Creative greetings from February 23

Let a gorgeous beauty fall in love with you,
Life will be yours
Just the way you like it!

Let your friends please
Sudden raids,
Let the whole family appreciate,
And you will gain success!

Let you work
A rather big boss,
Let the path lead to happiness!
Happy February holiday to you!


I want to congratulate men
On February 23.
You are the honor and pride of the whole country,
The fatherland’s faithful sons.
You are every day and at any hour
They are ready to close us with themselves,
I wish happiness without edges,
And a peaceful life, without fighting,
I wish peace, silence
I am to you, defenders of the country.


To men on February 23,
I wish peace and good,
Health, strength to the end,
So that they never give up!

Let courage reign in the hearts,
We overcame all obstacles,
You were all happy with life,
Happy holidays, guys!


What are men for?
To drive to the cinema,
To guitar songs
Sing out the window at night!

And men are also needed
To give flowers,
To go to restaurants
Girls to drive!

To pay for a solarium,
Expensive dresses,
To give necklaces, bracelets,
Gold earrings!

And men are also needed
Just for love,
On February 23
We need them!


The streets are elegant – decorated with flags,
The Fatherland honors its defenders.
Happy holiday to you, our dear warriors,
We dedicate a verse to the February holiday.

Festive speeches and applause
They will be heard today at meetings in your honor.
Songs and legends are not in vain,
Defenders of the Fatherland, thank you for being there!


There are many different men in the world,
But the best one is you alone!
I don’t know any more so beautiful,
Such noble men I am!

There is goodness and strength in your eyes,
Intelligence, charm, the heat of fire!
I admire you, darling,
There is no better in the world for me!

Therefore, on your men’s holiday,
On the day of February 23,
I will not hide all my affection,
And I will congratulate only you with it!


Even if on shoulder straps
You have one star,
We will open a five-star hotel,
So that you will always be healthy!

Let the girls adore,
Great success awaits you,
Commanders respect.
From February 23!


Imagine opening a gift
And you look forward to pleasure,
And there’s lotion or socks,
And you’re burning with longing!

Let this not happen,
More expensive gifts,
What you need for you!
Happy February 23rd!


This holiday is nationwide
For workers, unemployed,
Old and young,
Bald, sighted and breast,

For the cheerful, sad, frisky,
And tipsy, and sober,
For your own, strangers and leftists,
White, red, tanned,

Kind, strong and not so much!
For men, for everyone, in short!
From February 23
I want to congratulate you!


Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts, real men.
There is a reason for congratulations and good reasons!
Defender’s Day is on the calendar sheet today,
The holiday of honor and courage is February 23!
We want to wish you happiness, joy and long years,
So that they protect and keep us from troubles properly!

Original congratulations on February 23


February 23 is a holiday our father!
Grandfather’s Holiday, Brother’s holiday
And of course the battalion commander!
Since February 23, we do not congratulate you friends,
But thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
For our life and for the children,
For our peace and laughter of friends.
For the courage of the man, for the bravery of the grandfather,
After all, you fought for victory!


Happy Armed Forces and Navy Day!
Happy Big Men’s Day,
To sailors, tankers, and infantry
We weren’t sad anymore for no reason.

For pilots: weather in the blue sky;
To sailors: long days without a storm;
And to ordinary soldiers: with bread butter;
Well, for all men: be stronger!

And also love you all and happiness,
So that a faithful friend is waiting for you,
So that bad weather does not overtake you,
And there has always been the support of a friend.


Defender of the Fatherland,
I heartily congratulate you!
Let the joy be unchangeable
Inspires in life!
Let success await you,
Great achievements
And they will bring a lot of happiness
Victorious achievements!
Long live your family,
Thrives in prosperity,
And all relatives and friends
They wish you well!


Slow down the ladies step,
There is no escaping from delight,
February 23
Got in the way.

Joy and fireworks are everywhere,
And male, beautiful laughter,
It’s not difficult for us at all
Congratulations to everyone today.

Let your dreams be like the wind,
Arrive at your door,
Happiness, courage, good luck,
A bright life without losses.


Red day of the calendar,
Defender’s Day today.
We congratulate you:
Be strong and noble.

To be with you like behind a wall
Storms and thunderstorms are not terrible,
So that with a confident hand,
Would divert all threats.


Today is a holiday – February 23.
And I will congratulate you on this holiday.
Man you are reliable, brave, brave,
Man you are responsible, skillful.

I wish you only victories in your affairs,
Success, drive in life, and let the troubles
There will be no time, but only happiness,
You have a lot of love and a lot of passion!


Guns, rockets and armored vehicles,
And machine guns in the familiar hand
Peace and quiet are guarded by men –
Our border is firmly locked!

Even without rank, uniform and rank
It can be easily distinguished and recognized.
The one who is a real man in life,
Who can defend the Motherland.


Our men are waiting,
The whole Earth has been waiting too!
Congratulations at last
Since the twenty-third of February!

Accept congratulations!
We tried our best,
So that this day brought good luck,
Money, happiness!

So that all dreams come true,
So that every day and hour
Someone in the world will certainly
I would be happy to see you!


Only the best man
I dedicate these lines!
From the twenty-third of February
Congratulations! Congratulations!

I cannot count your virtues,
My man is positive,
I’m ready to sink forever
In the oceans of your eyes!

I wish you happiness,
And health, and love,
So that the joy is endless
Filled your days!


On the holiday of a real man,
On the holiday of those who keep our peace,
Who both in the days of war and in the days of rest
It will protect you from all misfortunes.

We sincerely wish you
Light, happiness, joy of goodness.
Let a real man have a better tomorrow than yesterday.

So that adversity will pass by,
So that your dreams will be colored.
So as not to know the troubles and bad weather,
So that there is no more war!

So that your loved ones, relatives,
Are polite and kind to you.
So that your eyes always shine with happiness
And luck led by the hand.

On this holiday, dear men,
We will pour into a glass of champagne,
We drink to you, to us, to life and happiness
So that everything will be fine for everyone.

Creative congratulations on February 23, 2022


Dear men, today for you,
All the words of congratulations sound.
We want to wish you peace, kindness,
Lots of happiness and inspiration.

You are the defenders of our and our country,
We congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts.
Let everything you wish come true.
And let the reward be worthy.


Happy Defender’s Day, happy Brave Day!
Let all wishes come true:
Like candles in candelabra,
Let the successes shine.

All awards, all victories
Let them become available,
Only fear will be unknown,
And luck is relentless!


On the Winter day of the calendar
February twenty-third
We will congratulate the closest ones
Of your men, friends!

Brothers, grandfathers and fathers,
As one you are well done.
Because you are on guard,
Because the brave!

We are fine with you next to us,
You are a reliable wall.
And, for now, you’re all on patrol
Our country is locked up!


How many roads were passed,
There were countless satellites…
Only you, my love, could prove it:
There is courage and honor in the world.

You are like an embodied ideal,
Like a prince who came from a dream,
He became the goal, the meaning of my life…
Best of all in the world, darling, you!

I have no reason today
On your fate, dear, grumble:
My protector is the best of men!
I am ready to congratulate you every day!


The merry holiday has come again,
Let the table be set for you,
Gifts, fireworks,
More – attention, comfort!

After all, this holiday is for you –
The day is February 23,
And you are a man just great!
I wish you a large reserve of strength,

Health – pud, love – wagon,
Successful ideas – a million,
More joyful friends,
To make it more fun for you!


Me since February 23
I want to congratulate you
And wish you a great life,
I did not drive, I did not grieve,
So that gasoline does not get more expensive,
So that the boss does not grumble,
So that the ladies curl in flocks .