Birthday greetings to a 4-year-old girl

Words are not enough to describe,
Tell me everything about you.
You are the best in this world,
Baby, you’re four.
You strive to know a lot,
You can tell your friends.
Do you like toys, books,
Play even with a boy.
You always bring light into the house,
And ask for forgiveness.
You are cultured and neat,
Everything is always fine with you.
Polite and so sweet,
Be happy for the ages.

Happy birthday, girl,
Sweet candy,
You’re only four
And there is no happier in the world.
Look at how many gifts,
Balloons, bright boxes,
A variety of surprises –
Funny and beautiful.


You are the most wonderful of daughters,
Such an innocent, sweet angel,
That carelessly flits all day
And he gives his smile to others.

You turn four today,
There is no one more precious in the whole world.
Your ringing and perky laugh
More important than all the riches in the world.

Grow up healthy, smart and happy,
Obedient, charming, beautiful.
We congratulate you on your birthday,
We wish you fun, joy, and good luck.


You’re not a whim anymore
And you will restore order.
You are wonderful simpapulya,
Four years – you are blooming.

For everyone, you will always be a baby,
At least you will not grow up a little.
You give the sun and warmth,
We want you to be lucky.


Four years – anniversary
For a little person.
Grow up, beauty, hurry up
To be smarter than everyone else.

Please us with a rare mind,
With his charm.
Always be so affectionate
And a fabulous creature.

We want to wish you
The happiest childhood.
From adult life anyway
We can’t get anywhere!


Our daughter, you’re four.
Do you want to know about everything:
“And where are the holes in the cheese from?
Why is it lighter during the day?”
Playing with passion
In dolls, hide and seek without a doubt,
You repeat all the ads,
You know the songs and congratulations.
Happy birthday to our daughter
Congratulations, we are loving.
Turn up your cheek soon!
We’ll kiss you!


On this best holiday in the world
Let’s sing and have fun,
After all, you are already four,
You’re an important bird now!

Grow up and be surprised,
Happiness awaits you everywhere,
Gain new knowledge,
You, baby, are just a miracle!


Why do we call you,
We don’t have time to answer questions,
And sometimes we just don’t know the answer,
We just nod our heads – yes and no.

You are 4 years old, congratulations,
We give a lot of gifts and wishes,
Grow up, daughter, and please us always,
May the golden angel protect you.


You are already four years old!
You’re in bows, dressed fashionably.
Delicate flowers in her hands,
Candles are lit on the cake.

We congratulate you, baby,
We wish you not to get sick, to be strong,
To go to kindergarten with a will,
And to explore the wonderful world!


The curls in the hairstyle are delicate,
The lips are red and shiny.
My daughter is four years old,
Everyone wants to congratulate you.

How sweet the princess is
And a little flirtatious.
Your little lady
Conquers forever.

Mom’s shoes, lipstick,
The fragrance of the spirit is all around.
Your daughter has grown up,
Brought fun into the house.

Let her charm
It brings energy to you.
Get younger with your daughter,
Let her grow up healthy!

Birthday greetings to a 4-year-old girl


The girl is big – she is four years old.
And the eyes are like sparks! Clearly so burning.
Let only clear weather await in fate,
Heaven keep her safe from everyone’s troubles.

May your daughter blossom for your joy,
She will be smart, kind and most beautiful of all.
Let her luck love and caress,
Let her success await her in life ahead!

