Poems from February 23, 2022

Men’s share is not simple,
What to do, life is war,
Then he will feed a pood of salt,
Then a glass of wine will serve.

Who is at the mine or in the navy,
A brave hero in the army,
And someone at work –
Hot frontline.

For the defender of the fatherland,
Let’s drink together with the whole country,
Which sometimes saves lives,
Gives shelter, love, peace.

Know, breadwinner, we are with you,
Wherever you plow the path,
Be always kept by fate,
We will cover the rear with our breasts.


Defender and reliable rear,
I praise you today!
I gave peace to the motherland!
From the bottom of my heart I wish:

Good luck, glory, courage,
Success, achievements,
There are many great victories,
Perseverance for achievements,

Friends are only faithful brotherhood,
Good luck good genius,
Spiritual wealth,
To the beautiful aspirations!


As long as my country lives –
The Homeland needs protection.
You will stand up for her like a mountain –
Man, our glorious hero!

Always be strong, like steel,
Let sadness bypass you,
Without unnecessary phrases, beautiful words
You are ready to serve the Motherland!


We congratulate you wholeheartedly
Happy Army and Navy Day,
May you be many more years
Hope and bulwark!

Let there be joy from
That you are always loved,
That there is happiness and warmth in the house
They are forever preserved by fate.

Let this day sound for you
Solemn songs!
Don’t let the stock run out
Health, strength and honor!


Let’s say thank you to all men,
For bravery, help and love.
May your life be raspberry,
And happiness visits again!


Happy holiday to you, dear men,
Defenders of our huge country!
Let there never be a reason
Learn the cannonade of a real war!

Will always be with you let joy with luck,
Let the career only go uphill!
Goals, desires, tasks will be fulfilled,
And always let happiness live in your heart!


From February 23
I congratulate you.
All defenders of the country
We should celebrate this day.

You simply have no equal,
So be healthy for a hundred years,
Bright, bold and energetic.
And always optimistic!


You’re a man-that’s the point.
Be happy in a harsh life.
There is a bright star in the sky
Let it illuminate the shores.

Your choice will be right,
Friends accompany you.
Pure love and devotion,
The roads are bright and radiant,

Courage, courage and strength,
All goals will be achievable.
Health, happiness, peace and goodness.
Happy Defender’s Day! From February 23!


Be a reliable defender,
Admire the power of the spirit.
Even what is impossible
Imagined, embody.

Be strong and noble,
Choose your right path.
And out of many, many hundreds
Be the best, be the first.


February is as harsh as a man’s heart,
We were frozen by ice and frozen by dreams,
But he saved the keys to the hidden door,
Which will lead to the eve of spring.

He gives us the last winter holiday,
And on this February 23rd
I dream of sincerely congratulating you
And wish – the steering wheel from the ship

Keep your destiny always stronger,
So that luck finds the way to you,
So that you breathe easily, straighten your shoulders,
So that the thaw comes to your heart again.

Congratulations on February 23 in verse


Happy Defender’s Day congratulations
The best of men now.
We praise your mind and strength
And we hope for you.

We want to say in verse,
As we have you, all of you,
We love you very much. We are behind you
Like behind a stone wall!


Congratulations to you
From February 23.
Celebration of honor and courage
On a calendar sheet.

We wish you success
And wonderful prospects,
Happiness, joy and laughter.
Let life give a positive!


February… Winter, blizzard and cold…
But the holiday will melt the snow for us!
Today, who is old, who is young, –
It doesn’t matter, we honor everyone!

We congratulate those “who are in trousers”,
Defenders: husbands, fathers,
Sons, loved ones, brothers, grandchildren:
Yes, all Russian men!


Today is a significant holiday –
Defender’s celebration,
He is weighty, wonderful.
Accept congratulations warmly!

The task assigned is difficult –
The fatherland cannot be given to the enemy.
And will be able to protect reliable
To defend Russia’s peace!

I want to congratulate you,
Words to say admiringly.
Only the best, the very best
In life I wish you!


On a glorious day dedicated to men,
I would like to wish you –
To be loved for no reason,
Set goals and achieve them.

So that the tasks were feasible,
And the reward was high,
So that our capricious, luck
She was reputed to be your faithful friend.

So that from the very top to the heels
Filled with health and laughter.
And more than a dozen
Surprise everyone with your life.


On a February holiday with warmth
We congratulate you, men!
We wish you earthly joy
For our strong half,

So that fate protects you
From all hardships and regrets
And I helped you in life
Go through the road of achievements,

So that every day brings happiness to the light
And all the tasks were solved in an instant,
Good luck to you, joyful victories,
Love, success and good luck!


You are a defender and a hero in life,
Brave, strong, strong-willed.
You served the Motherland with honor,
And he hardened his character!

