Happy birthday greetings to a 9-year-old boy

You are the center of attention of the globe!
There is no end to calls, congratulations, greetings!
There will be at least a couple of welcome gifts,
You are exactly nine years old!

And this is more than three thousand days lived,
This is a lot that is difficult to imagine.
Every day you only get stronger
And you will only add to your success.

But while there is an opportunity to breathe freely:
Enjoy the birthday fun.
And later than usual in bed to fall asleep
With the best that there is, the mood!


The house of boy friends is full
They came to the birthday boy.
And gifts and surprises
They brought everything from the bottom of their hearts.

The guy is mature and serious
Outwardly, too, how good.
Your son is smart, smart
In this he is similar to his ancestors.

We congratulate you on the number nine
Your friendly family.
I wish you smiles and health,
The computer is great for the kid.

Let my son be cheerful,
And he charges you all with great energy
Youth, but with a vengeance!


9 years is so cool,
The world is full of different discoveries!
Everything comes true easily,
Life is just beginning!

You, our boy, are a good girl,
Your plans will come true.
Just be sure
In their own intentions!


Exactly nine o’clock! Happy birthday!
Just a super – holiday is yours!
Adventure and fun!
Believe in luck, be yourself!

Many joyful events
Are waiting for you, there is no doubt!
Hurry after your dream: discoveries,
True friendship and victories!


You’re a golden boy.
9 years old – already big!
Happy birthday congratulations,
Wishes are starting:

To be the first in class,
To be a loyal friend yourself,
And good friends
So that you have them too!

So that you get recognition from them,
At school, tasks are on your shoulder,
From parents – attention,
And, of course, understanding!

So that the character is funny,
So that you grow up happy!
And today, on my birthday,
A groovy mood!


Today you are 9 years old.
There is no such thing in the world anymore
And smart, and interesting,
Such a wonderful boy!

We wish you to study like this,
To achieve a lot in life,
To have only true friends,
Be proud of your whole life!


The holiday has come to our motor!
The birthday came on the heels.
This year will run as smoothly as silk, the ninth anniversary will not be played hide-and-seek.

So, we will cordially welcome this date,
So that from you, our birthday boy, always
Fate took away any obstacle in life,
I never let you be sad!


We wish you, my son,
On Birthday number 9,
I grew up to make you very happy,
I knew a lot, I would have been able to do everything.

He was a strongman and an optimist,
And he spoke English perfectly,
He became a famous football player
And would glorify the capital club.

He was an expert in computer science,
So that actions and thoughts matured,
So that girls looked after him,
And friends deeply respected.

In a word, let them come true
All dreams and desires are cherished.
Childhood years are remembered
Interesting, bright, bright.


9 years old, boy,
Congratulations, accept.
Be healthy, curious,
Read smart books.

Let there always be some “fives”
Decorate your diary.
Be successful by all means,
The coolest student.

Only make Mom and dad happy,
Be a support for friends,
There will be a lot of surprises
In your fabulous life.


Happy birthday, baby,
Here you are 9 years old,
Smart, honest, kind boy,
There are no flaws in you!

Grow up and be cheerful,
At school, don’t be too naughty,
If you are obedient,
We will praise you.

Birthday greetings to a 9-year-old boy


Happy ninth birthday
Congratulations, champion.
I wish to expand knowledge
Its always a range.

Be a helper for mom,
Always be a friend to Dad.
Don’t get sick, grow up healthy,
Never give up.

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<p class=\you are 9 years old today,
Congratulations, little boy,
I wish you to live excellently
And travel around many countries.

So that happiness does not end,
And life is worthy,
I wish for a start –
You study perfectly well!


Grew up like a kid already,
A real daredevil,
Celebrating nine years,
He will be warmed with joy in his soul.

Let you not know the pain in life,
The grades at school are pleasing,
The mood will be bright,
Congratulations on your birthday.

Happy birthday greetings to a 9-year-old boy

On my birthday I wish
A big feast to start.
After all, today you, man, are already 9.

Let childhood be fun,
Bright, interesting.
To from devoted friends
It was cramped in the house.

To please with health
And the successes of relatives.
Swimming big, baby,
Your life to the ship.