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<p>4 years old!<br />You have learned to count deftly<br />And show on the handles<br />All that I have achieved.</p>
<p>Congratulations, angel,<br />Happy birthday to you now.<br />Let every child’s day be yours<br />Blooming with admiration!</p>
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<p>Four years old daughter,<br />The assistant is growing.<br />How well she dances,<br />How well he sings!<br />And he plays with dolls<br /> Wonderfully all day.<br />And mom’s housework<br />I’m not too lazy to help her.<br />Not a daughter, but just a miracle!<br />And it’s not better to find.<br />We will wish together<br />Grow up healthy. </p>
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<p>Happy birthday, daughter,<br />For four years<br />We will invite friends to you<br />Lots of people!</p>
<p>Have fun and relax,<br />Accept gifts.<br />You remember this day,<br />Joyful and bright.</p>
<p>We want to wish you<br />A lot of impressions.<br />Learn a lot of new things<br />And entertainment! </p>
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<p>Happy birthday to your daughter,<br />Happy fourth birthday!<br />The baby is more beautiful every year,<br />And everyone noticed it!<br />God sent her the best of the most<br />Guardian Angels<br />In the face of daddy and mom –<br />You, her parents!<br />Let it always be in your family<br />Joy, happiness reign,<br />And every day will be colored<br />In a beautiful rainbow outfit!</p>
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<p>Our sun,<br />You’re already four!<br />It became more beautiful for everyone<br />You’re in this world!<br />So go on<br />And continue to bloom,<br />Rejoice more often,<br />Grow faster!<br />This will help<br />Your dad and mom:<br />Will give you a lot<br />And affection, and knowledge!</p>
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<p>Four years old daughter<br />Let’s celebrate with the whole family.<br />Let’s give her some toys<br />And we’ll buy a big cake.<br />We will hang everywhere<br />Balloons.<br />And we will arrange contests, <br /> And various bets!<br />Well, then all together<br />We’ll have a delicious tea.<br />Grow healthy, sun<br />And don’t upset us. </p>
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<p>Dear sun, our doll!<br />I heartily congratulate you.<br />You’ve become a year older today,<br />That’s four will show the hand.</p>
<p>Dressed in a ball gown today –<br />It’s like a princess came from a fairy tale.<br />Sing and dance on this birthday,<br />To cheer everyone up.</p>
<p>Be cheerful, grow carefree,<br />Love Dad and Mom, take care.<br />Let your laughter ring like a bell,<br />Let the legs be fast and strong!</p>
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<p>I’m a baby, a miracle fairy,<br />Happy birthday,<br />And I wish, without a doubt,<br />All wishes of fulfillment!</p>
<p>You grow up to the joy of your mother,<br />Be the most beautiful,<br />Be happy and cheerful,<br />Strong, kind and healthy!</p>
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<p>You’re four years old!<br />Oh, how many ideas<br />And bright, fashionable dresses,<br />To please the guests!</p>
<p>Our sweet little angel,<br />Beautiful to grow,<br />Unraveling the days of the ball,<br />Bloom with chamomile!</p>
<h2>Congratulations for a 2-year-old girl</h2>
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<p>Happy birthday, beauty!<br />The girl is big.<br />It’s already time by the clock<br />He will easily find out.<br />We wish you to be<br />Smarter than anyone in the world.<br />Just don’t turn up your nose,<br />Don’t be proud of it!<br />Have fun and don’t get bored,<br />Make friends.<br />We’ll drink tea for you –<br />Even a couple of mugs! </p>
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Happy birthday greetings to a 4-year-old boy

Our holiday will be not bad,
If very boldly
Count to four
You can do it in between!

So consider it as soon as possible,
So that the district knows
That you are even older for a year
We have become today!

There is nothing more important on a birthday
Cake in the whole world.
How many candles are there on it?
One, two, three, four!


How so? Yesterday was a crumb,
And today – look!
Celebrating four years
The one who recently got three...

That's an amazing miracle:
Transformation of parents
From mom-dad of a three-year-old son
In the parents of A Man... a four-year-old.

Our dear boy! Congratulations!
We know better than anyone in the world,
How wonderful you are here:
Cheerful, handsome, diligent.


Your guy is four,
Time is flying fast.
Your son knows so much,
That anyone will be surprised.

Has intelligence,
And he was awarded with talent.
They gave him a lot of knowledge,
Understands everything.

We want to wish from the heart
The birthday boy now.
Good, glorious impressions,
There are candies every hour.

And there are a lot of gifts
Hurry up to give.
And a better car,
To give the girls a lift!


Happy birthday, baby,
A kind, clever, sturdy fellow!
On this day you are 4,
Be the happiest in the world!

Have fun and don't get bored,
Get a lot of knowledge,
You eat more porridge,
Mom and Dad, boy, listen!


You turned four years old today exactly.
Although childhood did not collapse,
Growing up, of course!

We all come to you for a reason
Came to visit today,
Yes, not empty, with a gift,
Sadness, friends, drop it!

Let there be small troubles,
And there will be a lot of happiness,
And they are judged for all the tricks
Parents are not strict!

Make a wish,
Wizards will perform
And life experience, knowledge
Let them fill your brain!

We will say: \"Happy birthday\"!
Grow big and strong,
We wish you good mood,
You be cool and stylish!


One, and two, and three... Four!
A year added a finger.
Happy birthday congratulations
We love you, our boy.

We wish to be healthy
And don't catch a cold,
To be naughty, never
Don't be sad - laugh.

Ta grow a hero,
Please dad and mom,
To always be cheerful
And the happiest.


