Congratulations on February 23 to classmates

To future men,
Defenders of the country,
To our classmates
We wish today,

That you do not lose heart
From the hardships of life,
So that you protect us,
And not vice versa.

To be smart,
Well, just like Einstein,
To love the Motherland,
To drive laziness back.

So that moms are not upset,
And dad would be proud
For what kind of man
Growing up in their family.

Happy Courage and strength Day,
Boys! Let success
Keeps up with you.
You are the best of all!


To make the country proud of you,
So that mom is not ashamed,
Classmate, I wish!
Happy Men’s Day, I congratulate
In February, you, my friend!
Always be like a hero –
Be strong and be brave,
Let your path be bright!


We wish you heroic strength!
We wish you to be brave!
Have a commanding character
And love your homeland!

We congratulate you boys!
And on this day of the calendar,
We dedicate these lines to you
All since February 23!


My dear classmate,
Congratulations on Men’s Day!
You have a holiday today,
I wish to be like this
Very strong, brave, agile,
To protect the motherland,
To be able to hold a rifle,
Well, to wear boots!


Congratulations from the bottom of my heart
We are our boys!
Not to be found in the whole world
You are bolder and more beautiful.

We wish you all the best,
Courage, good luck!
Let everything be top class
And nothing else!


On a wonderful day in February
We will gather the boys
Happy men’s holiday to congratulate,
Do not leave without gifts.

You keep up with your studies,
“Twos”, “threes” do not grab,
Don’t make noise in the classroom,
And gnaw the granite of sciences.

We wish you good luck
And we pin our hopes,
We value and appreciate very much.
Well, we love, by the way.


Beloved boys, in this winter hour
All the girls of the class congratulate you!
We may be constantly quarreling, shouting,
But today we want to tell you exactly,
That we have the best boys!
Congratulations, the most beautiful class!


Granite of science, together with you,
We’ve been gnawing for a long time!
So take it, you sloppies,
You are my congratulations.

A beautiful holiday has come to us
Day 23rd of February!
I wish you health, happiness
My old friends.

Well, I think I’ve said everything I need.
I am not a master of speech to push.
I will add: The motherland, it is, after all, To love and protect.

So take care of her, you rascals,
as long as you have enough strength!
I wish this holiday
He awakened love for the Motherland.


Dear classmates,
Since February 23!
You are irreplaceable for us,
Our loyal friends.

We wish you good health
And reach any heights.
Happiness, joy, luck
And with a minimum of worries.

To always protect us,
You didn’t care about anything.
Never offended,
They helped us in everything!


Defenders, boys,
Your holiday has come!
We want that in your life
Everything was fine.

We wish you to learn without tails
And do not forget to rest,
Make friends, fall in love and love,
To receive joy from life.

Congratulations on February 23 to classmates at school


How many years have we studied
In the same class, at the same desk,
Over the years of study, we became friends,
Accept congratulations on your holiday!

Congratulations to you guys on February 23,
We wish you to study for “A’s”,
Become worthy people many years later,
And remember, we love and respect you.


On the calendar sheet
February 23,
Congratulations to you boys,
And we hope – not in vain!

Soon you will grow up,
And leave our class,
To protect the peace of the country,
It will be a sacred duty for you!

Don’t let you have interference,
In solving any problems,
May success accompany you,
We wish you happiness and good luck!


Boys from February 23 today
Everyone wants to congratulate you girls!
You will become stronger and nobler,
After all, men will grow out of guys!

Let your courage be an example!
And let the whole country be proud of you!
To ignite courage in the hearts,
After all, the power is not given to you in vain!


Today we found a reason,
To say “thank you” to the boys,
To admit, you are all well done,
And even sometimes, but jokingly,

You can even get us,
And we shout at you, scold you,
But on this day, let us say:
We congratulate you on the Defender’s Day from the heart!


Congratulations to all from the bottom of our hearts,
There is only one hope for you.
You can grow up slowly,
And grow up slowly.

But being brave is for you
The most important task.
To stand up for us,
Give the offenders change.

Boys, we wish you
To gain courage.
Learn lessons on time,
Everyone should try hard in their studies.


We wish you, dear boys,
To have everything that has been dreamed of for a long time!
So that you know about the power firsthand,
So that you are like supermen from the movies!

We wish everyone perseverance and patience,
So that you always study only for five,
Let your mood be great,
So that you want to shine with happiness!


I wish on Defenders Day, guys,
So that you can easily achieve all the goals!
Let the festive date give you joy,
So that you all bathe in a positive way!

I want to wish you well, good luck,
Health and, of course, a lot of strength,
So that difficult problems and tasks,
Each of you can easily solve this day!


February sweeps, but we don’t getting discouraged,
We will hurry to congratulate the boys,
We love and respect you all very much,
You are all number one defenders for us,

And we believe that when you grow up,
You will make men one hundred percent,
And all the desires that are written in the notebook,
They will be fulfilled, you just need to believe in that!


My dear classmate,
I wish you on this holiday
Fun, lots of positivity,
Future prospects
And living like a king.
Well, from February 23!


My dear classmate,
I congratulate you
On this excellent holiday – February 23!

May you be lucky, my friend,
Let there be joy in life,
So that you find everything you are looking for,
I lost my longing and sadness!

Congratulations to a classmate on February 23, 2022


On February 23,
Boys, congratulations.
The brightest, peaceful days
We sincerely wish you.

Our class is friendly and united,
So a dream will come true
Together we will win.
Be happy, friends.


You are so warm, reliable,
How is this so possible?
It’s just that all of you are daredevils,
Dear boys!

We are always ready to protect
All the girls again, again,
And not only in February, but always, all over the earth.