behind your mighty back
The family is safe.

I wish you strength,
To be always healthy,
Rejoiced to the victories,
So that the star led forward.

I am immensely proud of you,
Forever you are my hero.
May luck be, Dad,
Along the way, always with you.


My dear dad, my dear,
You will always be the most-the most.
Know that I am very proud of you,
Just like Mom is proud of you.

And even though I rarely say
What you should hear often:
About how I love you,
About the fact that there is no one dearer to you.

Today is a holiday for all men,
Who serve the Fatherland.
You've never been alone -
Mom and I really needed you.

But also in debt to the Motherland,
My dad, you're not staying.
And you served, and therefore you are called the Defender of the country.

I'll look at the calendar,
I 'll catch the numbers of the day with my eyes:
Here's the 23rd, February.
Congratulations to you, Dad.


Kind, attentive, brave —
These words are about you!
Let the daily gray
The sun is shining on you!

Let after hard work
And there will be an hour for myself,
Don't let worries bother you,
You're the best we have!

Dad, you're 23!
Let the snow fall in February,
We will celebrate the holiday together
And let's kiss you!


Daddy, you are our captain,
A hurricane is not terrible with you,
You're in the sun, the wind, even in the rain
You are leading the family ship forward.

When you have the steering wheel in your hands,
We are not afraid of the ninth wave.
I wish you a fortress in your hands
And pride in your eyes,

And there is a lot of tenderness in the heart,
Let there be peace in the soul,
So that you, Dad, are irresistible.
I congratulate you on Men's Day!


You will not regret your life for us,
You never get scared in battle,
You will save the Motherland from the enemy
And your beloved family!

You are a defender, a knight, a warrior for us,
And anyone can cope with the problem,
Dad, you are worthy of any awards,
And the whole family is proud of you!


The strongest, the bravest,
The most, the most expensive,
Dad is the best on the planet,
We are all proud of you!

So accept congratulations
From February 23.
In these bright moments
Know that we love you.

Congratulations on February 23 to dad from daughter


My daddy is the best,
The sweetest and dearest,
I love you and I know:
You are always, everywhere with me.

I want to congratulate you
On February 23.
At work to be appreciated,
To be respected by friends.

I am proud of you and I believe
That you're a superhero.
I appreciate your concern.
I'm very glad you're mine.


Happy Defender of the Country Day,
Congratulations to Daddy.
And from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you a lot of joy!

Let Dad's path be firm,
There will be no grief in life,
I want to wish you joy and happiness,
And also health!


From the twenty-third of February
Daddy, dear, you,
Be: healthy and energetic,
And always optimistic!

Always be you: brave, strong,
Let the income be stable,
Be: brutal, a gentleman,
With a strong spirit and an athlete!

May you succeed in everything,
Happiness, let it flow like a river
And your life attitude,
May it always be with you!


February 23 is coming,
Everyone's man's holiday.
And I congratulate you daddy,
The most important man!

I wish you great victories,
New plans, beginnings.
Happy long, long years
And the fulfillment of all desires!


Daddy, my beloved native,
For me, you are the most expensive,
I congratulate you on the holiday,
I'm proud of you and I just adore you.

Let your life flow like a full river,
Let there never be any flaws in it,
I wish you good joy, kindness,
Well-being, family warmth.


Happy Defender's Day, Daddy,
Congratulations, accept.
Their strong embrace
Open it for your daughter.

After all, Dad, you are the best,
The strongest, golden.
Be healthy always, cheerful.
I'm so lucky to be with you.


Beloved Dad, I look at you,
And I understand that you are the best in the world,
You are a big head for the family,
You are always responsible for all of us!

And on this holiday I cannot be silent,
I want to congratulate you on the men's holiday,
And as a daughter, I want to wish,
That you always be exactly like this!


February 23 is men's day,
I have such a beautiful one,
I congratulate you on the holiday,
I wish you happiness, joy, and all the best.

Be cheerful, joyful always,
Let luck accompany you,
Let the good mood never leave,
Let the dream always come true.


My daddy, my hero,
Strong, brave you are,
You will always save from troubles,
From February 23!

You're protecting me,
You help me with advice,
You often return to childhood,
You protect everyone from problems!

And I wish you,
Don't you ever get sick,
The best I have,
I love you with all my heart!


You are the most important defender for me,
You are men's model and standard,
So take it from your daughter, Dad,
There is a whole echelon of wishes:

So that the endurance was like that of the majors,
So that the courage of the general was,
And even if you don't wear leggings,
You are the main defender for me!

Congratulations on February 23 to dad from his son


Happy holiday to you, Daddy,
Happy our glorious men's day.
Strength, health, achievements
My son wishes from the bottom of his heart.

Stay an example to me,
Always be a faithful friend,
You are the very first adviser,
You will never betray.


Dad - you mean so much to me,
Thank you for everything, my dear,
You are affectionate with me, and sometimes strict,
And you give me instructions sometimes.

Since February 23, let me congratulate you,
I wish you joy, fun on this holiday,
As a son, I want to be like you,
To do good deeds.


Happy Male Defenders Day!
You, Father, are the only one
Wonderful, simple,
Surprisingly native,

Since childhood, a hero for me,
The closest, dear.
So live, father, without troubles,
Know the secret of luck,

Get happiness in your hands
And get more rest,
Let your health surprise you,
It will be as strong as granite!


You are not like a dad to me, but like a friend,
You will support me in everything, you always understand.
Any leisure is good with you,
So let it be everything you dream of!

I want to congratulate you today,
Wish you success, good luck in life.