May the guardian Angels be yours,
They protect you from all adversities,
Nights pass, days fly by,
And children grow up very quickly,
I was just walking under the table,
And crawling around the apartment under my feet,
How big and smart he has already become,
Today turns 4.
Can you sculpt and draw,
Do you know how to put on your pants,
You already know how to help mom,
Clean up your toys and books,
For the joy of all relatives to grow faster,
Be obedient and don't get sick.


The morning will start with a clear smile:
The holiday is knocking on the window.
Dad and Mom! Fix the error!
Look, who came to you?

A boy who is exactly four!
There is no one neater in the world.
With you under the roof of one
Angel lives, naughty and funny.

Congratulate your son, parents!
Can't you see,
As your son waits,
Who will come to visit him?


Our son, you're four.
Do you want to know everything about the world:
"What is the water flowing from?
Where do the trains spend the night?"

We don't have time to answer,
We just nod our heads.
You wrinkle your nose for a minute,
Lo and behold - the question is ready again...

Soon, little boy,
You'll get smart.
After all, I came to you, son,
The fifth year on the threshold.


You're already four!
And there is no more beautiful in the world,
Smarter, slimmer, bolder
And games are more fun!

You live with your mother - the best,
You listen to her and listen,
Then you for the year of the year
One luck in life awaits!

Birthday greetings to a 4-year-old boy


You are a king and a wizard today,
All wishes can be fulfilled.
So feel free to make a wish, boy,
On my birthday, the 4th in a row.

Well, mom and Dad and guests
They will try to fulfill everything!
You've almost grown up – you're an adult,
You're so cute, like... a little gnome.

Grow up, my friend, as soon as possible,
Be always as cheerful and kind.
Happy Birthday to you,
You sit down with your friends at the table.


Birthday is a fun holiday,
Dressed up our little prankster, blows out 4 candles on the cake,
And he does not forget the desire to conceive.

Accept, our boy, congratulations,
Let the mood be great,
May your fate be the happiest,
May the Lord always protect you.


You turned four.
I want to wish you
Great happiness in the children's world,
And interesting games everywhere.

I wish you more
Find the most beautiful friends,
Let your laughter ignite the stars
In the hearts of your loved ones.

And on your fourth birthday,
You accept congratulations,
Catch the fun moments,
Celebrate your bright holiday!


You are already four years old,
What a big boy you are!
I congratulate you on your birthday,
You're growing up brave, fighting!

I wish to be a protection to my mother,
An assistant in everything to the father.
By his good deeds
To deserve a lollipop.

More granny around the house
And help your grandfather too,
Then they will be proud of you
And you will become an adult - so know!


Here he is – our birthday boy!
Dressed up, happy.
In my short life
It is perfectly arranged:

He has toys
And one hundred and eight ideas!
That's why today
He's calling all his friends!

It's his birthday!
We're four! That's great!
So let's not be lazy
And congratulations now.


Hurray! You're four years old!
You are a nice and big boy,
And people and nature are happy,
And everyone is admiring you!

Grow up to the joy of dad and mom,
And learn the world sooner,
Walk confidently and straight
And never lose heart!

Congratulations to the boy for 4 years


Happy birthday, baby,
You're already so tough.
Well-mannered, kind and smart,
And endowed with talent.

Here you are 4 years old,
I want nature
Gave you the sun,
There are rays of light in the window.

To have relatives nearby,
Happiness showered with hail.
Joy and inspiration,
And more mood.


You are already four my boy
I am truly proud of you.
Grow up obedient and courteous,
Perky affectionate playful.

Let the eyes shine brightly,
And life is bubbling like in a good fairy tale.
But just don't be naughty a lot,
So that we can praise you.


You are 4 years old
A big and smart boy.
We congratulate you,
Grow healthy further.

Be obedient, exemplary,
Happy and perky.
Play and have fun,
Be nimble and agile!


Boy, happy fourth birthday!
We wish you smiles, gifts, fun,
Let your dreams come true, And your eyes will be full of joy!

Grow, become stronger and smarter,
May you have many friends,
Interesting life for you,
Bright, happy, wonderful!


4 years is a class!
Our baby is so grown up!
You are just the sun for us,
And you conceal a great light in yourself!

Grow healthy always,
Sing, have fun, dance, play,
But never be sad,
Open your happy world!


How big our hero has become!
It's four o'clock today.
Happy birthday greetings to my 4-year-old daughter

Four years old daughter,
The assistant is growing.
How well she dances,
How well he sings!

