Funny greetings from February 23

On such a snowy day of the calendar
There is a great reason for the holiday.
Congratulations on February 23
To you only, the best man on earth!

You are the embodiment of strength, strength, intelligence.
How beautiful you are, of course.
You are collected, restrained, very patient.
So I can talk for a long time, verbatim.

However, a million words are not enough for me,
To describe you in all its glory, of course.
Let life become more beautiful than bright dreams.
Let everything around you be successful.

Let love warm the soul every day, And let the world give pleasure and joy.
Let happiness shine again and again,
Giving you peace and sweetness of life.


You, like an eagle, are beautiful, graceful,
Strong, smart, ambitious in everything!
You protect your family like a lion,
And you don’t let anyone get close!

Do you know how to get, store currency,
And you can masterfully wash dishes,
Bringing joy to his tigress,
And, undoubtedly, only touching!

That’s how you are… you are a true man,
You have intelligence, and kindness, and strength,
Success itself puts you only as an example,
And he has a sharpened eye!

I wish that there was always a house in abundance,
In work, in personal life everything is fine,
With the harsh twenty-third of February
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!


Congratulations on February 23,
Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart I wish,
To protect yourself from an abundance of attention,
Femininity, flirtation, charm,

Protect yourself from baking rays,
Only fight off mosquitoes
At the best resort near the sea,
Drink whiskey from happiness, not grief!


Your gaze burns with the fire of courage,
You go to battle with the enemy more fearless than a tiger,
You can boast of many awards
And in “Tanchiki”, and in other difficult games,

Where you are both a wise tactician and a strategist.
But on this holiday of courage I wish,
That financial success was loud,
Let the victories rumble in labor,

Rivals are looking with caution
On how the powerful biceps bulges,
And the girls are gorgeous all in a row
You will become in the style of \”nude \” at night to dream.

And in life, be in the ranks among those men,
Who is for family, friends is worth a mountain.
So let there be a thousand reasons
Under a peaceful sky to call you a hero!


We raise all our glasses to those men who walk in boots.
Rookies, lieutenants, generals,
We drink to everyone who is on duty today!

We can even get very drunk here,
So that only you feel good there,
To all barracks and to all borders
Your wonderful holiday has come.


Every year in the last month of winter
There is a special reason for the holiday,
And we are glad to congratulate on the February day
All of you, our real men!

Let poems and songs sound in your honor,
Glorifying valor, courage and strength,
How great it is that you men are!
Congratulations from February 23!


Don’t waste your time, my friend,
On February 23.
You take advantage of this moment,
Accept all compliments,
Congratulations and gifts.
Let the sex be hot at night.
In general, use it with a vengeance,
That today you are a hero.


Accept congratulations
on February 23,
Men are all waiting for fun,
Gifts are given by the whole family.

Let him stock up on humor,
To sincerely thank,
After all, he will have to spend a whole year
Keep memories.

I wish you to swell with luck,
And not from beer with barbecue,
And be in a great mood,
Leave the sofa for later.


To protect the Motherland,
It is necessary not to know the taste of vodka,
To do more sports
And get a little pumped up.

Women should be respected,
Always carry them on your hands,
forgive them, love them, put up with them,
Don’t smoke, don’t swear.

In general, to be an example in everything,
The very best, the very first.
I say this in vain on February 23,
After all, today all the guys…
You can get drunk in the trash.

It is impossible not to note
February 23.
Tomorrow with a sick head
Everyone will be like a “hero”.


On Defender’s Day, eagle,
I wish to fall into the moat with success,
So that I come across a treasure of love
And clicked on the nose interference.

Let it hang on you
Luck is a sultry maiden,
And let the Crane win in a dashing fight, not a tit!

Funny greetings to men on February 23


Congratulations to you today,
Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
You are a man – just super,
And smart, and good!

Therefore I wish money,
A lot – a lot – the ocean,
And also a car, a cottage,
Gilded fountain,

And health, and success,
Happiness, joy, good luck,
And let it be on your field
The best match will be!


Be cheerful, always cheerful,
Brave, kind and healthy!
I wish you fruitful business,
Everything will come out – I know for sure!

Let the dream come true soon,
Happiness, joy sparkles,
Everything will be fine in life,
Quiet, peaceful, very clear!

Let luck accompany you,
The mood will be cool,
From the twenty-third of February
I congratulate you!


February gave us a wonderful holiday,
Again, there is a reason for warm congratulations,
We heartily say today
Tell you that we really appreciate you, men!

Let the holiday only bring joy,
Let the snow and ice melt from warm words,
May luck accompany you in everything,
Every day will be the happiest for you!


Once again a holiday, strict and beautiful,
Comes to us at the end of winter,
And the smartest, kindest, strongest –
We want to congratulate men!

They are not playing heroes,
They will be able to repulse the enemy,
They despise danger
And they don’t run away from work.

Always ready to help people
And they know what honor is …
We appreciate you and love you very much,
And thank God that you are!


This day, know for sure, is for you!
You are a defender, you are a true friend,
I am grateful to the world, fate,
That one day we met suddenly.

I wish you love,
Days full of fart and joy,
Live the longest and the happiest,
More sun and less rain.


All men are soldiers at heart:
Dragged in childhood machines
And on toy horses
They loved to chase sparrows.
Now everyone is ready to fight,
Happy and proud of themselves,
Crumple blankets on sofas,
Portraying generals.
So, life is not in vain.
All since February 23!


The men’s merry holiday has come,
(I’m not talking about the bathhouse),
I want to congratulate you, prankster,
I give wishes from the heart!

Without a fight, so that women give up,
Carrying a white flag from lace,
And you didn’t try to fight back,
And every day such a full house!

