Congratulations to parents on the birthday of a child 8 years old

Your son is 8 years old!
We want to congratulate you,
And ask you carefully
Listen to our miracle tale:
Be forever young,
Rest and work,
Rejoice in the success of your son,
Always pray for him.
To grow up your child
Strong, kind and successful,
Was happy and loved,
And lucky, of course!


Your daughter is already eight…
Increasingly bored toys –
Bear, Bunny, dolls, Donkey
Are looking forward to a girlfriend,
While she is learning lessons
Or helping his mom.
Today is a special case –
Let him rest throughout the program:
Blow out the candles and with friends
He’s been having a lot of fun all evening.
I wish your whole family –
Let what you dream come true!


Today your child celebrates
Your birthday is 8 years old.
With that I hasten and congratulate you,
Let happiness be a bright and magical light

His life illuminates,
Let him give strength to live,
Let his health grow stronger
And let the positive not let you be sad.


I wish, parents, be tolerant,
Are strongly loved by your child,
Happy minutes in every day to you,
Let there be no end to all the successes.


the child is 8 years old,
I want to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart!
Let the child develop, grow,
And only joy in your life always brings!

Let your house be filled with a smile,
Children’s laughter, happiness and kindness,
After all, there is nothing more expensive in the world,
Than cheerful healthy children!


Your child is eight years old today,
Accept congratulations with that!
Let the bright light of love and happiness
It will fill every moment in his life.

Let your health never fail,
Let luck accompany him.
Let fate be submissive to him,
And all sorts of tasks are easily solved.

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Your wonderful child!
Love him with all your heart,
May your bunny be happy!

I wish you good health,
And all your dreams come true!
Let there be no edge of joy
On a wonderful holiday – birthday!


You have a sweet, wonderful child,
On this day he is 8 years old,
He knows about love from the cradle,
After all, there are no more beautiful parents:

You bring only joy and affection,
And care, and light, and love,
Turning his life into a fairy tale,
And giving magic again and again!

Let the child be the happiest,
And grow every hour and day,
Let the family be loved by everyone,
And he knows no need for anything!


Congratulations to mom and dad,
the child is already 8 years old.
Let him please you with a smile,
Let him laugh loudly, loudly.

I am health, happiness, peace
I wish the whole family a glorious,
Let patience, understanding
They will be the main thing in the relationship.


Parental heart
Filled with happiness,
8 years old child
It’s being executed today.

8 years of experience
Now Dad and mom,
Will have your baby
Let him be the happiest.

I wish you strength,
Patience, health,
Let it be your baby
Surrounded by love.

Let it be in a friendly and cheerful
He lives in a family
And no one is happier
Will not be on earth.