And he plays with dolls
Wonderfully all day.
And mom's housework
I'm not too lazy to help her.

Not a daughter, but just a miracle!
And it's not better to find.
We will wish together
Grow up healthy.


Today my daughter is 4!
Today we are a girly
The bows are brighter and wider
We will tie on the top of the head.

Today in a festive outfit
Our daughter is shining.
But what is it? In chocolate
Suddenly there was a cheek!

And the chocolate melts in the handle
At the little sweetmeat.
Let her grow up happy
My favorite girl!


Four years, birthday!
Let the mood be wonderful,
Let dolls give and outfits –
And everyone will be happy to congratulate!

Grow up beautiful, our baby,
You are sad very, very rarely,
Laugh more often, have fun,
Reach for the sun with the top of your head!


Daughter, my angel,
Happy birthday, kitten.
Here's four years for you,
My sweetest baby.

You grow up healthy, glorious,
Give joy to the whole family,
Be beautiful, curious,
Smile and shawl.


You're 4, daughter,
Happy time,
Laughter is cheerful, sonorous
Heard in the morning.

Small feet
Stomping on the floor,
You grow up baby,
Cheerful and healthy.

Side of you
Let them bypass the troubles,
An angel is looking after our fidget.

We wish you happiness,
Daughter, we wish,
Let our love
Protects you.


Baby, you've already grown so much!
There are no numbers to all your giggles.
Our joy, the sun and the fairy.
You already know everything and know how.

Happy birthday, baby! On this day
All the sorrows, tears, the shadow goes away.
Let your dreams come true,
There will be more happiness and love!

We will kiss you on the cheeks,
We will tickle you gently and lovingly!
Stay cute like this,
Let love flow to you like a river!


Turned 4
To you, our little angel,
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations, daughter.

You grow up healthy,
Please us with fun,
Fill with happiness
Minutes and moments.

Heavenly star,
Our sun is clear,
Let your life be
Happy and beautiful.


Four years old daughter!
You are our joy, our success,
Grow up healthy, nimble, brisk,
Prettier and smarter than everyone!

Congratulations, our bird,
Worrying now and loving,
You are so beautiful, little one
And we adore you!


Four years as a moment
They rushed by abruptly like that with you.
With you, it's like I'm in oblivion
I dive sharply with my head.

Daughter, daughter, dear
A piece of the heart and soul.
After all, life is one and not double
Actively look for yourself in it.

Smile brightly with your eyes,
Play with dolls and with a ball.
Try to be happy
Next to the parent's shoulder.

Congratulations to my daughter on her 4th birthday


My kitten, my joy,
My dear daughter,
Here's four years for you,
My child, congratulations.

Be healthy, princess,
Be obedient and diligent,
Curious and active,
Sweet, affectionate and gentle.


You're happy! You're laughing.
And you want a lot of gifts.
To toys and firecrackers.
Happy birthday to you, daughter!

My little man!
You like fairy tales, books, running.
I sincerely wish you,
That the run-up was successful.

To happy eyes,
My button, dragonfly
For me, life is more precious
I want to tell you.


Dear daughter, I cordially congratulate
Happy birthday, my love, to you!
I wish to be the same cute,
So that my eyes shine with joy.

Here you have already turned four,
How time is in a hurry, flying.
Let the world be brighter, more beautiful and wider,
Happiness in life never sleeps.


Daughter, my angel,
Happy birthday, kitten,
That's four for you already,
Grown up, my child.

I wish you laughter,
Children's, joyful fun,
Be obedient and healthy,
Demonstrate a good disposition.


You are turning 4 today, my daughter,
That's already what
A beauty has grown up.

We wish you
She grew up healthy,
Mom and dad obeyed,
She was happy.

To bell
Laughter rang in the morning,
So that childhood does not end
Happy time.


My sweet daughter,
Congratulations on the day of cooking.
The birthday girl is four,
I praise a wonderful moment.

I wish, little angel,
On this special, bright day
A sea of joy and happiness,
Congratulations and gifts.
Birthday greetings to 4 year old granddaughter

The granddaughter is a beauty,
Like a marmalade you,
We wish you to be
Sweet and sweet,
Already 4 years old
After all, you have turned,
We want your life
Filled with joy!


Our clever girl today
Happy birthday,
And in your four years
We sincerely wish!

Be obedient, granddaughter,
And behave yourself,
We are happy to see you,
Come visit us more often!


