Congratulations on February 23 to the pope

Father! You from the bottom of my heart
Congratulations to Mom and me!
We wish to reach all the peaks,
Successful cases – without edge!

Let your
be fulfilledCherished desires!
And on February 23, accept
A declaration of love from us!


The best, the smartest, sensitive,
The most gentle, wise and brave,
You will always support with a good joke,
With your heart you talk to me about important things,

You do not accept cliches, half-measures,
You do not throw your words to the wind.
Happy holidays, Daddy! Be an example
For a long time to my children,

And do not know diseases, my good,
Don’t let yourself be depressed, doubtful,
Let a generous fate surprise you with great luck without delay.

Though winter is a capricious girl
Still crying in February,
Order spring to frolic in the shower,
It’s your voice, Dad, the general’s voice!


Today, Dad, there is a special reason
To tell you all our kind words,
You are the strongest, smartest, valiant man,
You are the support for the whole family, its head.

You will always be able to protect us from all problems, –
You have never lost a battle with them,
And even though you don’t have a general’s shoulder straps, –
For us, you are a real general!


Daddy is the main defender from troubles!
Strong, reliable, reasonable, skillful!
The whole world is celebrating with you today –
Know that you are my hero, beautiful and brave!

On the February holiday, wonderful, male
I only wish you the best!
Life is always good and easy for me
Knowing that dad protects me!


Congratulations on the 23rd of February,
Being a protector is your destiny.
I wish you to believe in your self,
Good luck feeling the touch.

I know that you can do anything,
You can achieve a lot.
I only want the best for you,
And I will be proud of you as always!


You are my best defender,
After all, since childhood, I have been a mountain for me.
I know there is no cooler dad,
You’re my main super hero.

It’s safe and secure with you,
I’m saying “thank you” to you.
And it’s not difficult for me to say,
How much I love you.

I will wish you personally
Health, happiness and victories.
Let everything be fine in life,
Good luck to you for many years!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day,
Dear Dad, congratulations
And, of course, a long life
On this day I wish you.

Dad, I’m proud of you,
You’re the best of fathers!
Peace, joy, peace!
Be happy, be loved, be healthy.


Be successful, healthy and remember,
I adore you, my dad.
You keep your luck in the palm of your hand,
Be inspired by the beauty of February!

From 23! May happiness be great
It will reign in a cheerful life.
Know that I treat you with my soul
And I will always, Dad, love!


We are in a hurry to congratulate Daddy with mom,
Happy Hero’s Day, Men’s Fathers Day!
A brave, strong warrior, he was in the army
And it doesn’t really matter that he’s not a commander.
Daddy, dear, we believe in faith,
In case of adversity or bad weather you,
Will you get up and cover mom and me
With a strong back, just like a mountain.
Happy holiday men – Daddy hero!


I want to congratulate Dad
On February 23!
Let the salary increase,
So that you do not work in vain.

Dad, we are proud of you –
There is no better father in the world!
We’re having fun with you,
To the bitter end!

Congratulations to Dad on February 23, 2022 from children


Happy Men’s Day, beloved daddy!
Smart, strong, brave, independent,
The most-the most! Know that even in slippers
You are the generalissimo for the whole family!

Janitor-time coughing cold,
Your years of foliage sweeps fallen,
But let the soul bloom! We need you,
We will follow you and fight hand-to-hand –

The army will surrender to the problems of everyday life.
Let troubles and sorrows run in panic.
Saluting, we wish you good health!
We love you, we glow with pride!


For me, you are the best,
Don’t need advertising,
My kindest father,
A strong, brave fellow!

Let success open the doors
Into the world of great victories rather,
I congratulate you
On February 23!


Dear Father, today,
On February 23,
Let your spirit be lifted,
I love you very much!

Are you in a good mood
Meet every new day,
So that luck and luck
Created a paradise in life!


February is noisy with blizzards,
But the bad weather does not frighten at all,
Those with a character like steel,
Those who were defenders and want to be,

And on this holiday, my dear dad,
The one that is dedicated to all men,
I want to wish health, great joy,
May your courage and bravery not end!


Happy Defender’s Day, Daddy,
I congratulate you.
Behind your mighty back
The family is safe.

I wish you strength,
To be always healthy,
Rejoiced to the victories,
So that the star led forward.

I am immensely proud of you,
Forever you are my hero.
May luck be, Dad,
Along the way, always with you.


My dear dad, my dear,
You will always be the most-the most.
Know that I am very proud of you,
Just like Mom is proud of you.

And even though I rarely say
What you should hear often:
About how I love you,
About the fact that there is no one dearer to you.

Today is a holiday for all men,
Who serve the Fatherland.
You’ve never been alone –
Mom and I really needed you.

But also in debt to the Motherland,
My dad, you’re not staying.
And you served, and therefore you are called the Defender of the country.

I’ll look at the calendar,
I ‘ll catch the numbers of the day with my eyes:
Here’s the 23rd, February.
Congratulations to you, Dad.