I wish you to celebrate vigorously,
Everyone knows – still that fighter,
And to frolic in the restaurant, a brutal festive male!


Let the genius wake up in you,
As long as he can sleep.
Many new achievements,
How to win Suvorov.

Captivate with your idea
Even those who are not with you.
Be quicker and more brazen,
Be always ready to fight.

Plow the expanses of love,
For a friend, do not spare a ruble.
Eyes on men today,
From February 23!


Let the topic be so simple, hackneyed,
But on this important day of the year
We all need protection from you,
So as not to get into trouble, into trouble.

We all need love, care,
A man’s shoulder, finally.
And to protect – you have a job
And the crown of a meaningful life!

Let you drink a lot today,
We are glad to receive gifts.
But you are responsible to work
They should also come on a holiday!


Let from admiration
Ladies are losing their speech
And to you without delay
They let themselves be carried away.

Let the Motherland be honored
Worthy sons,
And it will not be capricious
Good luck soon.

Let the career ladder
Aspires boldly upward
And, as a faithful friend,
Success brings you.

To you in any conditions
No one has overcome –
We wish you good health
And drive for a hundred years!

Funny greetings for February 23, 2022


On the holiday of men, I wish you all
I want only pleasant changes in fate,
To win a prize is very valuable, for example, to make a successful career quickly.

I want to strive for new dreams,
Let him not sit still for a long time,
He will be with you, covering the rear,
Let a fighting friend be next to him.

< a href=" " class="highslide">></a><!--MEnd--></p><div class='zvezda-razdel'><span class='zvezda-content'>***</span></div><p></p><p class=\I wish you a day of protection and strength
Not to hear \”my bunny\”, \”my darling\”,
I want to remain a brutal male
And to be them always, and not just to seem!

I wish the absence of \”nyashek\”, \”mimishek\”,
Pouty lips, quotes not from books,
Let sincerity, tenderness fill your home!
From February 23rd! Happy your day!


We wish you, beloved men,
The whole female half of the Earth
For joy, smiles, there were reasons,
So that you could do everything in this world.

We wish you good Siberian health,
After all, you have no courage and strength to occupy.
Let your loved ones surround you with love, let grace reign in your house.

Don’t let happiness and success leave you,
Let the bills go to the wallet themselves,
Let the hindrances collapse in fear of you, let the soul and heart sing in unison.

Of course, wish fulfillment
And also to be at the helm of life,
Fun dating, new knowledge.
Men, from February 23!


Our dear, strong men,
Finally, your dreams will come true.
Beautiful women have a reason now
Sing you compliments and give you flowers.

You will be told a bunch of congratulations today
And they will give you a razor, foam and socks.
There is no more expensive for you, let’s say without a doubt.
Happy holidays, our dear men!


Congratulations on the day of brave men
And I wish that in my destiny
I have done a lot of important things,
I’ve never cheated on myself.

So that the word is harder than steel,
So that there is a reliable hand.
So that you are not betrayed in anything,
So that the thread of friendship is strong.

So that love captivates you forever,
So that you share bread and shelter with her.
To have everything in life for happiness –
And no more unnecessary words are needed!


Let your holiday be a little harsh,
But it already smells like spring,
Spends the winter on the road,
He will wave his hand after her!

And you will have adventures, a noisy feast with friends …
Accept our admiration,
Men, we are good for you!


You’re a man at least where, my love!
Intelligence, courage, bearing and becoming.
Happy holidays! Let there be an eagle look
Happiness is dazzling to shine.

And with a victorious, my hero, chant
Chop the problems into minced meat.
And forget the alignment to the left!
Quickly under my side – step march!


Happy Defender’s Day, beloved men,
Without hesitation, we will repeat to you today,
That half of us remain without you,
We love you dearly and idolize you.

In life, let everything be easy for you,
Let the failures not be able to break you,
After all, a man does not give up, does not give up,
Maybe just retreat for a while.


As long as there are men like you in the world,
Girls have the ideal of their dreams.
Be brave, don’t delay, catch your luck,
Be the first in work, hunting, love,

You catch the cherished goal in sight,
Let everything you ever wanted come true,
Strike down all men’s beauty on the spot –
You’re a tough nut and a cool pepper!


We wish you good luck, strength, health and goodness!
To all the difficult tasks
Were resolved with a bang!

Blizzard, so that the winter subsided
On the red day of the calendar.
So that happiness overtakes you
On the twenty-third of February!

Funny congratulations on February 23


A fighter for life and a defender,
A worthy son of his country,
Let it not be world famous,
But you, my friend, are the only one!

On the day of glorious men – heroes –
I wish strength, love, kindness,
The implementation of all plans,
To break the sorrows to smithereens!

And find the most important treasure in the world –
The native woman of dreams.
Become richer than any bankers –
And you will be happy forever!


Men are cute, congratulations
And a whole crowd of wishes.
We wish you a major mood
And it is always easy to take any height.

We wish you love, great wealth,
Good health for many years,
Never part with luck
And on the fronts of any, of course, victories.


Men, laurels are waiting for you now,
A night salute is booming for everyone!
So with the 23rd! Let the timpani
They are beating in honor of everyone today!

It doesn’t matter if you were a hero,
Or I didn’t have a chance to serve,
You were always a dashing cowboy,
And there is always a demand for such!

I wish to look at everything soberly,
So that the insidious serpent does not strike down!
Then jump through life briskly
You will have enough strength for a long time!


Since the twenty-third of February!
Let the girls love:
Olya, Sveta, Katerina,
Nastenki, Alyonki!

Let your soul of adversity
Never knows,
And I also wish for money –
Let there be enough for everything!


With caresses even before our era
Women met hotly
Those men who proudly walked into the caves,
The mammoth was shouldered.