Grandma wishes you at 4 years old -
To be a beautiful, carefree girl,
Be fun, have lots of friends,
May you have many great days.

Let mom and dad spoil you and love you,
And let everyone give gifts today,
And whatever you wish, let you have,
Good luck, honey, and good health.


One and two, and three, four
The granddaughter happily jumped.
The best holiday in this world
I came to her through the threshold.

Set aside the toys.
Prepare pens for gifts.
Keep your ears on top
To hear many kind words.

Let them not stop praising
Everything around you is more than enough.
And you tell everyone: "I will become
A golden girl."

You grow up for the joy of your family,
Hurry up and reach for the sun.
I wish you happiness
And a cloudless life.


You are 4 years old,
Granddaughter, executed,
Every day let your
Filled with happiness.

Laughter rings like a bell
And bows flash,
Happy birthday today
I congratulate you.

I wish you to be healthy,
Cheerful and beautiful,
Grow in love and joy,
To be happy yourself.


My dear granddaughter,
I congratulate you tenderly.
For 4 years now
We celebrate together.

I wish you beauty,
Be gentle and sweet.
Just grow up healthy
To be always happy.


You're 4 exactly!
Be smart, sweet, modest,
Funny why
And the kindest granddaughter!

Let the set of toys
And devoted girlfriends
They will add fun to life!
Baby, happy birthday!


My angel, my own granddaughter,
Congratulations, bunny.
Here you are 4 years old,
You're a know-it-all.

Stay cool,
Don't get sick, baby.
For me you are a bright ray
And a flash of delight.

Let them jump on the tracks
Small feet,
I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart,
Golden baby.


You're a big one, princess,
And on your fourth birthday,
I want to wish you,
Good luck and fun.

Listen to your parents,
They want the good.
I wish you faithful friends,
And there is warmth in the soul!

Let in your glorious holiday,
There will be lots of gifts.
Always be happy,
Do not know problems and grief!


Dear granddaughter, happy fourth birthday
Grandma congratulates you from the bottom of her heart.
Happiness, good health, a lot
He wants joy and fun.

Lots of gifts - toys and books,
On the holiday you will receive from friends.
Be you a beautiful, cheerful baby,
Please people with your successes.

Congratulations to my granddaughter for 4 years


Happy fourth birthday to you
I cordially congratulate you today!
My baby, my granddaughter, I always wish to be healthy.

Let the beauty be radiant,
How the sun warms happiness.
Let kindness live in the soul
And may success always accompany.


My dear granddaughter, the sun is clear,
May your life always be beautiful.
You grow up healthy and smart, beautiful,
Lucky, bright and the most beloved.

Today you are already four!
You are the best granddaughter in the world!
May the angel always guard you,
Let your whole life be happy.


A granddaughter, a dear girl.
Happy birthday, my light,
Here you are four years old,
There is definitely no better in the world.

I wish to smile,
Please your family,
Be healthy, my joy,
Remember: I love you.


I have a girlfriend -
Doll, princess.
This is my granddaughter,
Angel wonderful!

I wish from the bottom of my heart -
Grow up, but don't rush.
Let the days in your childhood
They will be glorious, good.

To jump, to jump,
In the park to take a walk,
A lot of different things from books,
Interesting to find out.

To a beautiful bright world
I gave you a fairy tale.
To have a ray in your heart
Happiness suddenly came to life.


Our sweet princess,
Our granddaughter dear,
The holiday is bright and wonderful
You're celebrating today.

For four years now,
How your laughter rings everywhere,
Let life be sweeter than honey
And full of goodness and wonder!


My bright princess,
My glorious granddaughter.
For 4 years now,
I congratulate you.

Come to me more often,
We will sew and bake together.
Know what I'm looking forward to
These warm, kind meetings.

You grow up always healthy,
Surprise us with beauty.
I love you, my dear,
With all my big soul.


Our happiness, our joy,
Happy birthday to you!
To not know the word "fatigue",
To be loved by all friends.

To get paski,
And the swing didn't break.
Be healthy always, -
We embrace you.

Birthday greetings to a 4-year-old girl

Gentle sun
He’s smiling in the sky.
You are 4 years old
It’s being executed today.

Let them shine with joy
Your eyes are clear.
There is no sweeter you,
There is no more beautiful you.

Happy birthday to you,
Dear, bright ray.
Over you, girl,
I will disperse all the clouds.

To grow up healthy,
Smart and beautiful,
So that you laugh more often
And she was happy.