I wish you peace, love and patience,
A clear sky over your head.
May your achievements be grandiose,
So that friends and family will be proud of you!


I want to congratulate you, friends,
I have been since February 23!
And I’m in a hurry to wish you soon
More happiness and friends.

To keep your health strong,
Let love shoot straight,
Let the sun shine brightly for you,
Relatives give you gifts.

To go on vacation – only to the Maldives,
And to have money – a big bag.
More joy, warmth
Today, tomorrow and always!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day,
From February 23,
To all who are marked with courage,
Today I congratulate you!

May your valor and bravery
It will only get brighter over the years.
I wish you happiness and good,
Health will be stronger than steel.

Comfort and joy as a reward,
Let them live in your house.
A little bit is necessary for happiness –
So let there always be enough of everything!


The man is strong by nature
Not only with the body, but with the mind.
A man is the progenitor of the genus,
We take great care of men.

You are worthy of beautiful speeches
Much more often than once a year.
You are worthy of happy minutes
Amid a lifetime of pain and adversity.

But it just so happened, men,
That only on your February holiday
We praise you so decorously,
Charming and infuriating.

Congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day in verse


From the twenty-third of February
I hasten to congratulate you.
Let everything be fine:
Farts on personal and with cash!

More happiness and love,
Let your dreams come true!
Always walk with a smile,
Go ahead and don’t mess up!


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day
Congratulations today.
Let it not be in your life
Sadness and sadness.

May you always be strong,
And may fate be beautiful.
You live under a peaceful sky
And under the clear sun.


Happy Defender of the Fatherland Day, men!
Know, this holiday is very dear to us.
After all, there are serious reasons
Congratulations to give today to you.

We wish you stability, good luck,
Happiness in life and brilliant victories.
And, of course, earthly love in addition,
So that your joy lasts for many years!


You are imposing, strong, handsome and slender,
You are attentive to those who are nearby.
There is no place for fuss: always calm,
And he is not capable of treachery, revenge.

You are the one whose image is in the novels,
In women’s magazines and hearts.
You are a true man, in your plans
To carry care on your shoulders.


Defenders of the Fatherland are real men,
You, standing guard of the Motherland with weapons,
Happy holiday today, we congratulate you,
And hand over our gifts from the bottom of our hearts!

Let the February winter day be gray and cold,
February 23 is a national holiday!
We wish you, defenders of the Fatherland – Russia
Health, happiness, long days, and love, and strength!


Let life give gifts,
You have earned them for a long time!
Let the victories be so bright,
As in your glass of wine!

Defender and our glorious warrior,
In the service and in life! Always!
Worthy of all the awards in the world,
Let the star illuminate the path!

I wish to strive for the heights,
You can conquer them all!
Subject to fortune’s laws,
After all, she is in league with you!


Today is a holiday for all men,
Accept congratulations!
Let there be many reasons
To take off the mood,

The fate of the straight road
Leads to the earthly peaks
And covers with his head
There’s an avalanche of love for you!


Being a real man is not easy –
A breadwinner, a support and a shoulder.
Let you have enough strength for everything,
Let all difficulties be at ease,

Let life have precious moments
You will not have lived in vain,
Let wisdom, good luck and patience
Enough. Since the twenty-third of February!


23rd on the calendar,
The day is solemn and bright.
I wish from the bottom of my heart to you,
Get gifts soon!

To win with honor in any fight,
To fulfill all bold desires.
Love, protect your family,
And proudly wear such a title!


All the wonderful men today,
We want to congratulate you on Defender’s Day.
Even more worthy to be and nobler,
On this beautiful day we wish them.

Health, happiness, courage and strength,
From the bottom of our hearts we want to wish,
And, whatever happens in life,
Always protect us, weak women!

Poems from February 23, 2022


Dear men, congratulations,
We wish you happiness, health, and success.
Let this holiday be always,
We and the country are proud of you.

Be loved, live long,
Bring stability and good to the house,
And don’t you ever get sick,
May your native land protect you.


There are many holidays in the world,
The most masculine is only one.
Our dear defenders
Today we want to congratulate you.

Be healthy, rich,
May you have enough strength for everything!
Happiness, love will be near,
In joy, all life will pass!


Red day of the calendar
And the frost outside is severe.
Since the twenty-third of February!
Be happy and healthy.

From the heart, from the heart I say:
Let everything in life be smooth.
So that the heart hears “I love”,
And in the soul so that it is both warm and sweet.


From the beautiful half,
Congratulations to you, men.
From the twenty-third of February
Congratulations, voila!

Let them write about you in the press,
The cubes are getting stronger on the press,
A bundle of shares of Gazprom to you,
Two Rolls-Royces near the house.

Not a dusty job for you,
Let the income grow steadily.