Happy birthday greetings to a 4-year-old boy

Our holiday will be not bad,
If very boldly
Count to four
You can do it in between!

So consider it as soon as possible,
So that the district knows
That you are even older for a year
We have become today!

There is nothing more important on a birthday
Cake in the whole world.
How many candles are there on it?
One, two, three, four!


How so? Yesterday was a crumb,
And today – look!
Celebrating four years
The one who recently got three…

That’s an amazing miracle:
Transformation of parents
From mom-dad of a three-year-old son
In the parents of A Man… a four-year-old.

Our dear boy! Congratulations!
We know better than anyone in the world,
How wonderful you are here:
Cheerful, handsome, diligent.


Your guy is four,
Time is flying fast.
Your son knows so much,
That anyone will be surprised.

Has intelligence,
And he was awarded with talent.
They gave him a lot of knowledge,
Understands everything.

We want to wish from the heart
The birthday boy now.
Good, glorious impressions,
There are candies every hour.

And there are a lot of gifts
Hurry up to give.
And a better car,
To give the girls a lift!


Happy birthday, baby,
A kind, clever, sturdy fellow!
On this day you are 4,
Be the happiest in the world!

Have fun and don’t get bored,
Get a lot of knowledge,
You eat more porridge,
Mom and Dad, boy, listen!


You turned four years old today exactly.
Although childhood did not collapse,
Growing up, of course!

We all come to you for a reason
Came to visit today,
Yes, not empty, with a gift,
Sadness, friends, drop it!

Let there be small troubles,
And there will be a lot of happiness,
And they are judged for all the tricks
Parents are not strict!

Make a wish,
Wizards will perform
And life experience, knowledge
Let them fill your brain!

We will say: \”Happy birthday\”!
Grow big and strong,
We wish you good mood,
You be cool and stylish!


One, and two, and three… Four!
A year added a finger.
Happy birthday congratulations
We love you, our boy.

We wish to be healthy
And don’t catch a cold,
To be naughty, never
Don’t be sad – laugh.

Ta grow a hero,
Please dad and mom,
To always be cheerful
And the happiest.


May the guardian Angels be yours,
They protect you from all adversities,
Nights pass, days fly by,
And children grow up very quickly,
I was just walking under the table,
And crawling around the apartment under my feet,
How big and smart he has already become,
Today turns 4.
Can you sculpt and draw,
Do you know how to put on your pants,
You already know how to help mom,
Clean up your toys and books,
For the joy of all relatives to grow faster,
Be obedient and don’t get sick.


The morning will start with a clear smile:
The holiday is knocking on the window.
Dad and Mom! Fix the error!
Look, who came to you?

A boy who is exactly four!
There is no one neater in the world.
With you under the roof of one
Angel lives, naughty and funny.

Congratulate your son, parents!
Can’t you see,
As your son waits,
Who will come to visit him?


Our son, you’re four.
Do you want to know everything about the world:
“What is the water flowing from?
Where do the trains spend the night?”

We don’t have time to answer,
We just nod our heads.
You wrinkle your nose for a minute,
Lo and behold – the question is ready again…

Soon, little boy,
You’ll get smart.
After all, I came to you, son,
The fifth year on the threshold.


You’re already four!
And there is no more beautiful in the world,
Smarter, slimmer, bolder
And games are more fun!

You live with your mother – the best,
You listen to her and listen,
Then you for the year of the year
One luck in life awaits!

Birthday greetings to a 4-year-old boy


You are a king and a wizard today,
All wishes can be fulfilled.
So feel free to make a wish, boy,
On my birthday, the 4th in a row.

Well, mom and Dad and guests
They will try to fulfill everything!
You’ve almost grown up – you’re an adult,
You’re so cute, like… a little gnome.

Grow up, my friend, as soon as possible,
Be always as cheerful and kind.
Happy Birthday to you,
You sit down with your friends at the table.


Birthday is a fun holiday,
Dressed up our little prankster, blows out 4 candles on the cake,
And he does not forget the desire to conceive.

Accept, our boy, congratulations,
Let the mood be great,
May your fate be the happiest,
May the Lord always protect you.


You turned four.
I want to wish you
Great happiness in the children’s world,
And interesting games everywhere.

I wish you more
Find the most beautiful friends,
Let your laughter ignite the stars
In the hearts of your loved ones.

And on your fourth birthday,
You accept congratulations,
Catch the fun moments,
Celebrate your bright holiday!


You are already four years old,
What a big boy you are!
I congratulate you on your birthday,
You’re growing up brave, fighting!

I wish to be a protection to my mother,
An assistant in everything to the father.
By his good deeds
To deserve a lollipop.

More granny around the house
And help your grandfather too,
Then they will be proud of you
And you will become an adult – so know!


Here he is – our birthday boy!
Dressed up, happy.
In my short life
It is perfectly arranged:

He has toys
And one hundred and eight ideas!
That’s why today
He’s calling all his friends!

It’s his birthday!
We’re four! That’s great!
So let’s not be lazy
And congratulations now.


Hurray! You’re four years old!
You are a nice and big boy,
And people and nature are happy,
And everyone is admiring you!

Grow up to the joy of dad and mom,
And learn the world sooner,
Walk confidently and straight
And never lose heart!

Congratulations to the boy for 4 years


Happy birthday, baby,
You’re already so tough.
Well-mannered, kind and smart,
And endowed with talent.

Here you are 4 years old,
I want nature
Gave you the sun,
There are rays of light in the window.

To have relatives nearby,
Happiness showered with hail.
Joy and inspiration,
And more mood.


You are already four my boy
I am truly proud of you.
Grow up obedient and courteous,
Perky affectionate playful.

Let the eyes shine brightly,
And life is bubbling like in a good fairy tale.
But just don’t be naughty a lot,
So that we can praise you.


You are 4 years old
A big and smart boy.
We congratulate you,
Grow healthy further.

Be obedient, exemplary,
Happy and perky.
Play and have fun,
Be nimble and agile!


Boy, happy fourth birthday!
We wish you smiles, gifts, fun,
Let your dreams come true, And your eyes will be full of joy!

Grow, become stronger and smarter,
May you have many friends,
Interesting life for you,
Bright, happy, wonderful!


4 years is a class!
Our baby is so grown up!
You are just the sun for us,
And you conceal a great light in yourself!

Grow healthy always,
Sing, have fun, dance, play,
But never be sad,
Open your happy world!


How big our hero has become!
It’s four o’clock today.

Happy birthday greetings to a 4-year-old boy

Happy birthday, our boy!
How old are you? Four?
You are mischievous and agile,
The cutest boy in the world,
We wish you a lot
Happiness and different toys,
Delicious cakes and sweets,
And funny, cool friends!