Kind, attentive, brave —
These words are about you!
Let the daily gray
The sun is shining on you!

Let after hard work
And there will be an hour for myself,
Don’t let worries bother you,
You’re the best we have!

Dad, you’re 23!
Let the snow fall in February,
We will celebrate the holiday together
And let’s kiss you!


Daddy, you are our captain,
A hurricane is not terrible with you,
You’re in the sun, the wind, even in the rain
You are leading the family ship forward.

When you have the steering wheel in your hands,
We are not afraid of the ninth wave.
I wish you a fortress in your hands
And pride in your eyes,

And there is a lot of tenderness in the heart,
Let there be peace in the soul,
So that you, Dad, are irresistible.
I congratulate you on Men’s Day!


You will not regret your life for us,
You never get scared in battle,
You will save the Motherland from the enemy
And your beloved family!

You are a defender, a knight, a warrior for us,
And anyone can cope with the problem,
Dad, you are worthy of any awards,
And the whole family is proud of you!


The strongest, the bravest,
The most, the most expensive,
Dad is the best on the planet,
We are all proud of you!

So accept congratulations
From February 23.
In these bright moments
Know that we love you.

Congratulations on February 23 to dad from daughter


My daddy is the best,
The sweetest and dearest,
I love you and I know:
You are always, everywhere with me.

I want to congratulate you
On February 23.
At work to be appreciated,
To be respected by friends.

I am proud of you and I believe
That you’re a superhero.
I appreciate your concern.
I’m very glad you’re mine.


Happy Defender of the Country Day,
Congratulations to Daddy.
And from the bottom of my heart,
I wish you a lot of joy!

Let Dad’s path be firm,
There will be no grief in life,
I want to wish you joy and happiness,
And also health!


From the twenty-third of February
Daddy, dear, you,
Be: healthy and energetic,
And always optimistic!

Always be you: brave, strong,
Let the income be stable,
Be: brutal, a gentleman,
With a strong spirit and an athlete!

May you succeed in everything,
Happiness, let it flow like a river
And your life attitude,
May it always be with you!


February 23 is coming,
Everyone’s man’s holiday.
And I congratulate you daddy,
The most important man!

I wish you great victories,
New plans, beginnings.
Happy long, long years
And the fulfillment of all desires!


Daddy, my beloved native,
For me, you are the most expensive,
I congratulate you on the holiday,
I’m proud of you and I just adore you.

Let your life flow like a full river,
Let there never be any flaws in it,
I wish you good joy, kindness,
Well-being, family warmth.


Happy Defender’s Day, Daddy,
Congratulations, accept.
Their strong embrace
Open it for your daughter.

After all, Dad, you are the best,
The strongest, golden.
Be healthy always, cheerful.
I’m so lucky to be with you.


Beloved Dad, I look at you,
And I understand that you are the best in the world,
You are a big head for the family,
You are always responsible for all of us!

And on this holiday I cannot be silent,
I want to congratulate you on the men’s holiday,
And as a daughter, I want to wish,
That you always be exactly like this!


February 23 is men’s day,
I have such a beautiful one,
I congratulate you on the holiday,
I wish you happiness, joy, and all the best.

Be cheerful, joyful always,
Let luck accompany you,
Let the good mood never leave,
Let the dream always come true.


My daddy, my hero,
Strong, brave you are,
You will always save from troubles,
From February 23!

You’re protecting me,
You help me with advice,
You often return to childhood,
You protect everyone from problems!

And I wish you,
Don’t you ever get sick,
The best I have,
I love you with all my heart!


You are the most important defender for me,
You are men’s model and standard,
So take it from your daughter, Dad,
There is a whole echelon of wishes:

So that the endurance was like that of the majors,
So that the courage of the general was,
And even if you don’t wear leggings,
You are the main defender for me!

Congratulations on February 23 to dad from his son


Happy holiday to you, Daddy,
Happy our glorious men’s day.
Strength, health, achievements
My son wishes from the bottom of his heart.

Stay an example to me,
Always be a faithful friend,
You are the very first adviser,
You will never betray.


Dad – you mean so much to me,
Thank you for everything, my dear,
You are affectionate with me, and sometimes strict,
And you give me instructions sometimes.

Since February 23, let me congratulate you,
I wish you joy, fun on this holiday,
As a son, I want to be like you,
To do good deeds.


Happy Male Defenders Day!
You, Father, are the only one
Wonderful, simple,
Surprisingly native,

Since childhood, a hero for me,
The closest, dear.
So live, father, without troubles,
Know the secret of luck,

Get happiness in your hands
And get more rest,
Let your health surprise you,
It will be as strong as granite!


You are not like a dad to me, but like a friend,
You will support me in everything, you always understand.
Any leisure is good with you,
So let it be everything you dream of!

I want to congratulate you today,
Wish you success, good luck in life.