Birthday greetings to a boy 8 years old

How quickly time flew by,
After all, you are 8 years old today,
Everything has remained unchanged in the world,
Only you’ve grown up – no doubt.

This is a very sunny date,
You, our boy, are already big,
There are studies, weekdays, stargazing,
Interests and friends are a mountain.

There are a lot of beautiful adventures,
Different hobbies are bright, groovy.
Let all the beautiful moments
They always give a fairy tale from spring.

Let all wishes come true,
Let the study give only success.
Grow up in love and understanding,
Be the best, the happiest of all!

Let the fun never stop,
Your life will be bright, clean,
May the dream always come true,
And the good in your soul burns!


Happy birthday, boy,
In your 8 years I wish:
Don’t be afraid to stuff bumps,
Valuable gaining experience…

Be athletic and skillful,
Respect Mom and Dad.
And any business is easy
Start and finish!


Happy birthday, dear, you are eight years old!
Congratulations, joy, fun, laughter and light!
The hero has grown up, you are already a man with us!
We wish you all the blessings of the earth in this bright hour!

The whole world is in front of you now,
Joke, laugh, smile, this holiday is yours!
The biggest cake in the world with candles for you!
Eight times we will pull the youngster by the ears loving!


8 years is not so much.
I wish, boy,
That you were kept by God.
Happiness and good luck.

Be cheerful and beautiful.
Be honest and strong.
And to the joy of dad and mom
Grow up to be a man.


Eight years on Earth is so little,
But you’re still such an adult!
You look ahead with a weighty look,
As a connoisseur of this life is great.

I want to wish you peace,
Only that which brings joy.
Stay the same you’re cute
Without serious problems and worries.

There are many adventures in life –
All of them, as always, are for you.
I wish you great luck,
So that you always respect yourself,

Achieved everything you want,
In this difficult road-fate.
Let all the fairy tales open at night,
Bringing my miracle to you.

Let it illuminate your whole life beautifully
Only the sun of hot love,
I wish you happiness from the bottom of my heart –
Grow up to be the best in the world!


You are the most important today –
Our nice birthday boy.
Waiting for gifts, congratulations,
After all, it’s your birthday.

Eight years you celebrate,
You sparkle and shine all over.
Smile bravely –
Please your family and friends.

Let the holiday be remembered forever,
Cherished wishes will be fulfilled,
And the familiar world will turn into a fairy tale,
In which everything can happen.


8 years old, congratulations, this is a serious holiday,
I wish you a variety of long-awaited gifts!
Today, let luck knock on your window,
Joy, laughter, a torrent of stormy sparkles on the face!

On this bright Birthday we have prepared a cake,
Blow out the candles soon, set a record!
Listen to your parents, always study for five!
The power of reason in your decisions, you always stick to your own!


8 years old boy
The whole family celebrates.
Wish you success, happiness
On this day, I also want.

To grow up smart, healthy,
Only get fives.
Be active so that, our dear,
In moderation to be mischievous.


8 years old, good,
Cute boy, tomboy,
You are the only one in the world
Kind, affectionate cunning!

We love you for that,
Well, on your birthday
Together we wish you
Be healthy you, our dear!


Happy birthday congratulations,
Here you are already 8,
Congratulations accept
You are from us in verse and prose.

We wish you success
Did you achieve in your studies,
Every year a circle of friends
You have to expand.

So that for laughter and fun
There was always time left,
And a cherished dream
It definitely came true.

Congratulations to the boy on his 8th birthday


There is probably no more solemn event in the world –
Today the birthday boy is already eight years old!
And there are already achievements in the school
He learns to you – not to eat porridge or delicious dragees.
And at home it ‘s a matter of arguing – an assistant at least where:
The dust will not leave the slightest trace.
Learn always with desire, overcoming weakness,
After all, all your victories are for the joy of your parents!


You have a holiday today.
You’re quite big already.
Eight years old to you, prankster,
How proud we are of you.

You live without knowing the troubles,
Achieve victories always.
We wish you good luck,
All failures are nonsense.

Be obedient, dear boy,
May you be lucky in everything.
Best of all, our sweet bunny.
Let life bring happiness!


You have a holiday today,
Our dear boy!
8 years of carelessly cool
You’re celebrating now!

I wish in congratulations
Don’t change your dreams.
Step in the right direction,
Where you will be successful!


We congratulate you heartily
Happy birthday to you!
We sincerely wish you happiness,
Laughter, joy, kindness.

At the age of eight, your road
Let it start without interference.
We wish you a lot of luck,
Major life victories.

Let everything be argued in school,
The interest will not run out.
Let the desire to learn
It only gets stronger every day!


You are already an adult at the age of eight
And you can do a lot yourself.
You don’t pour when you are offended, tears,
You can fight back to the boys!

So serious, businesslike,
And it seems only there was a child…
I wish that in this life
Everything worked out for you!


You have been living in the world for eight years.
Oh, how many victories there were!
And how much will be ahead
On the glorious path of life.

Let there be good friends
And let the family be friendly,
Let it be fine in school
And let the sadness pass you by.

We wish you well,
Let happiness be a generous life,
And interests, so as not to count,
What are you, we are glad we have!


Happy birthday,
Naughty my bully,
At the age of eight I wish you
A pocket full of sweets.

Let the fives fly into the diary,
Friends will be faithful,
Let him be proud of his successes
All a huge family.

Be healthy, my dear boy,
Listen, at least sometimes,
Let’s wait for you in the future
A fantastic fate.


Today the sun is smiling brightly,
And the merry birds have arranged a concert,
How good it is when a child is born,
And our boy is already 8 years old.

Congratulations from the bottom of your heart accept,
\\Let luck be waiting for you ahead,
Let them be surrounded by reliable friends,
Let the cherished dream come true.

Birthday greetings to a boy 8 years old

Already the eighth in a row
The birthday has come.
And on this glorious holiday
Accept it as soon as possible
All the best wishes
And sincere praises
From all the guests who came
You’re a real squall.
Let the friendship be strong,
Luck is at hand,
And parents care
Will always be with you.